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You can run Windows 11 on just 200MB of RAM – but should you?


Re: How did we get here?

There's also the disc use on start-up.

Turn a windows laptop on and leave it.

Wait for the disc activity light (wonder why you don't get them anymore) to stop being constantly ON.

Half an hour if you are lucky.

Transmission FOSS BitTorrent client hits version 4.0


Let's not forget BTTorrent

That was really nice. Went commercial.

Got replaced with SyncThing by anyone who prefers libre software.

Fortinet's latest ASIC promises 2.5Gbps of SSL inspection at the edge


Re: So basically

So much for end to end encryption

When my home ISP does this I think I will change to another.

No, you cannot safely run a network operations center from a corridor


Re: Huh?

Or the IT manager who used the hoover with the big red "PAT test failed" tag and blew the IT office power.

Broadcom's VMware battle plan is to challenge hyperscalers



"Just how the two will do that was not explained."

Yep. I'm pretty sure that if Corporate Marketing say anything useful they get fired

Space dust reveals Earth-killer asteroids tough to destroy


Re: some thoughts...

Someone is guaranteed to claim that it'll destroy the sun

Well that escalated quickly: India demos homebrew mobile OS


Re: They're screwed ...

Na. If you want to have fun put the call centre in Liverpool:-)

Apple releases Lisa source code on landmark machine's 40th birthday


Re: Architecture and Morality.....anyone?


The 286 could switch to protected mode.....but had no way to switch back. Talk about optimist.

Unix is dead. Long live Unix!


Re: Old and out of my depth here but

I'm old. Used to be that having a server OS (NetWare) different from the desktop OS (windows) was a massive security plus.

No-one cares anymore.

Russians say they can grab software from Intel again


Re: Warranty obligations ?


Doesn't stop everyone 'disapearing' downloads for older equipment.

*£_#@ing marketing should NEVER be allowed near a support site.

Stolen info on 400m+ Twitter accounts seemingly up for sale


How is "hacked and sold" worse than simply "sold" ?

Or does twitter really not sell user details?

University students recruit AI to write essays for them. Now what?


If asked to write on "the uses of AI"

Then getting one to wrote it should gain credit:-)

Since humans can't manage fusion, the US puts millions into AI-powered creation


Up until someone makes an AI that out performs politicians:-)

LastPass admits attackers have a copy of customers’ password vaults


Re: Nothing is Safe in the Cloud. Ever.

and why not?

After all we used to rotate tapes and take the latest off site,

(I blame management that think's it can get a backup every 15 minutes, Cheep, )


Re: Someone Else's Password

With a space at the end

UK's Guardian newspaper breaks news of ransomware attack on itself


Re: We believe this to be ransomware(?)

Reports say that it is SPELLCHECKING all the submitted articles !

Xen project goes for VM Hyperlaunch with version 4.17


Xen project...

...rather than the commercial side.

Given that we all owe xen for pushing the envelope and making sure that there is a free (kvm) and free to use (everyone else) full virtual environment.

(Does anyone else remember that vmware came out of a free software project?)

VMware adds subscription version of basic vSphere for server consolidation


It's often the first step to the "constant update" cycle. Locks you in. Every install is by default out of date and hence insecure and unsupported.

Boss installed software from behind the Iron Curtain, techies ended up Putin things back together


Re: Ding!

Hiding the file extension is yet another Microsoft contribution to studity.

IBM sues Micro Focus, claims it copied Big Blue mainframe software


You KNOW they'd wait until 9999

Confirmed: Asteroid shoved by Earth crash probe DART


Re: BBC coverage

Bloody Big Comet?

Dump these small-biz routers, says Cisco, because we won't patch their flawed VPN


Re: Hard-/Software expiration date

No no no. (probably)

After a couple of years everyone who knew how it was built gets fired (outsourced or contractors)

Microsoft offers SQL Server 2022 release candidate to Linux world


Re: Multi-platform code base?

Is that why it eats up all free memory?

Tesla owner gets key fob chip implanted in his hand


Could bring new meaning to "cost an arm and a leg"

When we the card company wants the card cut up

End of the road for biz living off free G Suite legacy edition


Re: "In the thousands"

I've never been counted "in the thousands" worldwide before.

Feeling quite special.

Cable cut blamed for global four-hour internet disruption


Re: Regional data centres

I do hope that the pie sales weren't adversely affected

Quantum internet within grasp as scientists show off entanglement demo


Over cables?

Cue the image of trying to untangle the patch panel :-)

About half of popular websites tested found vulnerable to account pre-hijacking


Why did using your own ouath provider get stopped?

For a short time you could "login via..." and put a url to an identity provider.

I had stack exchange via a Google apps login, I think.

Then it all went away.


Toyota cuts vehicle production over global chip shortage


Re: All this is impacting the second-hand market

When the insurance say "total loss" you will soon need to keep the car and sell off the electronics ;-)

Microsoft, Apple, Google accelerate push to eliminate passwords


Re: New ways to choose to fail?

You notice also that the assumption is that an actual person is there trying to do something.

Not a shared login (loads of those!) or a machine.

Asking a Linux server to pop up a weblogin to authorise something is daft.

Just give me an "app login" FFS

Apple's return-to-office plan savaged by staff


Re: No real surprise

Hands up if you ever had a manager that said " if you're not at your desk you're not working"

Dropbox unplugged its own datacenter – and things went better than expected


Re: Is that all?


They close a random branch at 5pm :-)

[Anonymous because I don't want to even think about the stupidity of outsourcing your core business]

[[that's the IT stuff]]

Could a leaky capacitor be at fault on ESA's Sentinel-1B?


Re: Strange

Don't they still make them on pairs?

One to test, one to send ip.

Google bans third-party call-recording apps from Play Store


Third party?

That MAY make sense if they provided one.

You should read Section 8 of the Unix User's Manual


Re: Best manual

Flashback :

Free box set of SuSE at a show. Grab. No intention of installing but the BEST manual ever.

UK pins hopes on 'latest technology' to whittle down massive National Health Service waiting lists


Ha hahaha ha ha


You wood not believe what a Japanese logging company and university want to use to build a small satellite


"Houston we have a ... splinter"

Although I suspect that bamboo would work better (it usually does)

Think that spreadsheet in your company's accounts dept is old? 70 years ago, LEO ran the first business app


Beat me to it ;-)

P1 emulated on a PI

Robotaxis freed to charge across 60km2 of Beijing


Re: Will it be the full experience?

Share and Enjoy

Microsoft extends 'outage mode' for Azure Active Directory to bake more resilience into cloudy services


Outage mode?

Brilliant idea !

It's off / failed / f*d but you can't complain?

Do not try this at home: Man spends $5,000 on a 48TB Raspberry Pi storage server


Re: Coincidence

You should probably start by looking at the PiKVM project.

Thousands of Firefox users accidentally commit login cookies on GitHub


Should all software include a gitignore file?

Just asking. You can't fix "stupid"

Brit builders merchant Travis Perkins opts for Oracle after ERP disaster with Infor


Oracle Financials

Once referred to in a networking weekly as "industry standard sub-standard"

(the accountant I told took my copy once the laughter stopped)

FYI: Today's computer chips are so advanced, they are more 'mercurial' than precise – and here's the proof


Re: so...

We may, or may not, have noticed.

In a devastating blow to all eight of you, Microsoft pulls the plug on Cortana's Android, iOS apps


Re: How I love Cortana

You THINK there isn't a microphone ;-)

Apple, Microsoft, PayPal among 35 organizations compromised by evil twin dependencies attack


Re: Most devs have local admin rights or their tools don't work

And my personal pet hate - windows programs that HAVE to run as an administrator for no reason at all

New year, new rant: Linus Torvalds rails at Intel for 'killing' the ECC industry


Memory Compression?

Does anyone know if the memory compression, used by OS-X and windows 10, will spot corruption?

Just asking :-)

Just cough into your phone, please... MIT lab thinks it can diagnose COVID-19 from the way you expectorate


Not hard to check

Use it at a testing centre and note the result on the samples sent off.

It shouldn't take long to see how closely they match.

Trump's bright idea of kicking out foreign students unless unis resume in-person classes stuns tech, science world


Drive-in classes?

Would that work :-)

Huawei to the danger zone: Now Uncle Sam slaps it with 16 charges of racketeering, fraud, money laundering, theft of robot arm and source code


Re: Business as usual

“violated federal law by stealing tech from partners, violating confidentiality agreements, recruiting employees to steal intellectual property upon leaving their jobs, and tapping university professors and researchers for documents on their work."

All standard and normal American business.