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Move over Storm - there's a bigger, stealthier botnet in town

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And this helps because...

ZOMG!! git duk tape n plstk on ur wndwz, quik! teh intarwebs got alqaada!

Seriously, other than fanning the flames of panic, how does this help those of us who are in charge of stopping such shenanigans?

It seems the Reg is becoming less and less of a mag for IT pros and more and more of a Enquirer/Daily Mail rag for anyone who can spell "IT".

EU investigates DOJ internet gambling tactics

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I had 2 guns by the time I was 12...

@ Michael J Welker Jr: You read that right. I legally owned a 20-gauge shotgun and a .20 caliber pistol (and unfettered access to a .20 cal rifle, 10 and 12 gauge shotguns, high power hunting rifles, etc.) when I was 12.

I would call that an arsenal.

Sure, adults helped me purchase and get access to that arsenal, but I was no different than any other 12-year-old in my 6th grade class.

Oh yea, and I am a certified liberal (though not a Democrat).


Antarctic base staff in drunken Xmas punch-up

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McMurdo is nothing but a drunken fiesta anyway....

I've a friend who's done 4 or 5 tours in Antarctica (summer and winter) and has said McMurdo is basically an open bar and drunken party every night, especially in the polar winter when there's only a skeleton support crew. She said there's always some animosity between someone (scientific egos, after all) but that it rarely goes anywhere.

Every bar has a fight sooner or later.

Virgin Mary appears in Google's Iowa data center

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Apparently you haven't been to western Iowa lately...

Not to burst your rant, but 13 tech jobs in Western Iowa *is* a big deal. (anything that's not a $9/hr call center job is a big deal around here, though).

E-voting gets bitch-slapped in Calfornia

James Dean Kirby

One word: Absentee

My family and friends always ask, if I'm the big techie, why don't I vote over computer? And I always respond, "Because i'm a techie, I know how unsecured the voting systems are and I want my vote to count."

I've voted by absentee ballot since 1988 and will always do so when any sort of electronic or mechanical voting machines are in use. (pull lever machines are just as vulnerable to mischief and error)