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Deceased Malayan hit with $218 trillion mobile bill

Neal H. Paster


Dear Patrick:

suggest you come on into the 21st century and get a broadband connection. Even the slowest DSL connection runs circles around your dialup, costs just a few dollars more each month, and no long distance charges

Congress approves six-month blanket wiretap warrant

Neal H. Paster

Germany -- 1933

While trite, the saying that those who ignore history are damned to repeating it is evermore applicable today as the Bush Administration, with the help of cowards masquerading as Democrats, brings us closer to Cheney's dream of the Nazi world of Adlof Hitler. They take page after page from the playbook of Goebbels and his ilk. Substitute "Moslems" and "Mexicans" or "illegal immigrants" for "Jews" and "homosexuals", and look at what you have going on in this country as so-called "talk radio" and the Republicans press on with their agenda to take over. Talk radio is nothing but a euphemism for demagoguery and propaganda for the right wing fascists in the USA. We can expect that if the outlook remains bleak for the Republicans retaining the White House in the 2008 elections that Bush and Cheney will declare a National Emergency, martial law, or such to stop the elections and retain power. While I was never a conspiracist over 9-11-2001, I cannot help but wonder now if anything that evil is really beyond Cheney's planning to retain control. There will be a crisis right before the elections, if nothing else than to bolster the need for a right wing presidency to "protect" us. Thanks, but I have had quite enough protection over the past 6+ years.


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