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Totaled Tesla goes up in flames three weeks after crash


Meanwhile in sloppy reporting

"Last year, Tesla's "Big Battery" in Victoria, Australia, burst into flames and burned for days,"

At an investor briefing in Paris, Neoen CEO Xavier Barbaro stated that it’s too early to determine if the fire on two of the 212 Megapacks in the Victoria site would delay the battery system’s rollout.

The incident was on day 2 of testing.

It was controlled It didn't affect the rollout.

I'm no fan of Flaky Elon and look forward to him being forced to put his outsized mouth where his reduced money is where his mouth is by being forced to buy Twitter for $54 when it's current price is $37


I despise lazy reporting ... even from El Reg.

Investors start betting against Bitcoin with short-trade products



Smart choice

Warren says the best choice for the retail investor is a low cost index fund

The S&P 500 returns over, say, 10 years are spectacular.


So at least 5 dumbasses on here

Show the dumbasses

Go all in ... mortgage the house

Put your money where your mouth is

What could possibly go wrong?


Bitcoin is still "worth" about £20,000

Today's sucker price is $20,399.37

YTD range: 17,708.62 - 68,789.62

Warren got it right:

- When the tide goes out you can see who's been swimming naked

- I wouldn't pay $25 for all the BTC in the world

Don't mention the Bitcoin : Tether house of cards


Bill Gates says NFTs '100% based on greater fool theory' amid crypto cataclysm


The Oracle of Omaha

Warren said he wouldn't pay $25 for all of the Bitcoin in the world.

What would he know?

Soon $25 for the lot might be the highest bid.

Linux Mint adopts Timeshift from overworked original developer


One troll doesn't make Linux unfriendly

Timeshift IS very user friendly

Easy to set up

Runs seamlessly in the background

Restore is trivial and fast


Dumbest comment of the year?

"Timeshift is a useful tool. But it's not some piece of magic that can't be done using cp, dump, tar, pax, rsync, together with cron."

Timeshift means you don't have to learn and configure "cp, dump, tar, pax, rsync, together with cron"

It is a great set and forget solution to the backup / restore problem. Works seamlessly in the background


when you really, really need it it does a full system restore in around 5 minutes from an SSD

Every time it saves my systems I send TJ $10 - best investment I ever made

Makers of ad blockers and browser privacy extensions fear the end is near


Re: What is an advert?

I use uMatrix and Privacy Badger

What is an advert?

I don't remember seeing one .... am I missing something?

Amazon’s Kindle bookstore to quit China

Big Brother

-> USA issues

Is that the same USA where some 40% of people could not meet an unexpected expense of $1000?

Is that the same USA where school shootings are a growth industry?

Elon Musk needs more cash for Twitter buy after Tesla margin loan lapses


Re: nested companies

Please provide an example from the S&P 500

Paris Hilton

Re: Genuine question

"Why are there complex rules like this for buyouts?"

So that lazy idiots can ask stupid questions on an IT forum?


The Twit Musk

In the background the sale process continues (see Matt Levine at Bloomberg for details)

All of the "pause" stuff is an irrelevant smokescreen

The delightful reality is that:

- he is committed to a purchase at $54 that now sells for $37 (ouch!)

- he personally has to find $35 billion

- the additional interest costs are of the order of $1 billion

- Twitter is not that profitable, it's a dud investment

The capital loss is staggering

As Warren Buffett noted "a billion here, a billion there ... after a while it adds up"

BTW I note that Buffett has not put his hand up to join the financing

Conti: Russian-backed rulers of Costa Rican hacktocracy?


Windows security

Windows security is an oxymoron

Elon Musk 'violated' Twitter NDA over bot-check sample size


Re: Pulling back the curtain

"If Musk, by virtue of his due diligence in his purchase"

Musk declined to do due diligence

The rest of your post is at a similar level of ignorance!

Matt Levine from Bloomberg has a delightful, informed analysis of Musk's daily brain farts.

Check out his Money Matters - you've got a lot to learn

You should get out more ... a lot more

SoftBank to stop investing 'randomly' after losing billions of dollars


Re: If they were previously making investments "randomly"

"When the tide goes out, you can see who's been swimming naked" W Buffett

Logitech's sales plunge 20% as demand for PCs slows


Re: Logitech - meh

I call BS

I'm typing this on a K380 keyboard (Bluetooth) and using an M235 mouse (Unifying Receiver) on Linux Mint 20.3.

The peripherals are years old and fault-free

Our modest Linux network uses ONLY Logitech keyboards and mice - they just work.

Mozilla browser Firefox hits the big 100


Re: A well worn story.

The MAGA crowd invented "woke" to replace "politically correct" - it's easier for them to remember with their limited intelligence but just as meaningless.

"Woke" is now a signal that what follows is mindless nonsense

Schneider Electric to sell Russian ops to local management


Re: Or..

"Isn't all this a win for the very Russians we are supposed to be sanctioning?"


If the assets are worthless buying them isn't a win

Russia is set to be going back 30? 50? 75? years

America has come clean that their objective is to break the back of post Soviet Russia -

How's it going Vlad?

Study: How Amazon uses Echo smart speaker conversations to target ads


Re: jesuit sheep shagger

Oh how cruel!

Catholicism ... now there's a trashed brand


Re: Get a grip

I tested this years ago with GMail

I started typing an email with "I'm thinking of going to Botswana"

The sidebar filled up with ads for airfares to Botswana, accommodation in Botswana, [unfortunately no invitations from Botswana girls, nowadays it may be different]

I learned my lesson ... deGoogle ++

Advertising? I've heard of it but don't see it.

Am I missing something?



Time to move

"Over here one must not only give them an email address, but also tick the "send me your shit" option."

Where is "over here"?

"Then you ask why I don't live here

Honey, how come you don't move?"

Bob Dylan

On The Road Again

Bringing It All Back Home" (1965)

Tick, tick, tick ......

Elon Musk's latest launch: An unsolicited Twitter takeover


A wannabe

He couldn't fool the doorman at Berghain .... he's seen plenty of wannabes

Huawei reportedly furloughs Russian staff and stops taking orders


Re: Russia is a small market, probably not worth the risk

Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou, spent nearly three years in house arrest in Canada

Ask the Canadian poodles how that worked out

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway buys 11.4% stake in HP


Re: Why

The problem with market timing is that you have to get 2 decisions correct.

In your case the SELL and the BUY.

Good luck, most highly paid active funds managers can't beat the S&P 500 over 5+ years

EXAMPLE SPY 10 year return % Category Rank is 12 ie. it beat 88% of the Large Cap Blend funds (and it's an INDEX fund FFS)

BTW it's your portfolio return that's most important rather than an individual stock's return


Spot on

"He made money by buying Apple but for the last 20years has lost money holding railroads and Coke compared to just buying SPY"

I didn't believe it but the numbers support your proposition

(all data from Morningstar)

Berkshire Hathaway Inc Class B BRK.B v SPDR® S&P 500 ETF Trust SPY

% Total Return

Years 15 10 5 3 1 YTD

BRK.B 10.99 9.96 14.48 15.74 17.70 11.71

SPY 10.01 14.54 15.81 17.79 11.84 -5.22

For the " investment horizons" 5+ years, SPY is superior, especially considering the inbuilt diversification and BRK's need for continuing to make great decisions.

I stand corrected

BTW S&P 500 is my only shareholding, it has served me well for 10+ years

French court pulls SpaceX's Starlink license


Re: French court freezes out non-French competition

"But at the same time they are laughing at your 40% energy bill hike."

They're not laughing now


An increase in heating demand added extra stress to France’s electricity grid, forcing power prices to climb to a shocking €3,000 per megawatt-hour.

3000 Euros per MWh!

A perfect storm

- [DEMAND] A cold snap swept across France Monday morning, forcing the country's electricity grid manager to request businesses and households to reduce power consumption as energy prices spiked.


The severe power crunch comes as 25 of Electricite de France SA's 56 nuclear reactors are offline. For some context, France's primary power source is nuclear, contributing at least 70% of total production.

Bloomberg's commodity analyst Javier Blas reminds people, "Europe's energy problems predate Russia's invasion of Ukraine."

France and other European countries have been struggling with an energy crisis that appears to be continuing and may last through summer as energy supplies from Russia decline. The conflict in Ukraine has exacerbated energy disruptions as European countries plan to reduce their dependency on Russian gas (we suspect this will be a hard transition, if not, impossible).

Renewables are looking very attractive in the medium term, particularly with increases in the cost of coal and gas

Feds slay dark-web souk Hydra: Servers and $25m in crypto-coins seized


Re: Here's an idea

Is alcohol on your list of drugs?

Germany advises citizens to uninstall Kaspersky antivirus


No one creates a virus for a platform that is barely used by the average consumer.

You say that like it's a bad thing

Russia labels Meta an 'extremist' organization, bans Instagram

Big Brother

Re: Classic Putin

Why do "civilised" countries have diplomatic relations with a war crimminal state?

We have redundancy, we have batteries, what could possibly go wrong?


Snowy 2

Will it be operational before the submarines arrive in 2040+?

It has the same project manager - Scotty from Hillsong

US exempts South Korean smartphones from Russia export bans

Big Brother

It doesn't matter

The phones are ultimately priced in either WON or USD

The Ruble has basically evaporated

In a week:

- the RUB/USD rate has gone from 70 to 120 and the decline is accelerating

- interest rates have gone from 9.5% to 20%

Russians are staring into an inflationary abyss - getting the latest shiny is the least of their worries

CIA illegally harvested US citizens' data, senators assert

Black Helicopters

Re: I personally welcome the intrustion...

No one expects the Spanish Inquisition

France says Google Analytics breaches GDPR when it sends data to US


I keep Google's analytics banned

I use uMatrix which, by default, blocks Google's

- doubleclick.net

- google-analytics.com

- googletagmanager.com

That, plus a VPN, puts a big spoke in that wheel

UK, US, Australia issue joint advisory: Ransomware on the loose, critical national infrastructure affected

Big Brother

Talk's cheap

"it's unbelievable most boards choose to do it" ... Please advise the names of your board positions

You are not in that position ... nor are TLA wannabe's ... talk's cheap (value tends to zero)

When the rubber hits the road the rational decision is to pay up!


Re: UK, US and Australia

Australia = Useful Idiot

Suspected Chinese spies break into cloud accounts of News Corp journalists

Thumb Up

Fake News Corp hacked

"Online work accounts of News Corporation journalists": an oxymoron "journalists" don't work for Murdoch

Milly Dowler's revenge

Karma: Murdoch's Empire of Filth has a long history of hacking

Kyndryl spins out of IBM, stock starts trading on NYSE – and shares tumble


Off to a good start

GTS had made a pre-tax adjusted profit of $67m last year but reported a net loss of $2.011bn after audit, advisory, legal, and restructuring charges were accounted for, according to an SEC filing in September.

Nothing like starting life with a $2bn loss ... good luck, you'll need it

It takes more clicks to reject their cookies than accept them, so France fines Facebook and Google over €200m


Re: I use it all...

You don't "use it all" .... wait until you discover VPNs

Much of your "protections" can be switched off


influencers (whatever they are)

Influencers = Brand Whores

Comcast fixes broadband cables 'peppered' with holes after Oakland drive-by shooting


Re: overhead wires - why?

Wait until you visit Japan

... nice country but there are no laws against ugliness

... and it shows.


Re: Rockford!

And the funny thing America has world class homicide rates

It's not a problem ... they are only killing Americans [it's natural selection - unfortunately it takes a long time]

.. oh wait


Re: Murrica!

Oh, but ain't that America for you and me?

Ain't that America somethin' to see, baby?

We're not laughing with you ... we're laughing at you

Evolution in reverse

Back up for a minute – Backblaze HD reliability stats show oldies can be goodies


Statistics is hard

Your questions show your ignorance of statistics - one of these days you've got to get going.

Attack on Titan: Four Japanese Manga publishers sue Cloudflare



Shouty, USA-style "cancel culture" nonsense

Website fined by German court for leaking visitor's IP address via Google Fonts


Re: Only one site?

Both those sites are also blocked by default by uMatrix.

Comments work fine without them.

Crypto outfit Qubit appeals to the honour of thieves who lifted $80M of its digi-dollars


Another inside job?

People who buy crypto will belive anything

There's (more than) one born every day

Watchdog clears 90 per cent of US commercial aircraft to land in low visibility at nation's 5G C-band airports


Who's on first

Donald Trump was born on third and thinks he hit a triple.

LMAO (not very) United States


USA: airtravel / Boeing

If it's Boeing ... I'm not going

Travel to the "U"SA: why would any sane person travel to that Covid-infected, gun nut haven, Trump infected shithole?

Google dumps interest-based ad system for another interest-based ad system


I don't want your spam, ... and you're WAY off on my interests 99% of the time.

An interesting demonstration of the state of the art in AI



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