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HCL finishes its year with 15 percent growth, 100 million minutes-a-month Teams usage


Not the only crock of doo-dah they bought from IBM ...

I would wish HCL on a worst enemy, but not on nice people!

Also had the misfortune to deal with them quite closely over two years on UrbanCode, another product they acquired from IBM along with Notes, Domino etc.

It is fair to say they knew nothing about basic database design and relational principles, but they were very good at dragging their knuckles on the floor, missing SLAs and holding management meetings. HCL were unable to provide any technical skill, support or experience for certain supported platforms and were largely incapable of engaging technical support from outside. The end customer was just left to flounder, strung along with meaningless promises. I found HCL to be arrogant and unwilling to listen and learn.

Just personal experience, but in the sheer awfulness stakes they are still pipped to the post by TCS and IBM India.

Black Horse Down: Lloyds Banking Group goes TITSUP*


Horto Osario's latest shag

The rot at LBG set in long before the IBM outsource. I can never forget or forgive them for announcing one set of redundancies and layoffs in 2015 as 'a strategic replatforming to better align with business towers'.

There will be a special pit in the seventh circle of hell reserved for anyone who can think, talk or communicate like that.

Lloyds online banking goes TITSUP*

IT Angle

Well, I've been saying this would happen all along.

Once you work on Lloyds Banking Group's internal systems, this news will come as no surprise. Any bank capable of describing layoffs, offshoring and outsourcing as 'strategic replatforming to better align with business towers' deserves what it gets. Unfortunately its customers don't.

Day 2: Millions of HSBC customers still locked out of online banking


Entirely predictable

None of this should come as a surprise. Retail banks present a glossy and slick exterior to their online offerings. But from direct experience of those where I've held contracts as a DBA, the underlying systems and software are dated, poorly architected, understood, maintained and documented.

These systems are badly developed and tested and held together with pieces of string and chewing gum. The innate conservatism, internal bureaucracy and short termism of banking culture generally prohibits any desire to grasp these nettles. Specifically systems development and testing is invariably outsourced to large teams of incoherent offshore contractors, most of whom struggle with basic literacy and clarity of expression and have no concept of method, data governance and quality, programming technique or how to actually write a performant SQL query.

The whole shambles is then nominally under the control of layers of dysfunctional management, many of whom are simply not up to it. But they can count beans and tick boxes. Expect similar borks from HSBC's competitors this year.


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