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Windows Network File System flaw results in arbitrary code execution as SYSTEM

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Re: Windows NFS was so terrible

Nexenta was never intended to front a SAN. That directly from my counterpart over there as a solution architect. Even though Compellant used Nexenta just that way, the guys who knew it best HATED it used as a SAN gateway.

Windows 2012r2 was actually pretty damned usable for NFS - I had a couple of large implementations of NFSv3 fronting Nimble Storage iSCSI SANS, they were performant and rock solid. Outperformed much more expensive NTAP systems Never tried it for V4, and at the time Nimble didn't have deduplication at all. No problems there, we weren't using the NFS for VMWare .vmdks as only a moron would do that when a well integrated block system is available.

Your issues sound like you might have been running out of inodes (dedupe COULD exacerbate that) and the inode limit for Windows based NTFS systems is not all that large. That would explain "out of space" when you have plenty of physical space - no addresses available to store the data. I've seen that in some largish Veritas FS environments.

WIndows NFS PRIOR to 2012r2 *was* terrible, but after 2012r2 dropped it was very usable for even some fairly high performance work loads with the right SAN mounted to the host. If you haven't tried it and tested it personally, spare me the hate mail...and I KNOW there are better systems out there for NFS. But Windows isn't the worst of it.

This is the military – you can't just delete your history like you're 15

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Re: Nasty goings on

Yup...if you recall, Disney used to have a show called "So Weird" which was kind of X-files for kids...the plot line was a the child of some touring rockstar (rockstar played by Mackenzie Phillips IIRC) had a web blog about paranormal activity. This would have been around 1998.

My kids had access to the family PC, placed in a public hallway, and wanted to see this fictitious site....so I went into a search engine and typed "So weird"...

I glanced at the results, shuddered, closed the browser window, and simply told the kids the site didn't exist, it was all made up for the show...but if you type "So weird" into a search engine, you WILL get proof on just how weird people can get.

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Re: Written reports on pron.

A different angle - I worked for a while for a major PC manufacturer, who, at the lime, offered "lifetime technical support"....and this was in the days of malware exploits mostly being drive by infections by pr0n suppliers if someone was dumb enough to browse the wrong site or click on the wrong pop-up - the result being browser hijacks and lots of graphic pop up windows. I was in a technical escalation queue so I got the repeat callers who, for one reason or other, weren't helped by L1.

One nice lady was in a lather because her computer had all the symptoms but she *never* went to porn sites, and the only other user, her teenage sone, was apparently a saint who wasn't interested in that stuff. She refused to believe my explaination, carefully honed by the many times repeating it, that this sort of malware was like vampirism - it had to be invited in at least once, but once in, it could invite other vampires (malware). We went round the lemon tree a couple of times, so I said "Let's investigate a bit" and look her into the browser cache without explaining what we were looking for. Once we were in the cache, in thumbnail mode...I just went silent for a while, and after a minute, she quietly said "Oh, that little sonofabitch..."

Micron aims 1.5TB microSD card at video surveillance market

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Re: Yes, but how much?

like all storage - it will be cheaper next year

Bill Gates says NFTs '100% based on greater fool theory' amid crypto cataclysm

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as I have said before

A Fool and his money are some party

Google calculates Pi to 100 trillion digits

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Re: Google can't count

I have said the same thing millions of times

IBM CEO explains why he offloaded Watson Health: Not enough domain expertise

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"AI and automation will be "applied to more and more domains."

First McDonalds...soon we could expand to Popeyes Fried Chicken and eventually Taco Bell as the technology matures...

VMware customers fear Broadcom acquisition will stall innovation, increase cost

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Re: Brian Madden

will he continue to also do the American Football Video game for my PS4??

Feds raid dark web market selling data on 24 million Americans

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Re: Dark Web?

All of the web is Dark Web since I enabled Dark mode in this browser

We sat through Apple's product launch disguised as a dev event so you don't have to

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Re: Apple Photos

there used to be a very good app named Aperture.

Far too functional for Apple to let it survive, so they killed it for "Photos"

No, OpenAI's image-making DALL·E 2 doesn't understand some secret language

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Re: AI libel

Who do you sue when defamed by AI?

Simples: Stephen Thaler

GitLab spots huge opportunity for DevOps platform as revenue soars

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"There is no shortage of tools competing in the DevOps space"


We have several on the payroll.

Taiwan bans exports of chips faster than 25MHz to Russia, Belarus

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Re: Digital Cameras?

USSR sourced, sure...those would be from the Kiev factory.

There is probably currently a supply chain problem there...

BSA kicks multiple holes in India's infosec reporting rules

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Re: British Small Arms

" Bastard Stopped Again"

46 years after the UN proclaimed the right to join a union, Microsoft sort of agrees

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" these companies have been shown to be worse than 18th Century workhouses."

Ummm...no. Sorry, no. Firstly, I am almost positive you meant _19th century_ workhouses....and still, nothing approaching those conditions exist... about because the workers eventually organized.

The centralization of wealth, and the wage disparity from the corner office fat cats is problematic, but we aren't nearly at the level that eventually turned into The Great Unrest, The Haymarket Affair or the Pullman strike (at least not in the US or UK...but we could discuss conditions in certain Peoples Republics and former UK colonies)

Better to allow labor to organize now...before we DO get there, for all concerned

OpenSea staffer charged with insider-trading of NFTs

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Re: That tweet..

No, NFTs are NOT art...they are contacts of dubious value associated with art useful for money laundering

Sick of Windows but can't afford a Mac? Consult our cynic's guide to desktop Linux

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Re: Now Do an Article About the Top Ten Linux Apps

Reality check - professional graphic design is an ecosystem, not an island.

It's not just if YOU can use some Open Sores thing to do your whatever - it is whether your output is easily usable by the rest of your production team and pipeline. If you work for a shop that standardizes on Open Sores software in their pipeline, that's awesome - except that the reason they are doing that is more than likely that they perceive the license avoidance of commercial software to be a cost saving thing, and that approach is likely to also be reflected in salary as well.

IBM ends funding for employee retirement clubs

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Re: Warning: Old-Git Post

"Golf Courses and Cemeteries are the biggest wasters of prime real estate" - Al Czervik


Workday nearly doubles losses as waves of deals pushed back

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" Our products are not choices."

Perhaps, but vendors are.

Possibly the most arrogant thing I have ever read outside of an Oracle sales pitch

SmartNICs power the cloud, are enterprise datacenters next?

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TL:DR version

Guy paid to shill SmartNICs says you need SmartNIcs

DDoS attacks at an all-time-high in Q1 2022, says Kaspersky

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Re: Is this...

If it is, that's Ok

I have an Irony deficiency

Atlassian comes clean on what data-deleting script behind outage actually did

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the issue is that DR backups are not a substitute for "archival"-type backups.

This - precisely - BACKUPS are NOT a DR/BC plan. They are "Part of a balanced breakfast" but the RTO for this kerfluffle is completely untenable.

Archive data has no place in the DR/BC runbook. Full Stop. Compliance issues happen when they co-mingle.

The worst joke in all of IT is "The backups are easy, but the restore is a bit tricky".... And there are so many solutions in place that can do snapshot cloning etc to reduce complexity and RTO for DR/BC runbacks.

You archive data you hope to never see again...you build a DR play for data you must be able to see again.

Auctioneer puts Space Shuttle CPUs under the hammer

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sooner or later

someone will figure out that NFTs are best used for money laundering- in theory

Intel ships mystery quantum hardware to national lab

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It's not clear what the equipment is,

or isn't

Intel counters AMD’s big-cache PC chip with 5.5GHz 16-core rival

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Re: Still reeling …

TWIN floppie??!! Show off...

GitHub explains outage string in incidents update

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smells like...

someone tried out a new backup technique for the database cluster....

just guessing based one reading between lines and consulting teal leaves and chicken entrails.

Samba 4.16 release strips away more SMB 1

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Re: Old equipment

True. I also know of some major movie studios that still have FTP as part of their workflow, speaking of old skool protocols. But this isn't just about supporting some specialty PCI-x device controller card where no other driver can be found in the 32 bit world etc- this is about maintaining a network protocol with will known and severe vulnerabilities. SMB1 is a security hole that can also be used to view files.

If a device requires SMB1 it should be absolutely sandboxed from everything else, which sorta defeats the point of a NAS protocol in the first place. If you are a home user, hey, it's your lookout, but for those critical infrastructure control systems - if they are doing file based workloads and are truly critical - they are an attack surface and the threat should be mitigated before I get to read in El Reg about the latest crufty old infrastructure being brought to its knees by skript kiddies

Also - SAMBA still sucks. Now it sucks slightly less, but it still sucks.

Russian court deems Instagram and Facebook as 'extremist', WhatsApp spared

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Putin knows the threat

Faecesbook was a primary tool in what will be viewed by history as a concerted attack against the west via disinformation and propaganda. Many turns of events over the last 5 years or so frankly would not have been possible without the ability to effectively divide populations and then back the approach/candidates most beneficial to Russia and destabilizing to the west.

Now, if the tables are turned in Russia, and these same methodologies are employed against the incumbents ion power, Russia could end up with it's own version of Trump in power, whilst undergoing the Russian equivalent of a Brexit.

So Putin says NO FAECESBOOK!!

Take this $715,000 and find security gaps in quantum computers, says NSF

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Re: Hacking Quantum Computers

Please reduce your comment to one sentence.


JavaScript library updated to wipe files from Russian computers

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Re: botnet

"1000's of people in the company used my teams software that ran on internal servers. We all liked our jobs"

Never mind the code stuff...where is this mythical tech company where 1000s of people liked their job?

/me updates resume

A non-windows SMB/CIFS file server...

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If you are serving SMB at that small scale

Widows has the best implementation of SMB one the planet. SAMBA is eternally playing catchup.

THe only reason to look for an alternative is that it is perceived as "too expensive" by someone.

Don't work for penny pinching companies. If they are cheap about critical infrastructure, they are cheaper about salaries.

Ukraine invasion: We should consider internet sanctions, says ICANN ex-CEO

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Re: It's over

so, you are saying we should be woke with regards to wokeness?

Androgynous Cow Herd

Non-executive director...

Osman, non-executive director of ICANN....

you could just call him a director - no need to rub his nose in the non-executive part,

sick burn!

Linus Torvalds ponders limits of automation as kernel release delayed

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Re: New Releases?

That's why it's called "Open Sores" software.

114 billion transistors, one big meh. Apple's M1 Ultra wake-up call

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Re: I saw the reveal presentation, and, while I'm no fanboy, I was amazed

If you understand your workload, why don't you just max out the RAM when you buy the system?

Since time and efficiency is important, how much time is saved never unscrewing that panel at all because the RAM is already maxed out? You also don't risk an "oopsie" while you have your system open that could take it down for longer than the setup time for your new system.

BTW, I deployed a new studio portable recently. Since data is on the SAN or the NAS, total setup time was about an hour... and changing discrete components on Ann olds system is the worst money pit of all it the whole money pit.

Russia acknowledges sanctions could hurt its tech companies

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Re: Please let this be true!

There is a reason to keep them attached.

Higher ups are valuable targets and

Troll farms can be monitored and harassed.

See also: "Attack surface"

Enterprise open-source is on the up and proprietary software on the way down

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Open Sores software

Does the "enterprise" actually care that the source is open for review or not?

in my experience, no

Does the "enterprise" actually do any work at code review at all?

In my experience, never

The perception is that Open Sores software is somehow magically more fit for purpose than something closed is sometimes true, usually not...as pointed out above, the model of selling support and expertise about a supposedly '"Free" as in beer ' software package has not been shown to be sustainable for almost every example.

RedHat isn't even RedHat, it's IBM...with all the baggage and nonsense that comes with that benighted house of cards. We haven't seen any sort of wholesale move from GPFS to Gluster from them...

This is just Open Sores religious nonsense.

Apple has missed the video revolution

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Microsoft Teams as it's about the most crappy bit of software Microsoft have ever flung together

oh, to be so young.

Proxy Server 2.0 still holds that title

Maxar Technologies: The eye in the sky tracking invasion of Ukraine

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Re: What's the problem?

why go after the optics when the El Reg article points out that the gyroscope is a point of failure?

Would would a shockwave from a burst in the vicinity do to a gyroscope d'yathink?

Computer scientists at University of Edinburgh contemplate courses without 'Alice' and 'Bob'

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Re: Well...

You could be an ace at the physical act of crimping ethernet without any knowledge at all of why there are 8 wires, what they do, why they are twisted, or the myriad limitations of copper wire, and also never know why Alice is to able to communicate securely with Bob .

That said...REALLY? Some one feels excluded at references to Alice and Bob? The shit people get offended by these days is silly.

Ukraine seeks volunteers to defend networks as Russian troops menace Kyiv

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No Fecesbook for Russia?

they could chalk that up to a Win no matter how things unfold.

The future of work is hybrid, says Cisco, so here's Wi-Fi 6E access points and Private 5G

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'The remote worker will no longer be a minority'

This white privilege thing must end!

No, I've not read the screen. Your software must be rubbish

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Re: Simples...

That may have been a Dell...I still wake up I a cold sweat from fielding support calls on the olde PV 200 and PV220. The common root cause was a slightly wonky SCSI cable to the backplane...but the message you would get was (I sh!t you not)

"Disks not initialized. Initialize disks? y/n (Y)"

no confirmation.

A blind keystroke = 4 hour support call, followed by a referral to a data recovery service.

Good times.

At least on the otherwise craptacular EqualLogic platform you had to type "deleteallmydatanow"

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Re: Simples...

If you are manually creating thumbs instead of just using a programatic workflow to do it....well , you may be a Gimp "user"

see previous comments about users and tools...

Androgynous Cow Herd

Re: Simples...


most tools are useful!

Jeff Bezos adds some more overheads to his $485m yacht by taking down historic bridge

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Re: Can't they remove the masts, simply?

just move the bridge to an adjacent piece of land and everyone's happy. City keeps the skyline and the Bezosboat can com and go as it pleases.

50 lines of Bash to bring a Wordle fan out of their shell

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Re: This isn't the IP you're looking for

Thanks for that - I remember playing HANGMAN on a teletype terminal connected to DECISION...in 1976

BSD olde skool!

Targeted ransomware takes aim at QNAP NAS drives, warns vendor: Get your updates done pronto

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Re: Welp

if it's private...it's not a cloud.

NAS + port forwarding != "private cloud"



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