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Dell makes $1bn bet that IoT at the edge can kill cloud computing takeover


Self driving cars are the future.. but is technology enhancing our lives or making them worse? I think technology sucks.

1. Automated ticketing and parking facility attendants = lost jobs.

2. Robots replace humans at factories = lost jobs.

3. Self-service checkout = less cashiers = lost jobs.

4. Cars pump their own gas, or self propel = gas stations needed less = lost jobs.

5. Shopping carts are still manual, it'll be automated soon. = lost jobs.,

6. Cars will be self driving soon = more accidental deaths, tons of lost jobs (cabs).

I don't see anything positive about these innovations. All I see is lost jobs. Yes there is lower overhead but its temporary because lost jobs means less money in circulation, which means that community has less money to spend.

If you multiply what I am talking about, at some point all jobs will be replaced by a machine.

Then who is going to have any money to buy anything? Machines don't need water, food and cars.

On a dangerous note, if a car is controlled by a computer, and a computer can be hacked, and nothing is 100% secure, what's stopping a hacker in the future from using your own car as a weapon against you?

See what I mean? technology sucks.

What do we do? So need is the mother of invention, right? If we don't use it it'll just go away.

1. Go to malls that use manual ticketing attendants or malls that have free parking.

2. Avoid Walmart, Amazon and huge retailers using robotics in lieu of humans.

3. Never use self-service checkout

4. Don't buy Telsa, Apple or Google cars or any other computerized car.

5. Buy stuff that is handmade.

I am thinking of a world that uses technology to enhance humans, not replace them.

Tech VCs sue Uncle Sam over President Trump's immigration chill


Over-ruled. Ridiculous and thrown out of court. Counter suit for wasting our time.

Red panic: Best Buy yanks Kaspersky antivirus from shelves



Russians are some of the best programmers out there. The brains behind millions of apps, software and source code. Taking 1 piece of a software off the shelves is very short sighted. It would be smarter to develop a system to detect malicious code in commercial software, open source software is much safer to run.

Amazon crowd-sources new HQ location, Bezos tells mayors to woo him


California :)

Come negotiate lower taxes with Sacramento.

McCain: Come to my encryption hearing. Tim Cook: No, I'm good. McCain: I hate you, I hate you, I hate you


Why would Timmy want to come to a meeting about encryption? I wouldn't either. Who cares. Encryption is the future, stop hating.

Man killed in gruesome Tesla autopilot crash was saved by his car's software weeks earlier


I will NEVER use Autopilot

Computers will always be flawed. Imperfectly created ourselves, it's not within us to create a perfect machine. Mistakes will be made, accidents will happen, let it be a lesson to car manufacturers to innovate but not replace human reaction. Innovation is nice, but ignorant. Less is more. Telsa should disable autopilot permanently. Condolences to the family...

Obama puts down his encrypted phone long enough to tell us: Knock it off with the encryption


Obama is correct, but only in theory. I do believe "a trusted government" should have access to encryption in order to fight on the people's behalf. But the government is no longer trusted, and that is the problem. They have abused their power time and time again.

Besides, what if terrorists don't use a cell phone, then what? They can't be caught?

FBI says NY judge went too far in ruling the FBI went too far in forcing Apple to unlock iPhone


"his ruling goes far afield of the circumstances of this case and sets forth an unprecedented limitation on federal courts' authority"

Looks like the precedent is on the other foot...

IRS: Er, those 100,000 tax records illegally accessed? Make that over 700,000


Why is our tax info sitting on the public internet ?

Maybe the irs should hire an it company that knows what they are doing.

Feds look left and right for support – and see everyone backing Apple


Companies that make stronger security being forced to dumb it down is counterintuitive. The public demands more privacy, tighter security and the Public outweights the Government.

The solution for the Government to break into the iPhone is to go with a third party hacker, and they'll do some test runs on a test phone, and do the final job on the actual device.

John Mcafee (owner of McAfee security) offered to hack it for free, with his team. FREE. No excuses now.


Re: Let's help you out then :)

Absolutely right.. 100%

US DoJ files motion to compel Apple to obey FBI iPhone crack order


"Terrorism" is new the blanket word... to invade our privacy. The iPhone has terrorist secrets, just like Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

If the Iphone truely had terrorist secrets, they'd hire a iOS hacker to access the data. Whenever the device in your possession you have full control, I dont care what encryption it has, anything can be broken. This is not about this one iPhone and its contents, its about power.


Re: Latest twist:

ICloud Backup has to be enabled for a backup to run. If the phone had terrorist secrets, why would ICloud backup would enabled ? This doesn't make sense.

FBI iPhone brouhaha sparks Apple Store protest in San Francisco


It will never end...

Today Apple should make a backdoor, tomorrow it'll be an Android phone, next week it'll be a Lenovo Laptop with HD Password, then maybe some Truecrypt encryption. What are they going to do? Keep askng companies to make backdoors? It will never happen because third party tools will become available to protect privacy.

In today's day and age, things are going to be harder to uncover, just like in the days before we had fingerprints. If terrorists want their data encrypted, its going to be encrypted, nobody can stop that.

Who is to say Farook's phone is not jailbroken and encrypted with some third party tools that even Apple cannot fix. Its endless.

Reminder: iPhones commit suicide if you repair them on the cheap


Anticompetitive analogy

I disagree, the EU ruling on diagnostic codes for cars doesn't apply here. And anyway who said they were right?

The car manufacturer built the car, they should have the right to do anything they want, give away diagnostic codes? no friggen way. if you don't like it, don't buy it. Plain and simple. As long as you make the consumer aware (sign on the dotted line) you should be able to do anything you want.

Apple has every right to protect its revenues from repairs (even if security was not the underlying reason). weather you like it or not, again, if you don't like it, don't buy it.

The only thing I see, is how Apple went about it. No notice to consumers and bricking the phone is NOT right. I would have had the error 53 pop up, with a notice to take the phone into an Apple Store and get it property repaired. Destroying the whole phone is NOT ok.


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