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Swedish appeals court upholds arrest warrant for Julian Assange


Re: Ah, yes, the famous "afraid of the US" bogeyman.

Some recent news coverage of two different individuals who have never been in the US and yet are facing deportation to the USA. One was Kim dotcom and the alleged owner of Kickass Torrents. I do find the idea that a country would extradite a citizin or anyone for that matter to a country they have never been a seriously disturbing prospect.

If I recall correctly Kim Dotcom living in New Zealand has had his assets siezed and is treated as being a fugitive as he is fighting extradition.

Kids these days can't even write a decent virus


Re: Why would Microsoft offer a reward?

I wish developing a minority report involved touch screens and chasing down criminals and basically doing anything productive than the reality of pouring so much effort into something that is going to be absolutely picked and stabbed then ejected out the airlock..

Cray profits literally go up in smoke after electrical incident


Re: Electrical Smoke Event?

Recently the governor of bangkok in effort to run interference obscuring the fact that little has been done to rectify the tendency for flooding. Has taken to referring to flooding as "Water waiting to be drained", which on the flip side, I wonder if the drought is "water waiting to arrive"

31 nations sign data-sharing pact to tax multinationals


Re: I note that America...

Don't go along with the OECD BS story that countries with competitive tax rates (meaning low and territorial) are tax havens. Governments need to get over the love of tax money and should not be sharing data extra-territorially to do it.

The OECD has been pushing a great deal of material that tries to cast countries that respect and protect their companies data and offer low tax rates as needing drastic international pressure to become more like the high taxing countries. And if they will not then screw it, legislatively isolate them or negate advantage via other means.

Should be a wake up call to governments of the world, some get it, Singapore, HK and the like, not so much the welfare states like Australia.