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GCHQ: Crypto's great, we're your mate, don't be like that and hate


No backdoor

"All this talk of backdoors, we dont know what they're talking about?" Maybe you do not Mr Hannigan but the programmers who have are even now examining the Microcode inside that Intel Managment Engine are only too well aware that ACPI stands for "Absolute Crap Produced By Intel" and they're also only too well aware that whale.lsub.org is what other people code name Pinwhale. We welcome these new backdoors for the benefit of all insider traders everywhere, coraid running it's own Nix kernel, backdoor's galour and not a shred of Blowfish left in the OpenSSL libraries anywhere!

We dont hate you, we despise you, big differance!

Poor recruitment processes are causing the great security talent drought


Re: . . .and once you're hired. . .

Training, what better training do you need than what's already glaring you in the face, the interwebs are full of security holes, just download a pen-testing distribution to see them all, holes in RFID, holes in Windows, holes in Linux, holes everywhere, even in WPA-PSK (its a public shared key!) and the dark-lord is feasting on your wifi brains! Ah the slipery slope, the thing thats astonishing is Google.. I mean these guys wrote Sugar and Bitfrost Linux under the one laptop per child scheme, which had I might add some of the best approaches to security seen in a long time. But then they come along with the ESF - "enduring security framework" and give you all android and let's it spy on you? I mean WTF? Sammy Kamkars ever-cookie.. They can shove there ever cookie and there MIT-Magic-Cookie back where it came from! You know exactly where this is coming from, every user that's using a cookie blocker or a scripting blocker is destroying there advertising model, so suddenly its the advertising empire is facing the big back-lash... A web with no adverts.. OMG! "no one will buy our services, but we shovel shit mostly anyway's so meh!"



The security industry - as pervasive as the Microsoft & Apple empire - filled with crap coders and crap software. Finding bugs and holes in all your security, well yeap, that's easy just hire a thirteen year old that uses Linux and say "can you pen-test this for us?" the kid will be only too happy to poke you so called secure set-up full of more holes than a block of swiss cheese. Meanwhile you'll get the unbearable flow of arse-hats that prattle on about secure coding practices and even worse people that actually like SCO - Redhat - Solaris - Xenix and other flavours of Linux clones that are desperately trying to emulate Windows so badly that they're trying to put (dot) net into Linux, meanwhile that rare flow of programmers that are wanting to pressure the likes of Microsoft out of business "oh wait that's nearly all of them!" will all point at there business practices as documented on tech-rights (dot) org just search for "Microsoft is still dying" on google kids.. Then you'll reflect about stories about SCO - Unix flame wars - SystemD and where things like Duel_EC_DRBG came from whilst the rare few programmers that actually want to fix all those bugs and give you a decent computer will be drowned under a flow of ass-hats that are too busy making bugs and getting away with hiding them in your software because being an ass-hat pays the bills. Insecurity never looked so good especially when you'll get paid to do unpaid work to fix some other ass-hats mistakes coding mistakes, things like ELF linked executables which where such a good idea back in the day eh.. Oh and every other ass-hat you meet will all want to do exactly the same thing, so expect competition to which you can scream "By the power of UTF8 and the division of Nine, you shall be destroyed!" dont forget to Suck-Less!

Brit spies can legally hack PCs and phones, say Brit spies' overseers


Good 4 the Goose

When people deliberately conceal compiler bugs, that is not an error, that is a malicious technocracy that is seeking to expand upon a fraudulent base that has perpetrated itself with impunity for years, if the spooks like Ubuntu 12 so much they should go use it themselves so they can get raped by advertisers, have bugs in there setup submitted to Kernel oops so other hackers can laugh at there stupidity whilst the viral base they've propagated continues to spread itself. They target anti-virus vendors and security administrators wanting them to come and work for them, yet they're so vile they've weakened there own security to a state that is laughable and yes GCHQ we know what we're talking about we've got the source code and we've seen "PRUEBAS" and we're all pissed and gunning for your blood, we hope you enjoy making your phone calls on phones that you've weakened the security on, because no doubt they'll be enterprising people who know all about GSM flaws that will happily suck the airwaves right away from bude! (Programmable Remote Universal Extensible Bios Access Software).

What's good for the goose is good for the gander, these guys have no idea the repercussions of there own actions, you can almost hear that guy from the NSA going "then when I discovered what hackers tool called the Acid Debugger inside the UTF7 code - my penis became this BIG!"

We see what you did arseholes, 16 bit programming with an 8 bit UTF standard when a 7 bit UTF 7 standard also exists at 14 bits instead, goodness me that must be why it's leading to buffer overflow and giving us all the runs and you call weakening the security of your own systems INNOVATION!

That wasn't 130 Million in taxes from Google, that's Google giving these idiots there Refund!

If its legal for you to hack all of us - then it must be totally legal for us to hack you all back!