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Toss your day job. Start a backup company. Sorted


Not sure how they did classification at the bottom but Unitrends:

- Named as visitionay by Gartner (https://www.unitrends.com/company/press/2016/unitrends-named-a-visionary-in-the-2016-gartner-ma)

- Won #1 gold product by storage magazine (http://searchdatabackup.techtarget.com/feature/Unitrends-Recovery-Series). Veeam is #2.

- Won #1 backup appliance by DCIG (https://www.dcig.com/2015/07/dcig-2015-16-hybrid-cloud-backup-appliance-buyers-guide-now-available.html)

VMware user group fight leaves community diminished



Nutanix hired lot VMware VCDXs around the world few years ago to have a good position in the vmware community/customers at the beginning was fine because all Nutanix appliances were running VMware hypervisor and they were just selling hardware and a hyperconverged storage solution and that didnt conflict with VMware interests.

The problem now is that Nutanix pushes their customers to replace VMware hypervisor with Acropolis KVM hypervisor in their solution and they are not consider anymore part of the vmware ecosystem but a direct competitor and of course you dont want competitors to lead your community beause they will try to steal your customers.

You probably will not see an Oracle employee leading a Microsoft SQL server or .NET community, when oracle interest is on Java/Oracle db.

Back up a minute. So you're saying they're buying fewer appliances?


PBBA are great they provided a secure black box that you just pull in your infrastructure and start protecting your data.

Running you backup software on general purpose windows servers is less secure and can be hit by ransomware or other attacks that could make your data unrecoverable.

I have even seen people running backup software on Windows VM that is running on the same SAN storage as the workloads they are protecting, if they lost SAN they lost everything backups and production.

Years ago virtualization declined the number of physical servers sales because of consolidation, now with backup we can see similar trend where you have PBBA or backup storage sized smaller to retain only few months on-premise but you have a longer retention on cloud.

Actifio adds replication tool to its data copy Swiss army knife


What is new here? Other companies like Unitrends has been doing this for some years achiving very low RPO/RTO from replicated backup copies.


Rubrik's cube: Storage firm founder drenches us in upstart Kool-Aid


This not new.... PBBA already exists since years ago

Unitrends has been doing specialized PBBA (Purpose Built Backup Appliances) for years and can backup more than just VMware. Unitrends appliances can backup 3 hypervisors VMware, Hyper-V, Xen and over 40 guestos or physical servers at agent-based backup, including of course global deduplication, replication, instant recovery for test/dev purposes, etc

On large enterprises you need to both agent-based and hypervisor based backups:


"It's technology eliminates tape by letting people archive to public cloud"

Unitrends supports both archive to cloud and tape. Why do you want to eliminate tape? there are still some uses cases for it at some companies.

Veeam started years ago with the same only-virtualization vmware approach and had to add later tape and endpoint support due to customers requesting it and competition.