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Victims of IT scandal in UK postal service will get fresh compensation

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Re: "has promised to pay £900 per claimant as part of reasonable legal fees to prepare their claim"

I had a QC charge more than that (£1200ph) to just be on a phone call and not even say anything

Citizen Coder? Happiness Concierge? Here come 2023's business cards

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Re: You are Steve Bong

not that long ago, I had to manage a reputable estate agent (are there any) through selling a 10-bedroom house, as their in-house designed system didn't cater for anything over 6. the a week later a 45 bedroom £85m mansion came on the market in Guildford.

you'd be lucky to get 6 for £85m nowadays

OneDrive back on its feet, but ongoing Skype credit problem hasn't gone away

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Re: Repeat after me:

the name Cloud is far too clean for what it is. It invokes pictures of white castles in the sky unassailable by mere mortals

when the truth is closer to

Dodgy Dave's lockup down the road with security cameras that worked at some point, the fire exit propped open for ventilation and some bloke saying your data will be safe if you pay them $ExhorbitantAmount, making it apparent if you don't it definitely won't be.

I prefer the acronym OPT (other peoples tin)

Brit MPs pour cold water on hydrogen as mass replacement for fossil fuels

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Re: Vans and Lorries

the whole point of H2, as a storage medium is you can reuse most of the Petroleum infrastructure with a little modification, it's also a far more environmentally friendly storage medium than lithium-ion-based batteries.

the ideal situation is large offshore wind farms that are expensive to connect to the grid, use the energy generated to electrolyse hydrogen, which is stored locally, and collected by modified LNG tankers that take it to shore, where it is expanded and transported by pipe to distribution hubs, then in pressurised tankers to modified filling stations, for rapid transfer to vehicles, or in re-fillable hot swappable fuel cell units.

the technology is there, the problem is the petro industry need to get on board. there are viable solutions to the problems, the problem is you need another Telsa to prove them.

UK govt study says IR35 contractor tax reforms plain sailing for most

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The study doesn't even look at the main issue caused by IR35

once deemed inside IR35 you are not a worker so not entitled to the benefits, but get taxed as if you are.

basically creating this sub class of indentured unprivileged worker, that the gig economy can take advantage of

US Air Force signs $344m deal for hypersonic Mayhem aircraft

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Re: Expendable

I always go back to what the Airfield Fire team told me, their job is to get the pilot out because including fuel and training it costs more than the £100m+ the aircraft cost.

The other thing is the meat bag in the cockpit has the need to breathe and survive so anything over 6G is an issue

Doctors call for greater scrutiny of bidders for platform that pools UK's health info

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Palantir might get your info, for 50% the TLAs already do

hate to keep harping on about this but:

EMIS Health was bought by UnitedHealth Group EMIS's cloud-based patient record system cunningly titled EMIS Web, contains about 50% of GP and community records.

if your GP app is Patient Acess, this is you and your records

UK bans Chinese CCTV cameras on 'sensitive' government sites

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Re: Good idea anyways

the problem is for the price you can't get equivalent features, anything not from china, you are looking at 10 times the price, and when you have a paranoid employer with 50 cameras in each store....

BOFH: We're an industry leader … in employing idiot managers

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Re: Have not found a way to set glass on fire.

I'm a big fan of PtF6 it oxidised oxygen and Xenon

Qualcomm teases custom Arm-compatible Oryon CPU cores designed by Nuvia

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Patent troll complains when patent holder complains about their use of patented technology

Really? Pot meet Kettle

Qualcomm have been doing this to Samsung, intel et all for years

NSA urges orgs to use memory-safe programming languages

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stop Blamimg C / C++

it's not C's fault people are using it for stuff it's not supposed to be used for

it's an ultra-low-level language designed for those applications, ie single core applications running at highly efficient speeds on highly limited resources, where you need to control the memory space and re-allocate it to get the required performance or capability from the limited hardware.

if you don't need to use C/C++ then don't use it, if you do, you make your trade-offs and know how to make it work for your situation.

Breached health insurer won't pay ransom to protect customers, warns of more attacks

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Re: NHS?

Oh and EMIS health, now part of the United Health Group, has about 45% of NHS surgeries and 50% of community health notes...

UK government set to extract hospital data to Palantir system without patient consent

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At least I have a new source of infinite electricity

Dane Fiona Caldicott (the former NHS data Guardian) is currently generating 1GW while spinning in her grave.

Who else saw this happening when NHS DIgital got absorbed into NHS England ...

this is definitely against GDPR, as Health Data Is "Special Category data," and very difficult to Anonymise, especially when you have a unique identifier like an NHS number or an uncommon condition.

As has been said above, this system is broken, you can see it in all the figures, the NHS got into trouble in about 2014, which is when the Lansley reforms of the Health and Social Care Act 2012 kicked in, it wasn't perfect before then, but it was better than this.

The NHS doesn't exist, its 2700ish organisations that get to put the badge on, that are all independent fiefdoms, which have their own boards (full of people on multiple 6 figure salaries)

Apple patches actively exploited iPhone, iPad kernel vulns

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Re: A modest proposal

error handling is time-consuming, but its cheaper and less bottom-line consuming than having to fix a named vulnerability 6 years down the line when the dev team have all moved on and no longer picks up your calls.

Zoom to mandate client updates every ninety days, starting Nov 1

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Most of the Debian tree still supports 32bit, and chances are if they stopped, there'd be a few downstream that kept going.

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Re: Insanity prevails?

or option 3, do they transition to using the bane of my existence known as Teams that they don't have to pay any extra for as it's "Included" with the latest name iteration of what used to be Microsoft office.

Calamity capsule: Boeing's Starliner losses approaching $1B

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Boeing are out Businesses to get out of

They are beaten in Civil aviation by Airbus

They are beaten in the Military by Lockheed and Northrop

Now they are roundly beaten in space by Space X

I suppose the only thing they win at is Tax Breaks and Executive pay

Is your datacenter safe from the next X-class solar flare?

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Re: Nice B-film - now back to reality

I think Goldeneye and Oceans 11 rate as an A movies

High-altitude nuclear detonation and Truck Mounted EMP respectively.

but the issue is very much the complex encryption to the 5$ wrench

a nice improvised AMFO bomb in a wheeley bin

Health insurer Medibank's data breach diagnosis keeps getting worse

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the thing is with the way GDPR is worded, Controller, Processor and Subprocessors are jointly and severally liable, so you might be able to outsource the blame, but the consequences and the costs are yours forever

FTC slaps down Drizly CEO after 2.4m user records stolen from 'careless' booze app biz

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the only way that CEOs are going to take responsibility for Cyber is if they are held criminally liable, as they now are for Health and Saftey (at least in the UK)

China chip imports down 12.4% as tech trade war with US intensifies

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Re: ...."to prevent it stealing industrial technology from Europe,,,,,,"

what you mean Edison stole the ideas of other Europeans like Joseph Swan and Warren de La Rue, Nikola Tesla, Alessandro Volta, Gustav Le Gray, Michael Faraday ...

he wasn't the end of it, he was right in the thick of it

Oops, web trackers may have leaked 3 million patients' info

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Re: So nobody checked

basically, they are saying:

"So we put some trackers on our website to find out how it was getting used and forgot to read the manual to see what data they actually collected, but it's not our fault it's those evil Megacorps"

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Re: Google is all seeing

and is now owned by UnitedHealth Group Inc

Liz Truss ousted as UK prime minister, outlived by online lettuce

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a day is enough to qualify for the pension apparently

Verizon prepaid accounts hijacked by SIM swap crooks

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SMS second factor

why oh why did NIST pull the advice against it from the latest SP-800-63b

SIM swaps are a problem

Rather than take the L, Amazon sues state that dared criticize warehouse safety

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Re: Who are their lawyers?

no, they are offering a wage they think they can get away with, not what they think is fair.

And where exactly are you supposed to work when they have systematically undercut and put out of business every other game in town?

Amazon's distribution organisation only has people until they can invent machines to replace them.

DoJ ‘very disappointed’ with probation sentence for Capital One hacker Paige Thompson

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go directly to jail ..

She's been in jail since Jul 2019 and has release conditions on probation for 5 yrs, which will get her sharp back there, she has been punished, more so than anyone not causing death would be under the UK Computer misuse act.

she has taken an oath to be a productive member of society, and if at any point in the next 5yrs she isn't, its back behind bars

White House puts $50m into floating wind turbine projects

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Re: Fiddling while Big Oil carries on as usual

look at Wind power as a percentage of total consumption, and you will find the UK considerably higher than all the other mentioned nations.

In fact, Scotland produces more electricity than it needs, as do the Orkney and Shetland Isles

Wind generation is approximately 30% of UK capacity, carbon neutral at over 53% (that includes DRACS "Bio-mass" (trees) which is on shaky ground)

There is a long way to go worldwide, but the Uk is far from behind, and while the manufacturing companies might not be UK based, the Manufacturing is. The majority of UK turbines and blades are made in the UK. there are large production hubs in the north of England and up the East coast of Scotland, that are transitioning from rig building and maintenance to turbines.

California Governor signs child privacy law requiring online age checks

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Re: Confused Brit

the Problem is with this SCOTUS the interpretation can be whatever Republicans want it to be

and it comes down to a similar issue as the one they used to strike down Roe vs Wade...

US border cops harvest info from citizens' phones, build massive database

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Re: unconstitutional

the problem is at the border, you are not in the jurisdiction, CBP are the guard at the gate

Tongues wag that Softbank's Son may sell Arm to Samsung

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The ownly option

public company owned by no-one in particular

or co-operative owned by all its licence holders.

unless someone in a totally unrelated business wants to shell out for it

Thoma Bravo, Berkshire Hathaway or someone of that ilk.

or it could be a complete odd ball like Associated British Foods ownership of Primark

and see someone like Coca-Cola, Disney or McDonald's buy it up from Masayoshi Son

Microsoft debuts Windows 11 2022 Update – now with features added monthly

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Re: New features every month?

I rember the good old days when MS product keys were valid as long as they were divisible by 7, but then they cottoned on to the all 7s thing, so the last 2 got replaced with 21

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Re: The best update?

By the time it got to SP5 98SE was rock solid, then there was the abortion of Me because XP wasn't ready

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Re: New features every month?

Some Finn named Linus came up with one a while back ...

Was there life on Mars? Perseverance scrapes up promising samples

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Re: Life is inevitable

Death Is Inevitable, life however, is a matter of happenstance

Admins run into Group Policy problems after Win10 update

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Re: That's how they get you.

Apparently there is a thing called Known Issue Rollback, where (once MS deign to release one) allows the OS to run the old code instead of the patch.

TBF it would be easier rather than including double the code for everything if they hadn't sacked their QA and testing bods, and actually shipped stuff that worked

NASA reshuffles dates for Artemis I launch attempt

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ULA (that makes the SLS) is a joint venture with Boeing and Lockheed Martin Space

Northrop Grumman and Aerojet Rocketdyne are also contributing suppliers.

so rather than attracting campaign finance in Texas and California, SLS brings it in across like 30 states

China discovers unknown mineral on the moon, names it Changesite-(Y)

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Big Brother

Re: Who's the Colony Now?

Welcome to Airstrip1

Hybrid work not working? Try building an 'intraverse' to fix it, says Gartner

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Re: An "intraverse"

Just wondering where "Intraverse" is on the "Hype Curve"

Meta disbands Responsible Innovation team, spreads it out over Facebook and co

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Re: They have replaced it

"move fast and break things"

Laws are things

Ethical norms are things

Private equity suits at Thoma Bravo pull out of Darktrace acquisition

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Brexit delivering Global Brittan

Things keep going this way, and the entire country will be owned by foreign investment.

BOFH: It's Friday, it's time to RTFM

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Re: Where is my beloved "SFTW" chronicle?

Its more nibbling on the crumbs IT feeds it. now

ElReg used to pick justifiable holes in everyone and have a reasonable amount of scepticism, rather than swallowing down marketing speak.

US wants to give global chipmakers a 25% tax credit on new fabs

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Re: Hmmm?

WTF AMFM makes sense

This is ripe for an illegal state aid claim against Intel

Dead people could be designated authors of Atlassian Confluence docs and that can't be changed

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Re: Seems like a misfeature

In my previous role, I authored 100s of documents in multiple areas, I think I was only the owner of the ones in draft.

I was the person who went to a meeting, and everyone else at the table was accountable for drafting policies procedures and the like, but muggins was responsible for doing the work.

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Re: If you ignore a problem long enough

Sir No longer at this Company ...

UK government will not step in over Altice’s growing stake in BT

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Re: Not surprising

the TGV is based on the technology employed in the APT.

This was sold by the British Government to Alsthom and made the difference between the TGV002 and TGV001, some of the engineers from the APT project actually worked on the SNCF team to create the TGV as they had already solved a lot of the issues, and in the spirit of the Concorde agreement, there was a lot of co-operation on the project.

the Pendolino system in class 390 is directly based on patents sold to FIAT (who merged them into Alstholm)

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Re: Not surprising

their TGV was basically designed by British Rail, they own a large part of several franchises, as do Deutsche Bahn

Basically, SNCF through its Kelios subsidiary runs a whole load of the network

state-owned rail operators from France Germany, Holland and Italy run approximately 90% of the UK rail network

Instagram fined in Ireland for violating children's privacy

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Re: Appealing fines

At least the DPC has grown a pair and is starting to take on the firms taking advantage of their low tax status.

We will see how much they actually collect

Block sued after ex-staffer siphons customer data

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Re: "downloaded the files after leaving the company"

AUtomated account provisioning set-up in the HR system, and IAM tool.

This revokes all access credentials on leaving date.

UK's NHS goes to market for $2b HR and payroll system

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at least Dame Dido of Can't Talk isn't in charge of this one.