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Did water rocket threaten Brum airport Airbus?


Was not me

A long time ago three of us ran carbon arc search lights on the roof of a night club.

Around the time of the first batman movie so of course we tried that.

From our rooftop we saw the police strangle and kill a guy.

An adjacent new building structure fail rather badly with the obligatory miraculous escapes.

Who the most popular drug dealer was.

Who the night club owner got his drugs from.

Who the nightclub owner told police was selling drugs.

Numerous accounts of drunken Adam & Eve biblical encounters.

One night one of my colleagues pointed the lights at a 737 on final approach.

Civil aviation were somewhat "upset"

Got rather boring after that.

There after we pointed in one direction only and our excuse was now "well you flew into them"

Lincolnshire council IT ransomware flingers asked for ... £350


Re: Newsbiscuit article

Yet another link that fails when wisely using <no_script>

Good try though.

Brit censors endure 10-hour Paint Drying movie epic


Photo mosaic

Seems to me the maker has a "dry" sense of humour.

Anyone that follows through on a method to needle bureaucracy will always get my up vote.

The upcoming sequel I believe will be called "The Second Coat" while the 3rd and 4th releases are as yet unnamed.

...Spoiler alert...

The last of the series will be called "The Final Coat"

Our protagonist will be constructing each frame as composite of photo mosaic images.

After watching this British Censors are expected to receive a BAFTA/Oscar for best censorship in a useless catagory.

Side stage medics will be on hand to ensure their continued lack of a pulse...

NSA’s top hacking boss explains how to protect your network from his attack squads


Not the NSA ?

"As for the NSA’s own collection of zero-day exploits, Joyce said that in fact the agency had very few and each new one was discovered was evaluated by an outside committee to see when software manufacturers should be informed to build a patch. The NSA doesn’t have the final decision on this, he claimed."

Have I read this correctly ?

The NSA is just the finder and yet another outside alphabet agency makes a decision ?

Home land security ?

Big business ?

They whom then decide whether to patch or exploit...

Tin foil was never really the best material to make a hat with.

Luckily my lead lined technicolor dream coat will keep me safe from the back door.

Trump's new thought bubble: Make Apple manufacture in the USA

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Boffins tentatively fire up grav wave sniffer



I occasionally work for a gentle Englishman with 80 years of life.

His background is instrument design for the UK/US Nimbus satellite collaboration.

In his tiny office, utilising a pendulum, ring shaped rare earth magnets, graphine and a fine wire coil he is creating a gravity wave measurement instrument.

..Because he is interested..

I kid you not.

My take on this is that when you have been there and done that you don't need to prove it by launching an even more expensive satellite...

Regards from the South Pacific


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