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Welcome to the out-of-control decade


Of course

Chrome OS will have local storage for media playering.

That is all.


Works both ways

>If you're a dot-connecting prosecutor with a narrative to build, you're going to have plenty of info >with which to construct your argument. And if you're Mr. or Ms. Average Consumer, you'll have >little or no control over your own dots.

What if the same dots prove your innocence?

There never was, and never will be, such a thing as on-line anonymity. I highly doubt that anyone (them or us) is that interested in anything I am doing. Perhaps the writer has a guilty conscience (or inflated ego)?

I am more worried that these systems will be so reliable that us IT professionals won't be needed any more! :o

Google's vanity OS is Microsoft's dream


Not so fast

"There's certainly a gap in the market for new classes of devices, somewhere between a phone and a full-blown laptop. Pocket communicators with built-in connectivity, and a better keyboard than a phone, could be far preferable to any "converged" device on the market today, even the sainted iPhone.

Think of the old Psion 3 or 5 pocket computer on steroids, offering a lovely QWERTY keyboard for messaging, a screen that's good enough for browsing and a photo album, and small enough to fit in a jacket pocket. Today's netBooks really don't have instant-on yet, nor an optimal UI - and in a pell-mell competitive market where margins are squeezed, they're getting bigger, heavier and more expensive."

What about Tegra?

Instant on, long battery life, full HD video, fits in your pocket, touch screen or qwerty, etc.

- Google Chrome OS is the last piece of the puzzle - "an optimal UI".

1 year from now....

Google recaptures $761 from Facebook nemesis


Oompa Loompa

You stole fizzy lifting drink so you get NOTHING! Good day Sir!

NASA's Deep Impact mislays comet



...gone to join Dancer, Prancer, Dasher, Vixen, Cupid, Donder, Blitzen and Rudolph of course.

NASA reveals manned Mars mission plans

Paris Hilton

I have a cunning plan...

Why not strap a rocket to the ISS and point it at mars?

You could fill it with 'celebrities' and make a reality tv show -the person with the least votes each week is evicted.

If enough people voted then in 16 months you could even send a rescue ship for the winner.

Back in reality... they should set up base camp on phobos - much easier to land on - then they could pop down to mars.

Hope I live to see it.

US HD DVD player sales pass 750,000


Statistical significance

Can anyone tell me the number of normal DVDs sold last month?

If BD sold 20, HDDVD 10 but normal DVDs sold 10000 then the 2:1 ratio doesn't matter.

I find the BD in a PS3 thing a very cynical ploy. That would be enough to put me off - and while most gamers know it plays movies I hope they realize what they have bought into...

I don't like the idea of locking myself into Sony - how likely are they to lower the disc prices? They are giving away ps3s at a huge loss - basically gambling the entire company. They have to claw all that back and then make a profit first.

They are struggling to compete with 'older' consoles on games. Compare the number of PS3s to Wiis and X-boxes and the numbers don't look so good. If Wii brought out an HDDVD add-on drive...

I don't see how BD can become the new DVD drive for PCs. The battle has only really started - maybe BD will become the apple of Hi def?


But I would like to see the HD vs normal DVD sales numbers for context - someone please?

BBC HD channel gets green light


Luddites ?

I can't understand all the negative reaction here.

HD is great - http://stage6.divx.com/

The BBC still does lots of things really well.

I have a HD screen and would love more content - eg live sport.

As a consumer I don't care how they do it.

Monkey butlers a step nearer as boffins clone macaques

Dead Vulture

Now all we need...

is a way to clone typewriters.



Bloody clones... they're all the same.

21st century travel: building your own warp drive


She cannae take much more Jim

iirc, if you travel in a straight line you eventually wind up back where you started....

So all you have to do is aim away from where you want to go and keep steering away from it and you will get there in no time. simple.

Sony's 40GB PS3 for Europe confirmed

Gates Halo

If only...

Just what sort of hard disks are they? Gold plated?

250Gb for a PC is less than £30.

Sony are selling PS3s at a loss. It's unbelieveable.

Having said all that, Betamax was the better technology - I expect people will find some use for the cell processor.

If only it could run Vista...

NASA gives Beagle 2 another shot at glory


Beagle 2 Mk II ?

Aren't ships uniquely named even if they are identical?

Why not call it Beagle 3?

or even Beagle 2.1

There is only one Beagle 2.

NASA nuke-bot to tackle space boulders of doom


I hope the The Machines (tm) don't realize...

Wouldn't be simpler to 'nudge' earth out of the way ?