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Stop us if you've heard this one before: IBM sheds more workers – this time, tech sales


Re: India Business Machines?

Philippines as of last 18 months, vs India

Help wanted: Uber boss Travis seeks babysitter for him and his execs


Doc Martin

Spam King sent down for 30 months


Re: So 1990

Uh, no. Blacklists, tcp connection control, and many other now-mostly-antiquated anti-spam tactics are unable to stop all of it, and likely never will. This is based on managing billions of incoming messages over many yearsof different vendors, products and controls. The only assured outcome in this realm is the ever increasing expenditures to vendors that never stop all of it, and the dumbfooks who respond to the offers and keep it profitable for the spammers.

The Microsoft-LinkedIn hookup will be the END of DAYS, I tell you


I was a member for 10 years and found it quite useless, and the spam was over the top. When the US political merde starting showing up in the activity stream this year, I bailed and have not missed any of it. It's well past it's peak as a recruiting tool as far as we've found, so no loss whatsoever.

FBI Director defends iPhone 5C unlock tool that's obviously going to leak into wrong hands


Privacy rights notwithstanding PRISM https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PRISM_%28surveillance_program%29 effectively means electronic privacy is a dead concept, and the list of tech companies including Apple who participate in that are indeed a bunch of disingenuous liars, and not just when they pimp their products.

Facebook CSO slams RSA Conf for repping 'the worst parts of the security industry'


Re: InfoSec is a joke at a lot of companies

Much I what I see in this realm is Perception Management "security theatre" (not unlike the TSA), with designated sacrificial lambs ready for whacking when things go awry

Drydex malware busting bursting British business bank balances


These malware families do not require an HTML mail client to create a compromise, the payloads are in common attachments including MS Office Docs, PDF's etc, and once opened from any kind of client on at least windows boxes, they're off to the races.


Re: Lower wool content for sec issues please

As Dridex =, Dyre and other variants of that family of malware morph, the signature/pattern-based a/v tools miss them completely, including email gateway and desktop vendors including F-secure, McAfee, and probably others. These are not zero-hour issues, they are closer to zero-minute issues that are exceedingly good at getting around pattern based and zero-hour layers of controls. The signature-based vendors will catch up, but by then many will have been delivered and some malicious attachments will have been opened and systems compromised. I won't pimp for the vendor we engaged with, but newer techniques in the email security space are providing another layer of protection to temp quarantine and examine these in controlled environments which are collecting global data in real time to determine if these are malicious or not. That seems to have helped a great deal, but some (far less than before) will still be delivered because of how rapidly these are changing.