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Asus ZenBook UX305: With Windows 10, it suddenly makes perfect sense


Misspaced Power button

All I want to know is: What kind of idiot designs a lap-top where the power button is where almost every other laptop has the delete button? And what kind of manager puts the darn thing into production! Then I want to know who in our company was daft enough to buy a whole bunch of these things.

I spend 1/2 my time putting the darn thing into hibernation and the rest of it pulling it out, with coffee breaks in-between of course!

As for windows 10 running on one of these things you better make absolutely sure you have an SSD drive in it or it will feel just marginally better than Windows vista... slow clunky and irritating. Apart from those two observation its a great lap-top... with the lid close it looks a bit like the surface of a cooker.


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