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Firefox 91 introduces cookie clearing, clutter-free printing, Microsoft single sign-on... so where are all the users?


Re: That's not a very useful option

The add-on Cookieautodelete will do just what you want.

Thought you'd go online to buy better laptop for home working? Too bad, UK. So did everyone. Laptops, monitors and WLANs fly off shelves


Re: far more consistent than English is...

I live near Meopham and you can hear it pronounced "Mep-am" which is correct, or incorrectly "Me-op-ham", "Me-off-am"

Also nearby is Trottiscliffe correctly pronounced as "Trosley" and indeed there are signs pointing to Trosley Country Park, but you still hear it occasionally pronounced as Trot-is-cliff". Then of course there is also Wrotham which should be pronounced "Root-am" but inevitably you hear "Roth-am".

Further afield an old acquaintance of mine who lived in Malvern was once stopped by an American tourist asking how to get to Tweaksburg, - he was referring to Tewkesbury.

Oh the joys of the English language.

UK parcel firm Yodel plugs tracking app's random yaps about where on map to snap up strangers' tat


A moral obligation

Some years ago I bought an electronic piano. I had gone to a local store many weeks prior to see what was available and to try some out. The staff were amazingly helpful even though I explained that I wouldn't be in a position to make a purchase for a while as the money was coming from an inheritance. They said that's fine and I was welcome to come in any time to have another look around.

I agree that if you want to try before you buy you have a moral obligation to buy from the store which is exactly what I did and with absolutely no regrets. The delivery guys unpacked and set everything up then one of them proceeded to test it by playing a few pieces to a very high standard, I bet there aren't many delivery people who can do that!

East Midlands network-sniffer wails: Openreach, fix my outage-ridden line


Go straight to the top

I had a problem for years with my otherwise excellent line losing sync in wet and/or windy weather. I am with one of the better ISPs who did their very best to get it fixed but everytime OR checked the line they found nothing wrong. On my most recent attempt to get a fix the OR engineer said he thought there was a fault on the line and it should probably be replaced, only to hear from OR via my ISP that there was nothing wrong - again.

So, feeling very frustrated and having just about exhausted all the usual options, late on the Friday I sent a polite e-mail to the CEO of OR explaining the situation and had a reply less than two hours later from one of his assistants who said he had passed the e-mail over to the relevant area engineer who would be in touch. Saturday morning I had an e-mail from the area engineer to tell me they were looking into it further and on Monday morning two very nice OR engineers turned up and replaced the entire overhead line back to where it went underground.

Since then my line has been rock solid despite what mother nature cares to throw at it.

I also had a follow up phone call from the area engineer making sure everything was OK and he also gave me his direct phone number in case there were any problems.

I should add that I have tried approaching the CEO of various organisations over the years and without fail action has been taken but I wouldn't do this until I had tried normal channels.

Microsoft adds nothing to new Semi-Annual Windows Server preview


If I hadn't read the title line I'd have said you guys were talking about Apple...........

Penetration tech: BAE Systems' new ammo for Our Boys and Girls


End User?

“We're focused on improving performance for the customer and end user,”

I would have thought the end user was the guy with a hole in his chest. I am sure he will be pleased with the improvements. :)

Google and HMRC face Parliamentary grilling over £130m tax deal


On retirement

MPs, Ministers and senior civil servants will be well rewarded with lucrative appointments in the Google empire. It's called retirement planning.

RBS and Natwest online banking goes titsup


It won't be the customers that pay the fine., it'll come out of the bankers bonu.............. DAMN!


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