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What Brexit means for you as a motorist


I think it's all a joke......for the most part

Car industry; Well this is possibly an excuse to raise prices. Australia car prices are not higher than in the UK and neither are the USA car prices.

Petrol; This is just a joke, the only reason petrol prices are so high is because of the greedy government taxing it to death. The mention in this article possibly short term, well that's just silly too, we know the government will not allow prices to drop much as this takes money out of their thieving pockets.

I find the whole mess a joke with the exception of the ignorant, racist people, this is no joke and makes me sad to be English .

If only there could be a government that was run like a proper business, my goodness it could become very powerful.

NSA data centre brings 300 million daily security scares to its Utah home


Get rid of 70% of these hits

Geo-block anything from China or anywhere else you don't want connections from. Use ADHD HoneyPorts to catch the ones trying to hack you from within the US. You could cut the hits by 70%