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Talk in Trump's tweets tells whether tale is true: Code can mostly spot Prez lies from wording


Using the Washington Post, the most dishonest newspaper in the world (next to the NYT) as the fact checker gives this article ZERO credibility. The rest of the world is just jealous because they have soy boy and feminist leaders and wish they had a leader such as Trump. You can fall into your failing Globalist societies and continue being sheep to your political masters, or join the Nationalist (anti-globalist) revolution and take back control from your unelected (EU, UN) puppet masters.

Archive.org's Wayback Machine is legit legal evidence, US appeals court judges rule


Wait til George Soros or his cronies acquires archive.org ... the world's going down boys. Fake News ... meet Fake Evidence.

FCC sets a record breaking $120m fine for rude robocalls


The telco's are just as much to blame

I'm starting to get lots and lots of telemarketing scam calls that are spoofing local numbers. The telco's could prevent the spoofing if they wanted to by replacing the Caller ID with the ANI.

Trump's CNN tantrum could delay $85bn AT&T-Time Warner merger


Trump's Tantrum?

The title says "Trump's CNN Tantrum" ... not an ounce of bias there, right? I guess The Register can be lumped in with rest of the liberal mainstream media.

Mozilla abandons experimental Aurora Firefox channel


Re: You ever listen Mozilla?

Exactly, fix the memory hog tabs that don't release their memory usage after being closed. Put tabs in their own process and address space like Opera. If one tab freezes, don't let it affect the others (use threads/processes properly).

Alert: Using a web ad blocker may identify you – to advertisers


Re: Test

Install 'Self-Destructing Cookies' ... one of the greatest add-ons ever, next to No-Script, Ghostery, and AdBlockerPlus

Australia wants to jail infosec researchers for pointing out dodgy data


Wow, I guess we Americans don't have the stupidest politicians after all. At least they're running neck and neck. The worst part about it is that these ignoramuses keep getting elected. What does that say for the voters who put these lame-brained numbskulls in office?

MH370 hunters call for new search of extra 25,000km2


Re: Modelling suggests

"Drift experiments and new modelling suggests we've been looking in the wrong places"

They probably use the same modellers that prophesize global warming.

Australian maps and GPS will align by 2020


Well the government thinks they can pass laws to stop climate change, so why don't they pass a law to stop tectonic plate movement?

Verizon worker strike now in its third week


Where is this "last best final offer" ??

Why doesn't somebody post the actual offer that is being made? Sounds to me like they're kind of ashamed of not accepting it because any other worker would love to have the job they're striking over. I understand they have about $130,000 in salary and benefits, with "Cadillac" health insurance. If they want to complain about healthcare costs, look in the mirror .. it was your own fault by voting for the liberals that implemented Obamacare. You're lucky to have what you get from the employer.

NASA saves Kepler space 'scope by turning it off and on again



Oh no, don't tell me they are using Windows. I've had Linux/UNIX systems run for years without a reboot. But it's pure luck to have a Windows box run more than a month.

Scariest climate change prediction yet: More time to eat plane food


Re: False premise leads to false results

Man-made global warming (oh wait, they had to change it to climate change when their first lie didn't pan out) has become a religion to the true believers. There's no amount of facts or figures that can sway there beliefs.

Teradataaaaargghh! How to go from years in the black right into the red


Re: Skilled staff are a requirement?!?!?!

Hey, we have Obamacare, don't we?


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