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Microsoft might have just pulled support for very old PCs in Windows 11 24H2


Re: "The Ribbon" ... A Short Analysis


Not the Current Big Thing. Which has F all support.

Air Canada must pay damages after chatbot lies to grieving passenger about discount


It's not that long since the "chat" was a person

So a chat session with a real person and a chat session with a "bot" look the same and should be legally treated as such.

Quite a few sites actually still have people on the web chat. You can spot them because they go offline at the end of the "working" day.

Damn Small Linux returns after a 12-year gap



(Joke intended)


Nowadays I the smallest ISO I boot is systemrescuecd.

That has stayed "one CD" size.

Why do IT projects like the UK's scandal-hit Post Office Horizon end in disaster?


Someone could write a book

And they did.

CRASH: Learning From The World's Worst Computer Disasters

NASA Juno probe to produce 'firehose of data' during close flyby of Jupiter moon


"firehose" ?


They look forward to a 56k modem!

UK to crack down on imported Chinese optical fiber cables


Re: You Can't Buy Something Not Available

and this is why The Register needs to add a button for "laugh out loud"

Word turns 40: From 'new kid on the block' to 'I can't believe it's not bloatware'


ALL of office 4.3 fitted on ONE floppy disc.

And Excel didn't have to warn against opening macros.

US Navy sailor admits selling secret military blueprints to China for $15K



Only $15,000 !

1) can't have been that important

2) that's not enough to cover one year in jail.

Compare that to a British banker who stole £4.3m and got four years in a low security prison. (don't think the money was recovered)

X confuses the masses by removing all details from links


It's a silly name change

I tell you three times

CERN swells storage space beyond 1EB for LHC's latest ion-whacking experiments



Once upon a time 1 TB was an awesome amount of storage.

You had to have your own data center to even think about it

MongoDB's SQL-to-NoSQL converter uses AI to smash the language barrier


Call me cynical

If it says "WTF is all this crap" THEN I'll call it an AI.

(Or a DBA)

How TCP's congestion control saved the internet


The biggest reason for it's success

Is probably the simple fact that it's not proprietary.

Which meant that anyone at all could have a go at writing an IP stack. And not get sued.

EU right to repair updates pass latest hurdle


Software lifetime!

There's nothing wrong with my iPhone 8+

But many applications won't update. "Minimum requirements" get built in by the tools.

Whether needed or not.

Signal just stopped because the OS is considered insecure if it's not getting updates.

California passes bill to set up one-stop data deletion shop


Registration probably required

So delete from every database, except ours.

How long before that gets sold?

If anyone finds an $80M F-35 stealth fighter, please call the Pentagon


Looks like this...


Toyota servers ran out of storage, crashed production at 14 plants in Japan


I wonder how long the urgent requests for a new server have been ignored.

University cuts itself off from internet after mystery security snafu


Re: Confused.......

There is a map.


Japan's digital minister surrenders salary to say sorry for data leaks


Why did no one just write a "link these" app ?

Scan all the IDs on the phone and done.

30 years on, Debian is at the heart of the world's most successful Linux distros


Ubuntu - 3rd time lucky

Corel Linux and Progeny were, I think, the first two attempts to sell a Debian Linux version.


Re: Why old computers ?

That'll be the insistence on drivers that follow the actual spec rather than just trusting the manufacturer to provide a CD.

And that was because of the Microsoft "pre install" on hardware which meant that was all they tested.

Tesla's Dojo supercomputer is a billion-dollar bet to make AI better at driving than humans


Billion Dollar Brain ?

Didn't it turn out to be a big con in the film ?

Google toys with internet air-gap for some staff PCs


Don't give them a default route

It's the only way.

Back before "SSL everywhere" it worked fine. Blindingly fast with a squid cache.

I can only assume that Google bought a man-in-the-middle firewall and installed a private CA on all those locked down machines to accept all the fake certificates.


Re: Air-gap?

Perhaps they could see "the internet" complety via Google cache:-)

Someone just blew over $190k on a 4GB first-gen iPhone


Historical iPhone

That first iPhone is the device that broke us away from the network insistence on controlling the hardware connecting to "their" network.

Clingy Virgin Media won't let us leave, customers complain


Re: Simple approach

NOT using the virgin media email address....

Tesla plots entry to Britain's stagnant energy market


Is that Texas?

Not a good example. They aren't connected to the Grid that the rest of the US (mainland) uses.

Nobody does DR tests to survive lightning striking twice


Lightning always strikes twice !

SSD missing from SAP datacenter turns up on eBay, sparking security investigation


With RAID 5 or 6 perhaps. But using mirror pairs has become the default "fast" option.

UK emergency services take DIY approach amid 12-year wait for comms upgrade


Re: Evolution not Revolution.

It's the "outsource" culture.

Every****y project is put out to bid. Any actual surviving IT team is considered untrusted.

And we all know how a new supplier scraps the "legacy" kit that they refuse to support.

Microsoft is busy rewriting core Windows code in memory-safe Rust


"I expect Microsoft to reuse the existing compiler"

Only until the, slightly modified, Microsoft version is finished.

Stop OpenAI training its models on your chats by turning off history


The Machine with no memory?

Straight out of Person of Interest !

Microsoft makes Windows Server 2022 licenses a little less cynical


Re: Squeezing the process

The further the branch the more it costs.

Will there be a discount for going around the same loop hundreds of times?

Thanks for fixing the computer lab. Now tell us why we shouldn’t expel you?


If they seriously wanted to punish him

He'd be doing the weekend cover m

UK consortium bid for NHS data platform falls at first hurdle


Re: "first hurdle"

So, same as a "public consultation" then.

Take a 14-mile trip on an autonomous Scottish bus starting next month


Re: Hope all algorithms are covered

https://youtu.be/R5TTA4f7Q3E Bob Newhart bus driver training...

Scientists speak their brains: Please don’t call us boffins



Microsoft Defender shoots down legit URLs as malicious


The first computer autoimmune disease?

The machine is attacking itself!

Windows 11 puts 'disgusting' Remote Mailslots protocol out of its misery


Re: Net Send was disgusting.

and back when you used a modem to get online EVERYONE could make a message pop up on the PC:-)

To explore caves on Mars and the Moon, take a hint from Hansel & Gretel, say boffins


Re: Not for the Moon unfortunately

Point for the Red Dwarf reference:-)

Pushers of insecure software in Biden's crosshairs


Re: NT4's C2 Certified! Cyber-ITL! Bueller, Bueller?

And now we have windows 10 (the last version of windows) and windows 11 (!)

That don't survive long enough for acceptance testing.

Funnily enough, FDA forbids Elon Musk's Neuralink human experiments


Re: Another case were Musk is his own worst enemy.

Gotta ask. Had he got the tinfoil hat working yet;-)

Windows 11 update breaks PCs that dare sport a custom UI


Re: Time to ditch this garbage OS

LTSC versions are so much more stable.

Probably because of not having the "apps"

Microsoft go out of their way to stop it being used.

Apple's outsourced Lightning cable plant in India goes up in flames


Re: Let's hope

It always does. Down and Up.

Signal says it'll shut down in UK if Online Safety Bill approved


Re: Post Office

Not a doctor then. AI fails at that.

You can run Windows 11 on just 200MB of RAM – but should you?


Re: How did we get here?

There's also the disc use on start-up.

Turn a windows laptop on and leave it.

Wait for the disc activity light (wonder why you don't get them anymore) to stop being constantly ON.

Half an hour if you are lucky.

Transmission FOSS BitTorrent client hits version 4.0


Let's not forget BTTorrent

That was really nice. Went commercial.

Got replaced with SyncThing by anyone who prefers libre software.

Fortinet's latest ASIC promises 2.5Gbps of SSL inspection at the edge


Re: So basically

So much for end to end encryption

When my home ISP does this I think I will change to another.

No, you cannot safely run a network operations center from a corridor


Re: Huh?

Or the IT manager who used the hoover with the big red "PAT test failed" tag and blew the IT office power.

Broadcom's VMware battle plan is to challenge hyperscalers



"Just how the two will do that was not explained."

Yep. I'm pretty sure that if Corporate Marketing say anything useful they get fired

Space dust reveals Earth-killer asteroids tough to destroy


Re: some thoughts...

Someone is guaranteed to claim that it'll destroy the sun