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Scottish leader splurged £20k appealing disclosure of EU membership legal bungle

James Spragg

True indpendence, north & south of the border would be if the public could make politicians pay / tell the truth/ be accountable (to the people)

US switches off the incandescent lightbulb

James Spragg

Outside & work lights( 500w replacement )

Flood lamp (118mm ) 24w low energy replacements 230v & 110v are now in the wholesalers, I fitted two the other day and they are good.

Online sellers warned on UK cheque clearance changes

James Spragg

All things are possible

Lloyds will clear most checks in one working day, but the accounts have monthly fees, probably in line with NZ.

US special forces buy electric stealth golf carts

James Spragg


You've got it all wrong, if you are an air force general then is a normal club car a fitting way to approach the 19th hole, uncle Sam would understand, a general needs dignity, gravitas and a flaming big gun mounted on it.

Oz convict ancestor database goes online

James Spragg

I could be so lucky

Why all the moaning, they had a free cruise, none of the are you a qualified plumber----------