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Phages: The powerful new bio-ammo in superbug war

stuart Thompson

I remember reading years ago about how phages were being investigated for use in nano-technology, if i remember correctly they were planning to use phages alter bacteria to create the basic building blocks for nano machines.

I'm fairly sure people have been genetically engineering these things for about 10 years now

Google accused of hard-coding own links in search

stuart Thompson

not entirley biased

Intrestingly i typed CSCO into my address bar and Google DNS auto directed me to the Yahoo! finance page.

Drummers: Looking for a throbbing BumChum?

stuart Thompson


These have been around for years at a fraction of the price.


Screws on to pretty much any drum stool.

Even considering the amp you would need to buy it still comes in at well under half the price.

If I'd known you could charge £500 quid for a silly name I'd have been on this ages ago.

Top-killing, crisp spam and cooling the Tube

stuart Thompson


1 Kilocalorie is the energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 litre of water by one degree (Celsius),

So yeah thats a few mars bars saved right there :-)

stuart Thompson

Heat exchangers

Heat exchangers come in all types, the ones on fridges just happen to be air cooled. Industrial building chillers use water as the medium to be cooled this cold water is then pumped around the building and used in small heat exchangers in each room, the warm water then being returned to the chiller to be re-cooled, thus saving tons of refrigerant.

A similar principle can be used for chillers that are located in basements, where the condenser part of the chiller has cool water flowing around it that absorbs the heat from the condenser, this warm water is then pumped to the roof where it is cooled through evaporative cooling where by water sprayed onto a coil containing the warm water is evaporated by large fans blowing over the coil thereby cooling the water inside which is pumped back downstairs to be used again.

(cooling towers are not always used, most beer coolers just have a coil with water flowing through it that is passively air cooled then fed to the condenser of the unit indoors)

The condensers for fridges generally kick out temperatures of around 40-50ºC which would be ideal for preheating water for showers etc the problem would be the need for cooling of the evaporator when showers aren't being used, so you would need an alternate method of heat rejection when no hot water is being used (cooling tower?) so it would be possible but not practical.

Legionella is not really an issue as all the water in the heat exchanger is contained in a sealed system, the problem comes from the cooling towers which are an open system and need to be treated regularly.

The problem with evaporitive cooling is that the amount of cooling achievable is limited by two factors, the ambient temperature and the humidity of the air for cooling the cooling towers, for example, air at 25ºC and 100% humidity would only be able to cool to 25ºC as there can be no more water held in the air hence no evaporation and no extra cooling, air at 25ºC but 50% humidity may be able to cool to 20ºC (i can't remember the exact maths i'm afraid) as evaporation aids the cooling (think of wind on a wet finger)

Sorry for the lengthy post

Virgin to offer 100Mb/s broadband by year's end

stuart Thompson


Stil only 768kb up though i bet :-(

Collisions at LHC! Tevatron record to be broken soon?

stuart Thompson


Apparently they actually used 540Gev according to their own front page.

The #LHC accelerated a beam to 540 GeV overnight. Here are the pictures http://bit.ly/4Njuxf. #CERN

Follow the link for pics of happy scientists.

A woman spends 287 days choosing what to wear

stuart Thompson


when i die i'd like to think that i spent more time having sex than getting dressed.

DVLA issues double tax discs

stuart Thompson


How long will it be then before people start getting caught on ANPR cameras for not having any tax because they're driving around with a tax disc they paid for and the DVLA kindly cancelled.

Mark my words

Busted! Conficker's tell-tale heart uncovered

stuart Thompson


I just wanted to mention that for those people who use it, OpenDNS has been blocking the Confiker call home address' for weeks, they will also show in your dashboard if any machines have been attempting to call home.

Google, Mozilla back 3D interwebs

stuart Thompson
Jobs Halo


I had a word with Steve and he's up for it

Sky calls for access to cable network

stuart Thompson


@ Ben Rose

Exactly what i was about to say.

I initially assumed BT wanted acess to the Actual fibre which would be wrong as Ben pointed out.

However using ducting that already exists surley makes sense for everyone. Virgin get a fat check BT get a backbone network at a fraction of the time/cost and we dont have all the streets dug up... again


Except maybe for virgin who lose a slight competitive edge.

Terabit Ethernet possibilities

stuart Thompson

@ BLoad

Laser light operates in the 0.4μm to 10μm wavelength range, i would imagine that they would modulate small bands of these wavelengths from one laser source split into the appropriate wavelengths (by the waveguides?) then modulated individualy, then recombined and transmitted to wherever they are going to, then decombined again back into there respective wavlengths where the data is read.

But that's just my guess

NASA deploys huge clingfilm strato-pumpkin over Antarctic

stuart Thompson

@Flocke Kroes

To be honest i wouldn't want to smoke Kevlar either.

Thieves snatch PS2 pile while courier kips

stuart Thompson


Get back under your bridge.

IBM, PGP fill Bletchley Park's rattling tin

stuart Thompson

Lol @ Sean

That is all

Hadron boffins: Our meddling will not destroy universe

stuart Thompson

The Last Thing...

... the universe will ever hear is "i wonder what will happen if i push this...."

Microsoft running on at least 220,000 servers

stuart Thompson


cheers for clearing that up, theyre some pretty damn hefty PSU'

stuart Thompson


"But, er, if those numbers are to be believed, then Microsoft runs about 8.5 servers per rack, which seems disheartening in this day and age of bladey goodness."

Depends which are you look at, assuming that both sets of data are sorted alphabetically which they appear to be if you match overall server count with Kw consumed in the two screen grabs.

They appear to show that for example Columbia has 37,230 servers in 2,550 making 14.6 severs per rack on average, however Dublin has 1,209 servers in 318 racks making 3.8 servers per rack.

Interestingly if we take these figures and combine them with the utility power consumed we see that Columbia uses roughly 300W/server and Dublin is running at 950W/server???.

i have to say that 950W for a server seems a little high so maybe i have fudged something along the way, although if you check out Amsterdam they come out at a thoroughly respectable 288W/server.

Can a server consume nearly 1Kw? do these consumption figures include operating costs, i.e lighting, air con etc.

Any thoughts??

Teens use technology to party in strangers' pools

stuart Thompson

The only one

I can't be the only one who thinks this would be really funny, assuming the parties involved didn't trash the place.

With a bit of respect on the part of the kids this could work.

Mines the one that looks suprisingly like a pair of Speedo's ( maybe swimming shorts then, nobody wants to see Peedo's ( no, there shouldn't be an S there))

Firefox 3 downloads hit 7m despite server FAIL

stuart Thompson


"Anyone with any sense can clearly see that Opera 9.5 is far superior in every aspect to Firefox3, just not as much hype"

Well for me on OSX 10.4.11(MBP 2.4Ghz 2Gb ram) Opera is being kinda sucky, after loading approx. two pages the browser will just show a blank page which i have to refresh to show the page content.

I have re-downloaded Opera and trashed all the prefs to no avail, i accept this may be isolated however ALL my other browsers work fine, and FF3 is pretty goddamn snappy.

Not saying anything against Opera, i've used it before and its great, i'll just use whatever works best for me at the time

Mines the one with the anti fanboy attack system built in

US teen cuffed for disposable camera 'Taser'

stuart Thompson


De-mobilizing my ass!i discovered exactly the same thing when i was a kid, the capacitor for the flash will give you a nice little jolt and maybe a numb arm at best.

The only chance of demobilization is for the person with the "Taser" when the get a quick slap for shocking the wrong person.

Chinese drivers get rear-view satnav

stuart Thompson


Nice idea, however it looks as if the display pop's off ala car radio front panels, surely your going to have to re-adjust the mirror every time you get in the car, most annoying

Nude Marilyn Monroe flambés dog, serves atop fire extinguisher

stuart Thompson


Surely the plural of haggis is haggis?

Answers on a sheep's stomach bag

Mines the disgusting one

Google to build 80,000 foot radio tower?

stuart Thompson
Thumb Up

Highly Trained Service Personell

You've got to love any company who's engineers seem to consist of farmers and nutters chasing gps balloons round fields

M$ take note

Google Adwords dive-bombed by American Airlines

stuart Thompson


When will American Airline's try to sue Alcoholics Anonymous then??

Should be an interesting lawsuit

DVLA turns censor on grubby number plates

stuart Thompson

D0 U S33

A5 1 517 h3r3 1 can7 h3lp wond3r1ng wha7 7he fa5c1na71on w17h 7r71ng 7o 5pell 7h1ng7 w17h number5 15, fr0m numb3r pla735 7ha7 n0b0dy n0t1c35 7hr0ugh 70 7h3 1d1075 0n 7he 1n7erne7 wh0 1n5157 on 7alk1ng 1n 1nd3c1ph3rabl3 c0mb1na710n5 0f le77er5 and half w0rd5,

w1ll 7h353 p30pl3 pl3a53 s0rt 17 0u7

If this post seems to be complete gibberish then i think i have made my point loud and clear.



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