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India bans 59 apps it says have privacy, national security problems. In a massive coincidence, they’re all Chinese



The simple reality is that, like all nations, India will have to handle this alone. America has its own fish to fry (Afghan withdrawal requires Paki cooperation; Pakistan and China tag team on India), the Europeans are lost and pointless, the UK is too involved in its own Brexit underwear and in any case prefer to avoid pissing off big powers, Russia is now equidistant between China and India (though it will be happy to sell all the arms India needs). Its a good thing both sides stuck to the no-firearms agreement or we'd have war by now.

Im sure someone is going to come up with points about how this action has little effect on China, so its all symbolic. But that's the point - symbols serve a purpose and the decision to ban this has come after immense popular pressure on the government.

Indian app that deleted Chinese apps from Androids deleted from Play Store


It wouldn't have found any for American or European apps either. After all, China pretty much makes sure that home-grown is the only choice, right?


Re: the common denominator in all of those disputes.

Hindus. They are hard-core Hindus. In fact until about 15 years ago, nepal was the only Hindu nation in the world. India is secular, btw, and now nepal is too.

Internet blackout of Myanmar States that are home to ethnic minorities enters second year


Re: Puzzled

The reason why he was so loved in Burma was because he fought against the british and supported the japanese. and when they came and occupied burma brutally, he had the guts to admit his mistake, in public, to the people, and then asked them for support to throw out the japanese too. perhaps we all need leaders who are that self-reflective, humble, and honest.

Another point: everyone here is going on about how the Rohingyas are being ill-treated. Sitting here in India, still a few thousand miles away, we have a slightly different perspective. The Rohingya changed the demography of north burma by force settlement, much like Bangladeshi illegal immigrants changed the demography of the border districts of Assam state and West Bengal state in India. Add to that, the forced conversions, rape, and mass murder of the minority-within-minority hindu rohingyas at the hands of muslim rohingyas.

Are the rohingyas being ill-treated? Yes. Big time.

Are the rohingyas being bastards as well? Yes. Would be big time if they had the firepower.

Everyone is in the gutter here.


And others



Tough neighborhood.

IBM Sametime could rise again as HCL makes shortlist for India's home-grown Zoom clone


Slightly misleading

The real challenge for the Indian government has been this: The mobile market is overrun by Chinese phones and a significantly large number of apps are Chinese too (tiktok, helo and so on.) The collab market is either Zoom (Chinese, insecure, probably sending data to the Chinese govt) or the American kinds like Webex (slow, expensive, and probably sending data to the Americans). Why should the government trust either party when it needs have its own conferences?

India really is in a difficult geo - on one side is Pakistan (avowed safehouse of Islamic terrorists from everywhere), which can't be touched because the 'mericans are still trying to work things out on the Afghan side and on the other is China, with lots of border disputes.

For Europeans and Americans, Islamic terror is an on-again, off-again thing, and China is an abstract threat. For Indians, both are real, every day, existential challenges.

And the West is only occasionally supportive and even then flaky in its support. When China tried to embarrass India by bringing up Kashmir in the UN SC, it was supported by only one other country - the United Kingdom (though it changed tack later).

No wonder the average Indian still thinks of Russia as their only true all-weather ally. And France a close second.

Google India says Play store policy, not geopolitics, behind removal of Chinese-app-deleting app


Tiktok versus mitron: What a crock

If duplicate functionality were a reason to remove apps, then the PlayStore would be a very empty place. He is just lying - straight and simple. I am sure its got very little to do with China, but I am pretty sure its something to do with a certain coziness between tiktok and the goog.

India reveals plans to make electronics manufacturing its top industry


Re: Maybe but...

Let's see: Wipro is owned by Azim Premji, a muslim, Yusuf Khwaja Hamied owns Cipla (one of indias biggest pharma companies, all the top Bollywood heroes are Muslims (ShahRukh, Salman, Aamir), India's favorite music composer is Muslim (AR Rehman), India's UN representative until he retired was Syed Akbaruddin, India's most popular president in in the last 50 years has been a Muslim (Abdul Kalam) who was also the head of the Defence Research and Development Organisation.

Muslims have the right to open their own educational institutions, they get subsidies to visit Haj, in many states - the imams are given financial aid by the state government, something that Hindu priests do not get.

FWIW, India's treatment of its minorities is substantially better than the British or American treatment of blacks and other people of color. Things are just 'whitewashed' better in the West.

Tata Consultancy Services tells staff to go to their rooms and stay there, even after the pandemic passes


And employees will be happy too, since they can avoid spending hours traveling in traffic and save significant money too. I already have a big fat fibre connection at home, with full generator backup. So my work is unaffected but i am avoiding traffic, travel stress, and even people interruptions. It really is a good deal for a lot of people too.

Facebook takes $5.7bn stake in Jio – India's largest mobile telco


So the thing is that Gpay, PhonePe and other such apps ARE UPI, exactly as BHIM is. The exceptions are the older wallet-based apps like Paytm and Mobiquik, which also used to give out QR codes similar to UPI. So, the merchants that you went to had older QR codes, which worked for Paytm (or Mobiquik or others) but were incompatible with UPI - this is why you had trouble.

About Big Bro, I'd much rather trust my government than FB and Google, and I have a gmail account and I have WhatsApp, so UPI is just fine by me.


The payment service is via Whatsapp. India has the most advanced online payment system in the world called Unified Payments Interface. Designed for immediate money transfers between any two parties. Its remarkably simple - a single company, co-owned by major banks, provides a payment infrastructure (connecting all banks) that one can connect to via a standard API. Companies (like Google, Whatsapp, Truecaller, Walmart and Paytm) create apps that connect the bank accounts to individuals. Each bank account gets one or more handles linked to it (myhandle@bank). Individuals can then transfer money between themselves or from them to companies or vice versa, simply by knowing the handle of the other party. Transactions are now simpler than sending emails. Fees are zero.

Whatsapp has been trying to get it to work for some time now, but keeps running into trouble because they want to store more data than allowed. Once it works however, Whatsapp immediately gets access to a 400 million strong customer base - it becomes a WeChat equivalent.

Did you know? Internet money lender Opera also offers a free web browser


About murky waters and all that....

I am a user of Opera in India, and would like to point out something to people who beat up the little company for getting into the financial industry - with "short-term, high-interest" loans. The thing is: in a country like India, with a high growth, high interest rate regime, what may look like extortion to Westerners is very very routine for us. Here are some points:

- Inflation is between 4-5%, so any business that charges less than that is losing money.

- Banks offer savings accounts with 6% interest on savings.

- My credit score is perfect, so my home loan is as low as it can go, at 8.5% per year.

- My bank offers me a personal loan at 14% and its regarded as low. I've avoided personal loans for 2 decades, of course.

- My credit card company charges an interest of 45% on outstandings! This is high, even by my standards.

- Companies like earlysalary offer short-term loans ("payday loans") at 2.5% per month, which is 30% per year, and they have a 98+% payback rate.

In short, 33% may look look like loansharking in slow growth Western economies, but its utterly normal in India.

I have, in all honesty, only glanced at the Hinderburg report and I am uninclined to investigate further (mostly because I have zero intent to be their customer), but the point I am making is that in a credit-starved nation, short-term, high-interest credit from Opera is far better than going to loan sharks.

'Year-long' delay to UK 5G if we spike Huawei deals, say telcos


Re: 9 Months delay?

Wow! Seriously? I am sitting here in India and my Vodafone connection gives me 200 GB per month on a 4G connection, with all India roaming and a one year free Amazon Prime connection, free antivirus (for the noobs). Total cost is Rs 400 per month, comes to 4.5 pounds. Speed is a little low - 4.5 Mbps right now.

You folks are getting ripped off.

Cisco's Chambers mulls Indian manufacturing base



No surprise, but Tata could've chosen Anand in Gujarat or NOIDA in Delhi or Chennai in Tamil Nadu. They chose Pune, which means the city made a pretty attractive offer.


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