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Huge if true: If you show people articles saying that Firefox is faster than Chrome, they'll believe it


Slow Boot

Speed may be one criterion but Firefox is damned annoying at that the moment, taking many seconds to load whereas Edge is near instantaneous. Disabling the two plug-ins has no effect.

HP: That print-free-for-life deal we promised you? Well, now it's pay-per-month to continue using your printer ink


Re: Carlill vs. Carbolic Smoke Ball Co.

I wonder how they proved an influenza infection back in those days - PCR testing was not available, I believe.


Re: print-free-for-life plan was "an introductory offer,"

A printer's for life, not just for Christmas.

Elizabeth Holmes' plan to avoid her Theranos fraud trial worked out about as well as her useless blood-testing machines


Re: I thoroughly recommend...

Is the Tesla one on sale yet?


So did the European Patent Office award her the prize of "inventor of the year" for her testing, her book keeping or for her legal defence?

Good news: Boffins have finally built room-temperature superconductors. Bad news: You'll need a laser, a diamond anvil, and a lot of pressure


Be thankful that the article included K and °C to make it understandable in the light o the use of "colored" and "sulfur".

Here's US Homeland Security collaring a suspected arsonist after asking Google for the IP addresses of folks who made a specific search


Presumably once the recent decision of the EUCJ has been implemented, such crime-fighting techniques will not be available in the EU.

Cisco ordered to cough up $2bn – yes, two billion dollars – plus royalties after ripping off biz's cybersecurity patents


Lots of Patents

The numbering system doesn't mean there are ten million patents to negotiate. US patent number 1 was issued in 1790, for example.

We're not getting back with Galileo, UK govt tells The Reg, as question marks sprout above its BS*


Re: Launching



Stock market blizzard: Snowflake set for £33bn IPO as valuation bubble keeps on expanding


With the shares now at around $220, I hope you didn't find a way.

Woman dies after hospital is unable to treat her during crippling ransomware infection, cops launch probe


Citrix VPN

According to a report in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, the crims exploited a known vulnerability in a Citrix VPN product.

GCHQ agency 'strongly urges' Brit universities, colleges to protect themselves after spike in ransomware infections


Re: You have nothing to Fear

Try convincing the family of the woman who died because the Dusseldorf University hospital had been compromised. She had to be taken to another hospital as a result and arrived too late to save here life.

Tech ambitions said to lie at heart of Britain’s bonkers crash-and-burn Brexit plan


Re: State Aid? Trump??!

"Vote early, vote often" as the saying goes. Thinking about it, that could be Trump's next slogan.


Re: State Aid????

Well since the US has hamstrung the WTO's dispute resolution mechanism, the rules are there to be broken.

Here's some words we never expected to write: Oracle said to offer $10bn cash, $10bn shares for TikTok US – plus profit share promise


Tick Tock

Just hope that after the acquisition, Oracle does not claim it owns the copyright to "tick tock".

Ex-Autonomy CFO Sushovan Hussain loses US appeal bid against fraud convictions and 5-year prison sentence


Re: "We rather regard any resort to the privilege against self-incrimination as a black mark."

Or in other words, if you use the time between arrest and trial to dream up some cock and bull story, the courts are entitled to view this with suspicion.

Trump administration labels WeChat, TikTok ‘threats’ to national security, bans transactions with both


Re: The DeathStar analogy is apt...

Are his tweets not poetry to you?


Re: The DeathStar analogy is apt...

I see him more as a Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz character myself.

What the duck? Bloke keeps getting sent bathtime toys in the post – and Amazon won't say who's responsible


While his feathers may have been ruffled, at least he wasn't being fleeced.

Amazon declined to sell a book so Elon Musk called for it to be broken up


Re: He is a pedo ...

I think you are missing an "Actively" there.

Police drone fliers' wings clipped to prevent them bumping into real aircraft


COVID support flights

Over what timescale were these support flights operating? Evidence that it is a western plot after all?

Vodafone chief speaks out after 5G conspiracy nuts torch phone mast serving Nightingale Hospital in Brum


I think just "wankers" is better.

The Reg produces exhibit A1: A UK court IT system running Windows XP


Re: Simple updates to the system

From the screens I have seen, it looks like the software was written in the era of MS-DOS.

Uncle Sam's nuke-stockpile-simulating souped-super El Capitan set to hit TWO exa-FLOPS, take crown as world's fastest machine in 2023


World's Fastest Machine?

What are the chances that in 2023 the Chinese will have surpassed the planned figures for El Capitan?

All that Samsung users found on UK website after weird Find my Mobile push notification was... other people's details


My way

Popped up on my Huawei as well.

Nah, just kidding.

Artful prankster creates Google Maps traffic jams by walking a cartful of old phones around Berlin


Re: Performance? Art?

Now if he were to get together with a few mates and manage to map out a traffic jam in the shape of Homer Simpson, that would be art.

Alan Turing’s OBE medal, PhD cert, other missing items found in super-fan’s Colorado home by agents, says US govt


I hope the authorities do not treat her too harshly. She is clearly a view drums short of a bombe.

Post Office faces potential criminal probe over Fujitsu IT system's accounting failures



The bugs are listed in an annex to the decision:


And then there were two: HMS Prince of Wales joins Royal Navy


Re: cognitive skills

I guess the 2WW ships sunk at Bikini Atoll are not too valuable though.

Huawei 5G kit in Faroe Islands: Chinese ambassador 'linked Huawei contract to ... trade deal' – report


Re: It's quite clear there will be an ongoing battle on who will control 5G and other networks

Will the EU ban telecommunications with the Faroe Islands until they remove all Huawei equipment, similar to the mackerel ban of 2013?

Alleged Nigerian social engineer wins free flight to the US for business email fraud and love scams


Another Non-Engineer?

I hope he ends up in Arizona - the prison term for misusing the title "engineer" doesn't bear thinking about.

In tribute to Galaxy Note 7, BBC iPlayer support goes up in flames for some Samsung TVs


Samsung tablets affected?

I had downloaded a programme from iPlayer to watch on a flight the other day. Sitting in the plane all I got was a message saying that iPlayer was not available but back home with the wifi back on all was fine. Have the guys at the Beeb included a requirement for a connection to watch downloaded programmes?

Mayday in Moscow as devs will be Russian to Putin mandatory apps on phones, laptops, TVs


Putin's app

Would it be enough to include a Russian originating app "pin the knob on the donkey"?

Bose customers beg for firmware ceasefire after headphones fall victim to another crap update


Criminal Damage

How about the Criminal Damage Act of 1971:

"A person who without lawful excuse destroys or damages any property belonging to another intending to destroy or damage any such property or being reckless as to whether any such property would be destroyed or damaged shall be guilty of an offence."

Labour: Free British broadband for country if we win general election


Re: "prevent the use of digital infrastructure for surveillance"

I would be somewhat concerned if a neo-communist government were to have control of the nation's digital infrastructure.

Thanks, Brexit. Tesla boss Elon Musk reveals Berlin as location for Euro Gigafactory


Re: 677km from Prum to Berlin

Are the seven hours "driving and recharging" time or just driving time?

Shock! US border cops need 'reasonable suspicion' of a crime before searching your phone, laptop


Re: America has always been weird about visitors

Standing in a queue for over an hour is not "a breeze".

Ever own a Galaxy S4? Congrats, you're $10 richer as Samsung agrees payout over dodgy speed tests


Re: If only I could tell you how much I miss this on modern phones.

How about a Xiaomi Redmi Note 7?

In Hemel Hempstead, cycling is as bad as taking a leak in the middle of the street


What about other forms of wheeled personal transport (non-electric) such as scooters, in-line skates, unicycles etc? Ban them I say!

Behind time and way over budget, but the James Webb Space Telescope has finally been put together


Will UK astronomers be given a proportion of the access allocated to ESA?

Home Office told to stop telling EU visa porkies


So they change the ad to "in most cases". Big deal.

Tesla’s Autopilot losing track of devs crashing out of 'leccy car maker


Re: decades away if we talk driving in a rural Italian village

Then there is the difficulty of programming different driving modes - mode 1: driving like a native to the RIV (driving on wrong side of road etc) and mode 2: driving like a visitor (reversing for miles when bus/garbage truck/local is coming other way and refuses to give way).

We are shocked to learn oppressive authoritarian surveillance state China injects spyware into foreigners' smartphones


Never had my phone inspected at US border control. Do they insert the software remotely then?

No Huawei out: Prez Trump's game of chicken with China has serious consequences


Re: Right ... but perhaps for the wrong reasons

Here's a clue:


Ahem, ahem... AI engine said to be good as human docs at spotting lung cancer developing


A good thing?

Lung cancer identification today, mass facial recognition tomorrow.

Giga-hurts radio: Terrorists build Wi-Fi bombs to dodge cops' cellphone jammers


Re: WiFi Routers can be anywhere; cell towers are generally in fixed locations

Alkoholfreies Weißbier, if we are being picky.

Wine? No, posh noshery in high spirits despite giving away £4,500 bottle of Bordeaux


Re: I'm wondering about the sensible manager that thought...

Looking at the prices for a 2001 Le Pin, GBP 4,500 is not that bad. Retail is around €3,500 so only a 30% markup.

MI5 slapped on the wrist for 'serious' surveillance data breach


Re: The real probelm is a legal system that rewards illegality.

The German tax authorities were more than happy to prosecute tax avoiders who had been stashing their loot in Swiss banks after the banks' data were stolen and sold to them.

Russian-trained spy whale spooks Norwegian fishermen


Re: Do they call him..???

Or if female, Nicola.



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