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Sirius satellite radio squashes 6-year-old bug


Piracy my shiny metal ass

Receiving radio waves is not piracy. What is stolen? Are the otherwise unused radio waves somehow magically recycled or returned in some form to the broadcaster?

If something is broadcast through the air I'm breathing I'll damn sure receive it if I want to.

Global meltdown endangers terabytes


Not to worry

If commercial sources of terabytes dry up then blackmarket suppliers of low-quality terabytes will quickly turn up to fill the need of those who can't go cold turkey.

I saw this crisis coming and so stocked my shelter with plenty of terabytes to last my family for one year. I've also accumulated a large surplus of top-shelf terabytes that I will barter for megahertz, gigahertz, kilodynes, megajoules, kilowatts or possibly 400 aam. (archaic)

You will find me if you google terabytesforbarter.

Stay strong and stock up on the bytes.

Mythbusters busted over RFID gagging

Paris Hilton


Mythbusters did an episode on credit card cloning and hacking, why the reluctance to investigate rfid technology? I smell a fish and it ain't Paris'.

EU parliament says yes to hydrogen cars


Hydrogen is a non-starter

Production, transport and storage of hydrogen in a usable manner for mass consumption is not economically feasible and even dangerous highly compressed hydrogen has much less power density than gasoline and diesel.

Fart-lighting youth in petrol can mishap


Crazy kids

The stunts these kids pull nowadays really burns my ass.

Mine's the asbestos one please.

US bars ID refuseniks from planes - but not ID losers


Weeding out the pricks

It seems like this is simply a way to weed out the assholes who want to make a political statement at the airport. If they refuse to show ID it is obvious they are going to waste everyone's time so they are told to get out of line and go home so the rest of us are not delayed even further.

For those few who have lost or misplaced an ID there is the option of more thorough screening in order to fly.

People are certainly free to protest perceived injustices but there is a proper time and place.

Spanish police cuff web defacement crew



They caught 5 out of how many?

FTA: "Most of the members of the group hail from Latin America."

You obviously can do math so consider that with only 29 members they each could do 1 "hack" per day and arrive at 21,000 over two years time. Seems not a heavy task considering the number of websites that are available.

Anti-Israel hackers deface central bank site



"Lets not say that any comment that criticizes the military force that Israel uses and results in innocent deaths is due to anti-Semitism.. some people don't like to see state sanctioned killings is all."

So it would be ok if Israeli civilians returned the favor by launching un-guided missiles into Gaza instead?

LiveLeak pulls anti-Koran documentary


Do as I say, not as I do

You WILL respect my religion of peace or I WILL kill your infidel ass! Got it? Good.

Mine is the heavy one with the wiring.

Wikipedia ruled by 'Lord of the Universe'


Six pages is a bit much,

especially when it's about wiki. I didn't even read it. Christ, are you people in competition with hardware review sites to see how many pages you can milk out of a story? Frikkin irritating.

US looks to old Herr Kohle for energy security


George Smith, like other idiots,

offers no practical solutions or alternatives. He and many others simply slam attempts to wean ourselves off oil with current technologies. There are no viable alternatives to oil right now except plant or coal based fuels.

Nuclear power is a clean alternative for electricity generation but would take decades to fully implement to replace fossil-fuel based generation and so in the meantime we are forced to use what we have to survive and grow.

We also need to consider the billions of internal combustion engines around the world. They cannot be simply scrapped and replaced by sunshine-powered units.

The global economy was built on coal and oil power and it can't be turned around overnight even with the fevered rantings of George and his ilk.

And equating US researchers to nazis is something the researchers might take issue with. I wonder if George is one of those who equate global warming skeptics to holocaust deniers?

Polish scientists quantify perfect legs



"Still, he was pretty unequivocal about why people don't much like short legs, viz: said legs are linked with "a higher risk of cardiovascular disease and type II diabetes and with higher levels of a body fat called triglyceride, which is linked to the clogging of the arteries, heart disease, strokes and insulin resistance in men".

After hundreds of thousands of years of evolution this is probably a deeply ingrained instinct.

I know that's the first thing that pops up when I gaze at a woman's legs.

Government piles filesharing pressure on UK ISPs


Eh, before p2p

why don't they shut off access to all the spam-spewing bots out there?

School-dodging Mexican lad glues self to bed


I'm with Consequences

I would add

2.5- Feed him caffeinated sodas and chocolate Ex-Lax and let him stew in his own juices for awhile.

Now RIAA says copying your own CDs is illegal


So then

if I scan a book or other copyrighted work into my computer I am an "infringer"?

Nintendo Wii said to 'attract cockroaches'


Bugs love all warm, dark places.

I have been an electronics repairman for 25 years and have found that roaches will nest in any piece of electronics. If the house or apartment has roaches, almost everything in them is a potential hide-out for them.They seem to prefer equipment that is on (and warm) for long periods.

There is nothing worse than opening a piece of equipment on the work bench and having roaches run in all directions.

Skype crypto stumps German cops


@anonymous coward

Quote: "Or does Mr Ziercke claim that Muslims are more likely to be terrorists?"

Surely no one in the law-enforcement or intelligence communities would be so un-PC as to focus their attentions on Islamists when investigating threats to national safety. I'm sure all people are surveilled equally. Profiling is such an ugly word isn't it? Especially when based on the flimsy evidence that Islamists were involved in minor incidents such as those in New York, Washington, Shanksville, Madrid, London, Bali et al.

Fox News: Filthier than the internet

Thumb Up



Works for me.

Singapore Airlines bans A380 rumpy-pumpy

Paris Hilton

No What?

For $2,000 an hour they should have a bevy of beauties to choose from to accompany you on that flight.

Nanotubes offer self-mending aircraft wings, golf clubs



"Thus far, even the best metallic aircraft haven't offered the ability to make structural repairs automatically in mid-air."

Nor have the best paper, wood, plastic or any other aircraft. Even the one found at Roswell, New Mexico some years back...

MIT boffins plan for asteroidal doom


@the other steve

Don't be too harsh on NASA, they have landed men on the Moon several times (and brought them back) and landed robots on Mars a few times, most of them successfully.

Iraq fiasco creeps into NSA surveillance controversy


@Burke Hansen

Did Bush come over and personally piss in your wheaties or something?

Lord what a rambling rant.

If the dangers from the wiretapping laws in this country were as real as you try to make the readers believe, you wouldn't be spewing this "hate Bush" diatribe. The black helicopters would have already snatched your free speechifying butt and packed it off to gitmo.

MIT student walks into airport wearing circuit board and wires


@Elisha Sessions

"god bless MIT students"

Maybe "God help MIT students" and the rest of us.

When God was passing out "sense" she must have thought "scents" and went looking for the perfume section.

Maybe MIT should have some simple entrance exams, possibly including paperclips and power outlets- for the ones who otherwise slipped through the gene-pool screening process.


What's really sad

is that this student is a sophomore in electrical engineering at MIT and she shows her prowess (on career day no less) with a crappy project circuit board with blinking LEDs. I'm surprised NASA didn't bail her out and hire her on the spot.

Maybe she'll build a crystal radio set for graduation.

New GPS sats to lack Selective Availability


And another thing

If the US did restrict GPS data in Europe for some emergency it would only be for free, civilian use. Apart from a declaration of war by US allies in Europe there is no chance of our allies losing access to GPS.


To those who seem to have a gripe about US control over the US GPS system.

Stop using it. Pay the US (and us taxpayers) for all of your past use. Absolve yourself of your sins. Use someone else's system. Build your own system. Go back to LORAN.

New York Times and Murdoch gunning for more clicks


flash ads

For Firefox/Mozilla there is an add-on called flashblock. I highly recommend it.



Of course he does

From the article: "Um, perhaps he's been reading El Reg. ®"

What self-respecting media tycoon would not read this esteemed publication?

Renewing the mythology of the London ricin cell


No comment

from George or his Dick. Surely they have a moment to respond to comments here? It would be lovely if the Reg. insisted that after publishing this rubbish the author would be held accountable to respond on the forum. Some could argue that a someone with no testicles to respond to arguments could be likened to female genitalia.

Speak up and defend your story unless you are a coward.



Peach pits are hardly edible. One would have to consume several hundred grams of the *contents* of a peach pit to feel ill effects. A handful of castor beans is lethal. They are used as poison for lawn pests such as moles.

I was dosed with castor oil as a child, as were millions of others. The oil pressed from the bean does not contain ricin. Obviously.

I don't believe castor beans are commonly used as jewelry in most of the developed countries. And I have it on good authority that England is a member in good standing. If you have evidence to the contrary on either point please share.

My position as an adviser to Mr. Blair has never been proven.

Read the link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/4433709.stm

Your attempt to connect Kamel Bourgass with jewelry-making is laughable.


Why did he have them?

What use were the beans meant for? Why were most of them kept in a jewelry tin?

Where were the others found?

There is virtually no reason for anyone to even possess castor beans.

It is not necessary to extract the toxic ricin from the beans, simply eating them (or feeding them to someone) is lethal.

George and Dick leave out many, many relevant facts in the case and in doing so they sound like cheerleaders for a man convicted of murdering a policeman.

What's up with that George and Dick? This man was no innocent babe.


Boffins develop quantum-computer building block


Good Lord

They have modeled all this quantum computing stuff on todays computers. The silliness of chasing an entagled bit or two is a waste of time and money. Chain a few xeons or opterons together and be done with it. Debating over whether a cat is dead or alive is an exercise for fools. If the cat is in an airtight box with no food or water it's going to be dead after a certain amount of time no matter. And the box will certainly stink. Who the heck would want to open it? Never a mention of that is there? Schrodinger should be reported to PETA for even considering such a thing.

Maybe I'm too stupid to understand such things but it sure sounds like it.

Missing DNA fails to kill mice


RE:reminds me of my childhood!

"Reminds me of when i was a kid, i used to power up old radios and start pulling out components until they stopped working!!"

You had the power to restore those old radios to working condition though. Unlike the ones who pulled components off of flies and such.

I did the same thing with my family's first color TV. My Mother caught me at my experimenting and calmly informed me that if the TV was not working when my Dad came home from work my young life would surely come to an abrupt end. And that they were perfectly capable of creating a new child to replace me. An intensely motivating factor to become a TV repairman.

Much easier than re-attaching wings.


These mice must be contained!

By removing the ultraconserved elements these mice will be defenseless against the effects of ultraliberalized elements. The potentially horrendous effects of this heinous genetic manipulation on mouse society is without bounds. Even worse is the prospect of these elements (or lack thereof) becoming infiltrated into the human genome.

These mad scientists and their unholy creations must be stopped at all costs.

Nepal fixes Boeing 757 with goat sacrifice


I hereby withdraw

my previous heretical statements and/or claims.

I have never paid any amount of compensation to any person affiliated with theregister.co.uk. I do realize I may have transgressed the boundaries of legality in an attempt at humor. My sincere apologies to any who were offended.

I and my family thank you for your assurance that no retribution will be carried out against us. You are too kind.

Faithfully, Tony


Well then

I'll bet the grossly overpaid engineers at Boeing are scrambling to find a local supplier of properly vetted sacrificial goats.

Maybe the gullible corporate owners will now see through the folly of hiring slugs who drank their way through 4, 6, 8 years or more of higher studies.

Once again, the value of out-sourcing is revealed for all to see.



Is it penny beer at the pub today? I posted nearly 2 hours ago and my wiseness has not yet been passed on to the (un)deserving folk.

Is my previous remittance of 200 US dollars (per your instructions) for this month no longer sufficient to cover your "publication costs" for my posts?

NASA boffins resist intrusive security probe


Boffo Boffins

One of the hubristically-challenged boffins had this comment :

“I can fly a spacecraft to any planet in the galaxy, and I’m being judged by people who don’t have a clue as to my technical qualifications whether I’m suitable for government service,” said [NASA engineer Dennis] Byrnes."

I would suggest he fly a spacecraft to any planet in the galaxy (excluding our own small circle of) and that would promptly shut up the common folk who dare question his giant abilities or possible security concerns.


@ the China related commentors.

I would imagine a top NASA scientist moving to China would be similar to Lance Armstrong saddling up a tricycle to further his career.

He may be a super-star in the tricycle league but he would still be riding a tricycle.

China looking to develop scramjet missile tech


Fair warning

Racism. Pure and simple.

"...or airliners that could carry Australians home in just two hours, or something else nice."

Be alerted that this blatant defamation of the esteemed Antipodian's will be answered with a vigorous lawsuit from Duey, Takem and Howe.

You have 2 (two) days to retract your insinuation that shipping Australians home in just 2 (two) hours is "nice".

We will consider a financial remuneration along with a plea of no fault to absolve you of your atrocious attack against Australians.

Sincerely, Tony

Another investigation into Pirate Bay child porn


Public Relations

Quote: "I don't give a shit if you folks are upset," moderator Himod said on the site's forum. "Me and the other moderators job are NOT to have an opinion about if it is immoral or not."

I'm not sure if Himod has children or is even capable of procreating (other than with his hand). WTF is a mod's job? If they will not or can not eliminate child porn then they should shut it down. If you lack the moral direction to decide that raping children is right or wrong or is the same as linking to the Simpson's movie you have serious, serious problems.

I can appreciate that censoring some content and not others is a legal conundrum for them. The decision to not somehow block child porn is not really immoral, it is amoral.

It scares me a little bit that common care or behavior or thought for other's well-being is becoming a nuisance for business.

When an amoral Himod can say he/she doesn't care about child/rape/torture I can put forth an argument that an amoral person would have no fault in violating Himod in the same manner.

Morality may be a quaint term to cretins like Himod. Hopefully he does not represent *any* of the others at Pirate Bay.

Morality is one of the pillars that support human civilization.

Li-Ion battery design 'flawed'


Right then...

If the poobahs at TiT (Tokyo Institute of Technology) have pronounced mainstream Li-ion batteries dangerous then we should quickly discard such technology (in an environmentally friendly way) and move to a solid polymer electrolyte as soon as it is available. In the meantime we can use inherently safe lemon batteries or perhaps potato batteries to tide us over the development/manufacturing time.

While lemon/potato batteries are a bit bulkier than common Li-ion they can be made at home and are extremely recyclable.


Livid woman torches ex-hubby's wedding tackle


Women be warned!

There are many over-the-counter products that can be surreptitiously applied to certain women's undergarments that cover certain parts of a woman's anatomy that will induce (over a short time) an overwhelming desire to remove such undergarments immediately. In great haste. No matter the current company.

While not physically scarring like fire on a "stick", the target of revenge being stuck on an airliner or some other suitably confined space and being forced to disrobe in public because her nether regions were on fire.....Priceless.

Men rule the world for a reason.

Sun and IBM promise operating system surprise


Operating system surprise?

That's not news, Windows surprises millions of people everyday.

God appears in eggplant slice


Maybe it's a captcha

and this one really, really counts.

Boffins chill chip with ion wind


I'm off to the patent office

Anti-gravity gecko feet and ionized wind for directional control.

The future has arrived.

Republican CNN/YouTube debate is back on


Might be acceptable

*if* they screen out the sock-puppets and other idiocies like Chris Mathews' questions.

There's certainly room for humor but some adult should draw the line.

Cops taser crap-smeared Oz clubber


Re: Hygiene

Good point... (yes, I'm on my way out)

I had also wondered about the possibility of the man being injected with his own e-coli infested feces by the Taser.


Re: Improper and gross...

Shit and blood are potentially lethal substances-especially if they get into an open wound. Which almost certainly would occur while wrestling with someone drunk/crazy enough to smear themselves with those substances. I would consider that a "SERIOUS danger".

The terrorists I party with


Finally...(please God)

the end of Greene's long-winded, vituperative harangue about how those in charge of governments and media outlets misuse or overuse the term "al-queda". He informs us that al-qaeda and its associates are not the real terrorists. Instead, the real terrorists are those governments and media outlets who use the term "al-qaeda" when warning of potential attacks or reporting on actual attacks of terrorists.

Thomas seems unconvinced even of the al-qaeda link to 9/11, which most rational people accept as true.

Modern mass-murder by global terrorists is defined by the al-qaeda attacks on 9/11. They set the bar for many other terrorist atrocities around the world.

Thomas' thread throughout his three-piece bloviation seems to be that the common folk hear "al-qaeda" too much and are somehow frightened into quivering sheep that are unable to see their rights being stripped away before their very eyes. That the main stream media is complicit in conspiring with some sort of world-wide cabal to brainwash said sheep. Thomas Greene seems to live in some alternate universe where he claims he is a lone voice (among thousands of others who claim the same) decrying big-brother control of people's perceptions.

If Thomas thinks the main stream media (US or international) is in complete support of Bush or other conservative leaders I would suggest he get out more.

Thomas' ability to publish his own silliness on a world-wide forum negates his claim of some percieved world domination by MSM.

To quote Mr. Greene in his last paragraph: "I'll confess it; I go down the pub and drink with colleagues in the press." While I would never, ever deny a man(or woman) the right to have excursions to the local watering hole, one wonders about the length of such excursions, how much is imbibed and possibly what other substances are consumed there or at other places.

I would dearly love to sit down with Mr. Greene across a table made for holding adult beverages and discuss our views. I would wait until I sobered up in the morning before I wrote a story and claimed to be "journalist".