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Lenovo marks 30 years of ThinkSystem with slew of new kit


Smacks of desperation

30 years ??? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ... they really are smoking something.

Claiming some lineage from the Server 95 that was a follow on from the old PS/2 Model 95? Some of us worked on those back in IBM. ThinkSystem was only announced in 2017. It's actually been 5 years not 30 and of course there is not a single thing in common between those products as you would rightly expect given the 25 years between them.

Absolute complete claptrap.

Sealed, confidential IBM files in age-discrimination case now public to all


Usual disingenuous claptrap from IBM

"37 per cent of all US hires at IBM were over the age of 40;"

Right, now separate out those that came onboard through acquisition of their company and those you actually set out to hire. Oh, quelle surprise ... you acquired some over 40's, which you got rid of as soon as you could, but actually hired a load of 20 somethings.

Bless you: Yep, it's IBM's new name for tech services spinoff and totally not a hayfever medicine


I detect the involvement of some


Gin and gone-ic: Rometty out as IBM CEO, cloud supremo Arvind Krishna takes over, Red Hat boss is president


Farewell Baron Silas Greenback

Wall St moneymen on IBM Q4 financials: Don't get your hopes up


Social, Cloud, Analytics and Mobile. Big Blue and it's acronyms eh ? Seems to me that the Strategic Imperatives have been found wanting, rather like the senior management.

Big(ish) Blue: IBM sales creep up four per cent, share price follows suit


Two plus two equals?

Anything you like it appears as long as something you count elsewhere can also pretend to be a 'Strategic Imperative'.

UK IBMers lose crucial battle in pension row


Further proof if it were needed

That IBM should never ever be trusted on anything. A morally bankrupt, deceitful, manipulative organisation incapable of the truth.

IBM CEO Ginni flouts £75 travel crackdown, rides Big Blue chopper


50 years ?

Not even Yoda's dad is that old surely ???

IBM loses chunky ATM contract, reaches for staff eject button


Frisky Frisby. ROFL.

IBM to erase 14,000 people from the payroll – Wall St analyst


Re: Focus

Have a thousand upvotes for the 'Mad Cow' reference. Now just who could that possibly be ?

IBM union: OK guys, you've beaten us down, we give in


Not sure where you get your 'like most people I don't feel bitter' from. All the folks that I know that got divested absolutely hate IBM and wouldn't piss on it if it was on fire.