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Firefox to speed up dev cycle, go multi-process, rip and replace UI – soon


Mozilla is to be commented for destroying an application the calibre of Firefox, killing great software is not easy!

I have been using Firefox since the very early days and FF has gotten better and better, now Mozilla wants to kill it. GREAT!

Good Bye old friend. You will be missed.


I will not be using Firefox any further.

If I want a browser to look like google chrome I would install it!

AdBlock Plus man disputes Mozilla add-on tests


This is complicated, so I will only say it once.

First of all, get a very large and powerful tractor. Second, we will need a very heavy duty chain. Now attach one end of the chain to the tractor, the other end around your neck. Start the tractor and rev the engine, then pop the clutch and pull your head out of your ass! The human brain needs oxygen to function properly, and their is no oxygen up their!

In your web browser settings; disable JavaScript and "load images automatically." Its that easy.

Now your browser is faster and your are not the of many a botnet far and wide.

All this fresh air and sunshine is kind of nice isn't it?

Only enable JavaScript and "load images" for sites You trust.

Men may be able to grow a new pancreas from their testicles


Unless He Is Married

The wife cut them off long ago.

Ad networks owned by Google, Microsoft serve malware


Any Idiot

Any idiot who surfs with JavaScript turned on deserves what he gets.

Regular domains beat smut sites at hosting malware


Now lets see if I got this right

So, if I should want to visit a porn site I don't need protection because it is clean. However, if I should visit a mainstream site such as a social networking site I would need protection cause that's where nasty social diseases are.

What a conundrum! It's getting so a fella can't go anywhere without a condom. Not even a condominium.

Ubuntu's Lucid Lynx turns back on Yahoo! search switcheroo


Search Engines?

Who cares what they put in that little box up there in the corner?

If you have been married for any amount of time you would know you don't need a search engine; wife knows every freaking thing!

New service hamstrings Google data hoarding


Some day, Some where

Some day, some where, some hacker will find a way to break into Google and steal that stored information and use it to commit a crime.

But will Google be held as part of the crime for collecting that information on its users?

Lots of young adults still sexting shock


Maybe old people ......

Maybe old people should just mind their business and leave others alone. The world will survive without you.

Ralsky jailed for four years over stock fraud spam scam


you would think ...

you would think at some point these idiots would move out of the United States and move to a country that would not extradite for being a piece of garbage spammer.

they deserve what they got and more.

Microsoft's Bing feeds you, tries to keep you captive


if this is....

if this is the latest and greatest thinking out of Microsoft they are headed the way of the American auto manufactures. Going Going Gone!

Need a bailout do you?

Zango goes titsup


What's in it for the buyer?

I am thinking botnet or some other not so honest operation. If not adware, then where is the value in this company?

Twitter worm author gets security job

Thumb Down


Any business who hires a loser who got caught I want to stay far, far away from.

Why not hire the guy who didn't get caught?

Windows 7 to take Surface mainstream?


If some people ...

had a brain in their head, they would take it out and play with it!

Can't see a use for it in the real world.

MS puts up $250K bounty for Conficker author


And just what good will that do?

Their was malware before Conflicker and their will be after. Just because someone was smart enough to take advantage of an idiot who will click on anything is no reason to get your panties in a twist. The problem is between the seat and the keyboard.

You just can't fix stupid!

Wanna see how to use Win 7 UAC to pwn a PC?


You can't fix stupid!

If one is stupid enough to download and run code they are not sure of, no operating system, UAC or anything else can save them from themselves.

You just can't fix stupid!

Kaspersky breach exposes sensitive database, says hacker


isn't that against the law?

isn't hacking a protected computer against the law?

then to post screen shots of what you done, well assine?

US woman says Ubuntu can't access internet

Paris Hilton

Network Manager?

Ubuntu > System > Administation > Network Tools

That was difficult, I have to go lay down now. I am exhausted.

Gates Horns

Maybe she needs to ...

remove her head from her ass?

Prior to enrolling in school; remove head from ass.

Prior to buying a computer; remove head from ass.

Prior to doing anything; remove head from ass.

Now where in the hell are we going to find a surgeon to do the job?

Prolific worm infects 3.5m Windows PCs


If it wasn't for Windows

I would have to go out and get a REAL job.

And who wants to do that?

Anatomy of a malware scam


You Makes Fun My EnGriSH!

If you pay the $49 likes I Ask then I go to gud Schoul an Fiexs me EnGrish!

yous neeed gud Virus Ware! Pay $49 then I can go 2 ScHoul lern the EnGrish!

you paaay now!

Microsoft needs Windows Home Server test dummies


Microsoft needs more dummies?

I just don't understand this, past versions of Windows has clearly shown that Microsoft has more than their fair share of dummies.

Macs seized by porn Trojan


you need a girlfriend

If you are willing to do that, to your computer; you don't need a computer, you need a girlfriend.

Operating system, software and hardware mean nothing, an idiot is an idiot. And you can't fix stupid.

You just can't.

US customs bust coke-smuggling 'submarine'



story is a very poorly done fabrication beginning to end.

next time you need a filler story hire a 9 year old, they are better at it.

Gunplay fingered for internet slowdown


If there is a will, there is a way

The Russians laid a communications cable in Atlantic Ocean. A U.S. submarine tapped into it and listened to the Ruskies for months.

If you really want to nothing can stop you.

Ubuntu unplugs compromised servers


you're Fired!


for not doing your job you are fired!

no excuse.

VeriSign worker exits after laptop security breach


If you done your job at work

If you done your job at work, you would not have to take it home with you.