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Microsoft quits giving us the silent treatment on Windows 10 updates


Re: I'd love to know how many Win users they've lost so far..?

Count me as another. Migrated to Kubuntu for all my personal projects & daily use a couple of years ago. Migrated my new(ish) MSI gaming laptop over a few months ago. Perhaps there is a learning curve to climb, but at least my machine & data belong to me and not slurped into the cloud.

* Searching for new updates takes about 20 seconds on average.

* Open Office does just about every MS Office does (still need to look at the spreadsheet)

* Firewall settings do not change after installing updates (try disabling the MS Games & services in Windows - they come back to life).

* Dolphin copies large files to USB drives without hanging the machine (like File Explorer does).

Only thing left to do is to short sell MSFT on NASDAQ.