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Google sours on legacy G Suite freeloaders, demands fee or flee

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You can signup any time you like...

But you can never leave

All cloud providers are the same, getting info in is easy, getting it back out is a PITA!

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Re: Plus addresses

Zoho support plus addressing

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Re: Just great.

if you're using less then 5 accounts: Zoho have a forever free tier, I have been using it for many donkeys, the family all have accounts and saves them having to change addresses.

Zoho support + addressing and have a great process for setting up security too.

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Forever Free Plan

Up to five users, 5GB/User, 25MB attachment limit.

Web access and free mobile apps*.

Email hosting for single domain.

UK police lack framework for adopting new tech like AI and face recognition, Lords told

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Red Tape

what it boils down to is the police services in England are so bound up in red tape and without the procurement support they need, the fact there is a national police computer is a miracle and their use of e-mail and some-what effectiveness against cyber-enabled crime a Herculean achievement.

Big shock: Guy who fled political violence and became rich in tech now struggles to care about political violence

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Re: "I recognize that I come across as lacking empathy"

Like it or not, he's telling the truth, the cost-benefit of speaking up has been weighed and come down on the side of Xi and the regime over the suppression of the Uighurs.

It comes across as heartless, and lacking in empathy, especially due to his "lived Experience" but however it appears, it is anything but clueless, it in effect states the obvious truth.

However, we may rage against the injustice and think of ourselves better than we are, there may be some bluster and words, or "Thoughts and Prayers" but nothing active will be done unless something drastically changes the cost-benefit.

The only thing I can think that might motivate the Western powers to Act is if MBS says Saudi will cut Oil production if they don't.

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Re: Too true

the reports weren't scotched by china, but by the US-based EcoHealth Alliance and the US government that gave $600,000 to the Wuhan Institute of Virology to investigate Bat Coronavirus in 2014 and more when their funding was renewed in 2019 ...

Tonga takes to radio, satellite, motorboat comms to restore communications after massive volcano blast and tsunami

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Re: Maybe?

the Tsunami removed all the suitable buildings/trees in existence ...

but to be fair a field radio with a whip antenna should do the trick, and at least one should be in tsunami proof storage

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Re: Repairing the cable

The CS Reliance is usually found fixing one of the cables in the highly congested areas of the Malaysia/Indonesia/Singapore waters. They are pretty much the best team for the job.

Can't help but suggest that a bit more resilience for Tonga is needed (in terms of subsea cables) linking it to Nuie and landing the non-Fiji leg of Southern Cross there too would have been a good plan or linking the far end of the domestic extension to American Samoa...

AMD returns to smartphone graphics with new Samsung chip for your pocket computer

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FFS who needs 240fps at 4k ...

does it still need Qualcomm's CDMA, or can they bin that off and sell them freely yet...

International police shut down 15 server infrastructures as part of VPNLab.net's takedown

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I've always wondered

how my local sports store manages to sell 10 times the number of baseball bats as it does mits, and there are no diamonds in the area...

Multi-day IT systems outage whacks umbrella biz Parasol Group amid fears of a cyber attack

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Re: As a employee of Parasol

In My experience Parasol are one of the good guys.

I used them as My Brolly for donkeys (couldn't be bothered with the paperwork)

if they are having issues with paying you there is an issue with them getting paid.

At the end of the day, they can't pay you what they don't have...

Hopefully, they will get their systems back up and running and get something sorted, I hope my faith in the folks formerly from Warrington is not misplaced, if you are put into hardship sit on the chat all day, until they get their systems back up or send someone to camp outside their offices.

Autonomy founder's anti-extradition case is like saying Moon made of cheese, US govt tells UK court

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Re: Buyers’ remorse

Like you, I have been following this from the start.

the crux of the matter is, were HP in possession of all the relevant evidence with which they needed to accurately evaluate the value of autonomy

If they weren't, did autonomy's management wilfully defraud them by providing incorrect evidence that it should be valued higher.

From my interpretation, Autonomy were bending some of the accounting rules, but they broke none. HP were in possession of all the facts and all the paperwork, they rushed the assessment of it through to get the transaction over the line and overvalued Autonomy.

Basically, Leo Apotheker screwed the pooch and got fired, and Mike went laughing all the way to the bank

Google and Facebook's top execs allegedly approved dividing ad market among themselves

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Tell that to the UK banks convicted of fixing the LIBOR rate...

US-China chip cold war? It's only helping the Middle Kingdom, silicon makers warn

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Re: Sanctions

find a cold war history book written by someone without a bias towards one side or the other and I'll be surprised.

The Cold war was just that, both sides were on a war footing without any actual fighting.

Both sides rapidly developed technology and weapons that one-upped each other.

the latest MiGs and Sukhoi aircraft are a match for the frankly failed Raptor and Lightning.

Each side would convince you that they won the cold war, but to be fair the only ones who did were the arms dealers.

The Russians could always be guaranteed to do what was in their own interest, but Xi is a completely different animal, under his stewardship, the PRC have surpassed the Russians and his rhetoric is about as aggressive as you can get. I have no doubt that he means what he says and his actions bear that out. what was before him a semi-capitalist country, is rapidly returning to the hardline state control, and building up its military and industrial capability.

In the not too distant future, the western economies will be sidelined by the two behemoths from the east with populations over 1bn, China and India, that are both rapidly becoming skilled digital workforces and outputting superior products at a greater rate and lower cost.

Weed dispensary software company's ambitions pruned after Spotify trademark clash

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'IwlIj jachjaj! Incoming LibreOffice 7.3 to support Klingon and Interslavic

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Re: Wait, No Ferengi?

Ferengi have no interest in LibreOffice, Open Source is an anathema to the rules of acquisition

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Re: Fourth gender

linguistically English actually has 4 genders, Masculine, Feminine, Neuter, and Common.

He, She, They, IT.

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Re: Manx should be spoken

something like this happened on the Tube...

Behind us in the train were a group of Germans conversion in their native tongue and discussing how great it was that no one else could understand a word they were saying, but they could easily understand the locals.

My little sister, having spent considerable time over the preceding years visiting in southern Germany, and not being of the sort to stay quiet when a conversation is to be had, stood up turned around and smiled, issuing in perfect german the phrase "Ich Verstehe"

queue the four young germans going red in the face, some awkward silence, followed by an interesting conversation about educational differences and the propensity for young English people to actually learn german, some ahead of french as was more traditional

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Re: Smaller...

I cite the second law of thermodynamics, it applies in general not just in thermodynamics

Entropy increases with time.

in other words, in order to tidy things up, one must expend a lot of energy

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Re: Well done Liam...

5 EYES are really the 5 nations separated by a common language, and nothing else.

Cookies, Thongs, Jellies, and trunks be damned.

Google says open source software should be more secure

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Had a thought

I know it's unusual, but...

If there was say a group or team of people that if there was a problem or Incident you might say would then join in to help out or "respond"

perhaps this could be funded centrally, maybe by $digicorp or the government

perhaps we could call it a Software Incident Response Team...

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as long as there is an Open Source Users tax to fund it...

let's say 1% on revenue for companies with a market value over $1tr ...

Austrian watchdog rules German company's use of Google Analytics breached GDPR by sending data to US

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Re: Max's wishful thinking

Basically, the pre Brexit ruling of ECJ in Schrems II says that the section 702 FISA warrants and US CLOUD act mean the regulatory framework in the US does not allow EU citizens sufficient recourse to protect their personal information and enforce their rights under GDPR.

INAL but many have expressed the opinion that if a US corp is handed a CLOUD Act warrant, for access to an EU/UK citizens data then they will basically have to choose which law to break, as they are incompatible.

This means, in order to ensure GDPR level protection, you either need binding agreements that they will break the CLOUD Act, or can not use any server owned or operated by any undertaking part of a US-based data or communication company.

so No MS Google or Amazon

Secure boot for UK electric car chargers isn't mandatory until 2023 – but why the delay?

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Re: Petrol provides more energy per £ than mains electricity

That's until Tokamak comes online and we're Fusion all the way.

The RR SMR is cheaper as they are microreactors, and all the same unlike current generation fission plants, where each new plant has a significantly different reactor, the idea is this allows them to churn them out assembly-line style

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Re: Petrol provides more energy per £ than mains electricity

it's not trucked to DRAX that's inefficient, the ships come into Port of Tyne and Teesport and they get 16 trainloads a day of "Bio-mass"

6 of the 8 coal-fired generating units have switched to Bio-mass and DRAX generates up to 25% of UK electricity

They argue that the CO2 is off-set by planting more trees, but there is no way this works, meanwhile, DRAX are making £400m a year profit based on government "green energy" subsidy of £800m a year

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Why only new ones

this needs to be extended to All chargers.

Open source isn't the security problem – misusing it is

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Open source isnt the problem

the apache licence, clause 7, last sentence:

You are solely responsible for determining the appropriateness of using or redistributing the Work and assume any risks associated with Your exercise of permissions under this License.

the problem is no-one assess the risk in their situation

Who you gonna call? Premium numbers, but a not-so-premium service

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Re: Wrong number

I lived through the 01 081 0181 to 020 8 switches and it was a pain in the rear

most Londoners that still use a landline still believe the 7,8 or 3 are part of the area code and inter-dialling requires the full number when you can in fact just drop the 020


Wi-Fi not working? It's time to consult the lovely people on those fine Linux forums

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Re: "first read the fine forum thread until the end"

VCR Nah, it'll be the framed copy of the install instructions of some piece of Whitebox kit made in several non-descript factories with questionable English, and I suppose most other languages ...

UK government tool to monitor its legacy application estate is… LATE

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Re: Depends on what you want

bearing in mind HMGs penchant for all things cloudy and Microsoft, Sharepoint lists seem to fit the bill perfectly...

and rather than let the Cabinet office lead, perhaps some of the more progressive departments (HMRC, or DWP) that are more used to doing IT at scale could lead things...

It's far from impossible, since the dreaded W word, NHS Digital has managed to corral and cajole the majority of NHS organisations to cough up their info, or join the borg and now has a pretty good understanding of the NHS estate

US grounds investors in Chinese drone maker DJI over 'Xinjiang human rights abuses'

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"you raise 'concerns' about a Country that has rarely engaged in military activities outside its borders in the last 70 years!"

Helps when you get good at re-defining your borders to include the places you are engaging in military activities

As has been said before, no hands are clean, and the "Five-Eyes" you talk about are just 5 nations separated by a common language they only got through imperial expansion, and they are quite often greater separated by it than joined.

NATO is no Cabal, is a loose formation that was originally formed to relieve the soviet blockade of west berlin, and quite frankly is more of a talking shop than an effective alliance, and is mainly used as an overarching organisation, to allow action that has been stalled in the UN Security Council by Either Russia or the PRC.

You make points of other situations that are far from politic, and there is considerable support for action against, yet still, you fail to provide proof of your arguments against their being an issue in Xinjiang or make any statement to mitigate the reports featured.

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the Vietnamese, Filipinos, Thai and Singaporean would disagree with you there

The Indian market is rapidly becoming capable, and depending on the day, they have just the same manpower and possibly a cheaper labour force.

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Re: What Human Rights Abuses?

Islamic extremists are definitely not funded by "the west" as they are all kinds of opposed to it

Any that exist are adequately funded by "rogue-factions" in cash-rich Islamic nations in the middle east.

Also, prove that ETIM exists without reference to sources provided by the CCP or any of its associated and affiliated organisations.

ETIM is a myth created by the Sino-Russian propaganda complex to justify the "Re-Education" and "Enhanced Monitoring" of an indigenous minority who do not share the same religious background.

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Re: Those that live in glass houses




Luxembourg judge hits pause on Amazon's daily payments of disputed $844m GDPR fine

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Re: I may be wrong, but I think Amazon deliberately obstruct CCPA requests

this is why the clause in GDPR exists that says

You should provide the information in an accessible, concise and intelligible format.

East Londoners nicked under Computer Misuse Act after NHS vaccine passport app sprouted clump of fake entries

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colour options

depends on when you got yours and where you're from what colour they are:

The US and the new UK ones are Blue, Irish ones are green, EU ones are red, there are a few Black ones, but most pick one of those...


Technically the definition of Passport fits both purposes, so its purely a political distinction.


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Re: NHS integrity

I think you'll find the NHS is now mostly up to date, unlike a lot of businesses I am aware of.

90-95% of the NHS estate is on a supported version of Windows 10 and the majority of the remainder are on older builds of w10.

Log4j has hit everyone, from FAAM down and unlike the Belgian MOD, the NHS (so far) hasn't been breached.

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Re: Most? Nearly all!

this is the thing, the overwhelming majority of cases in ICU are Unvaxed and Delta,

With omicron being less intense, but faster spreading, it's likely the issue won't be with ICU space, but GM beds

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the difference is Covid-19 is still killing 10,000+ per day worldwide

When the flu first appeared (as the Spanish flu) yes lockdown was used, or where public health was seen as a priority over public confidence in the troops, it was.

However, we have had 100+ years to forget why we built medical facilities a specific way and how to handle a novel pandemic virus.

if Boris had got off his arse and locked down faster, and closed the borders, the UK could be in an NZ/AUS state or more easily a similar state to Denmark.

The virus was reported worldwide on 30th December 2019, it took Boris and co until 23 March 2020 to do anything about it, by which time the virus was endemic in the UK.

Fisher Price's Bluetooth reboot of pre-school play phone has adult privacy flaw

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I believe is the correct term

which sends chills down my spike and invokes PTSD of marketing wonk meetings...

Why they needed a special version I'll never know, the original still sells considerably well, sounds like a case of can we with no should we again.

When product names go bad: Microsoft's Raymond Chen on the cringe behind WinCE

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A certain second university in a Quaint northern English city got quite close to being called the "City University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne" until very shortly before they started publishing paperwork, a proof of a prospectus just that capitalisation ...

Lets say there were heads that rolled.

£42k for a top-class software engineer? It's no wonder uni research teams can't recruit

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it's due to those two self-aggrandising emperors Julius and Augustus, who snaffled a couple of months in the hot part of the year and knocked all the accounting out.

Confirmed: James Webb Space Telescope team plans launch for this Xmas Eve after data cable fix

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Re: What?

You know we're sitting on four million pounds of fuel, one nuclear weapon and a thing that has 270,000 moving parts built by the lowest bidder. Makes you feel good, doesn't it?

Belgian defence ministry admits attackers accessed its computer network by exploiting Log4j vulnerability

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Start with the OWASP top 10 - its Barley changed since 2010

Remember the phrase "if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right" and don't cut corners. All methodologies must do everything, i.e. don't drop testing documentation or security, cos agile.

Do it securely from the start, it might take longer or more thought, but it's a pain to fix later (as log4j are finding out.) and usually bottlenecks the whole thing.

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i see your XKCD

and raise you


replace Nebraska with Australia, and you have Log4j

Of course a Bluetooth-using home COVID test was cracked to fake results

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Re: Bit of a leap...

The UK lateral flow reporting is easier to fake, you just tick the box on the website that says negative rather than the one that says positive, and throw the strip in the bin.

Nottingham University awards cloud finance and HR deal in £29.75m deal 2.5 years after Unit4 upgrade

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integrated, reliable and secure software that can be accessed from any mobile device

in anyone's experience is this oracle

UK's Defra and Ministry of Justice facing £120m IR35 tax bills thanks to inaccuracies in assessing contractors' status

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Re: Can I get all my Tax back

A deemed employee under IR35 is basically an indentured servant

Suffering all the negatives of being on payroll, with all the negatives of being off it

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Re: Pointless

it's not the PSBs paying tax, it is the "Deemed Employee"'s NI and Income Tax contributions that they should have paid through the PAYE system.

The whole point of the IR35 changes is: the company, not the contractor are liable for making the decision, which in this case is the PSB

PSBs had a head start on Private companies, so HMRC are going after them first ...

CEST was a dog's dinner from the start, the current iteration was half-written by outside IR35 contractors that then quit as HMRC deemed them inside


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