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It could be 'five to ten years' before the world finally drags itself away from IPv4

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Simple solution?

All the discusion here is technical stuff that seems to me to be irrelevant. The technology is mature, tested and in use, and at some point we will need to take the corset off, so given no better solutions the question is how to do it?

What it needs therefore is for a major trading block (the EU or the US from a western perspective) to mandate that all devices brought onto the market after a given date only use IPv6. This then pushes usage up with little cost and will drag the rest of the world along. The EU has well establised processes for regulating changes like this and could lead on it. The US ability to regulate is a bit more chaotic it seems.

A I missing something here?

Franco-German cloud framework floated to protect European's data from foreign tech firms slurpage

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Nicely timed as Cliqz the German security based browser closes. Shame, as I quite liked it.

Longing to bin Photoshop? Rock-solid GIMP a major leap forward

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Re: @JDX - Does it still hate the user?

God preserve us from UIs made by coders (unless for coders)

God preserve us from UIs made by Graphic Artists

You need a UI designer who understands what the implications are for the coders (and pushes the lazy bastards to make an effort) and is graphically literate but reigns in the wilder excesses of the "make it pretty and flashy at the expense of understanding" brigade. Crucially the UI designer must also understand the way the user thinks so that the end result is intuitive but also is harmonious, at least to a significant degree, with the UI metaphors in the environment in which it will be employed.

Engineers who are also psychologists and artists in equal measure are as hard to find as artists who are competent engineers. Not impossible but difficult.

If Linux, and the FOSS programs associated with it, can crack this problem they have a future as the third force on the desktop (4th if you count Android). If they don't crack it they will remain forever a technical walled garden for the techno nerd, speaking in a strange language and conducting some sort of voodoo like religious activity that provides background services to the real world.


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