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SwiftStack's multi-modal 'we're so much better than you' FUD play


Response to Knieriemen

Knieriemen - the HCP data sheet on the HDS website states the following " It (HCP) has a powerful native REST-based interface as well as S3 compatible and OpenStack Swift compatible interfaces"

So which is it - native HCP API, native S3 or native Swiftstack? You can't be all 3. Not unreasonably our research assumed your datasheet was correct in which case you have your own HCP API and therefore are not native S3.


Native support

Doug explains how Swiftstack has native support for Swift while everyone else emulates it. We at Cloudian agree and if your requirements is only for Swift then they are a great choice.

Doug then also states that S3 is the de facto standard and once again we agree. We estimate there are 4,000 apps on S3 and well lets just say not that many for Swift!

Doug then says everyone emulates S3 and here he is wrong. Cloudian uses the S3 spec as our API. We don't emulate S3 it is how we control our system. To use Doug's terminology in the same way that Swiftstack is native for Swift, Cloudian is native for S3. If you believe Doug and Cloudian that S3 is the de facto standard for object then you should be looking at a native implementation ie Cloudian.

All other vendors need a connector or translator to go from S3 the their API. Cloudian does not as it is native S3 and that is why we have full compatibility. We challenge any vendor to come forward and let an independent analyst test our respective API's for S3 compatibility.

Cloudian's better at Amazon S3 than anyone else, apparently


S3 Compatibility

To the HDS responder - thanks for the update and congratulations on adding V4SIG support. Your claim to have had it for "some time" seems a little strong, as according to Chris Mellors recent post you had it late October - 3 months before this article.

What about the other three features I mentioned? Do you fully support S3 for each of these? Cloudian guarantees 100% S3 compatibility: it's the native interface for Cloudian HyperStore object storage.

Various vendors are claiming support for one or more of the S3 features. It's good they are slowly improving their support, because it’s really, really important and they need to get it right. S3 is the de facto standard for object storage and so to ensure compatibility with all the S3 apps you need full support. You don’t buy NFS that is 60% compliant, so why would you buy a solution that is 60% S3 compliant?

We challenge any vendor to come forward and let an independent analyst test our respective S3 APIs for compatibility with the spec. Happy to work with all vendors on this. S3 is the

standard after all.