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'Apple is not going to change,' new boss says

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Anyone in business who says "it's in our DNA" should probably ignored. Probably not the best person to have as CEO!

Google expands plan to run own internet

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Cool IP addresses for the DNS and - Now those be memorable IP addresses for DNS settings!

US woman to drop sprog live on internet

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Won't somebody think of the children?

Is the babys surname going to be Trueman by any chance?

StrongWebmail holds up hands to hack, plots further challenge

Kris Chaplin

Agree with the author

Security is not down to just getting in via the expected route.. but any way possible. It appears that StrongWebmail thought they were invincible, but were not, and probably never will be, especially with an attitude that the hackers didnt really get in. Rubbish.

Would be interesting to know what was in the schedule...

Wanna upgrade from Windows 7 beta? Go back to Vista first

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If millions are using Windows 7 full time..

Then surely moving to the RC is an upgrade path that they want to test.

Deadfish iPhones send users into deep freeze

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Sounds like the parts are trying to run too fast or hot

Silicon setup and hold timing issues manifest at higher temperatures. If the phones are not out of spec for the devices, perhaps the firmware is overclocking the silicon... Regardless, it looks like Apple are running their devices on the very edge....

Mine's the one that just makes calls.

Apple iTunes Store goes '100% DRM-free' - allegedly

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Big step in the right direction

A great move by apple, which will help bring DRM-free to the masses.

Raid yields 2800 'illegal' DS games copying kits

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Total rubbish

Next they will be banning blank CDs and DVDs, as they could be used for playing back copied music... Or DVD burners for being able to write them.

Down the Digital River, into the heart of download darkness

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Mind the language

I echo ACs point - no need for all the profanity!

Indonesian HIV/AIDS patients face microchip tagging

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6 months or $5000

Seems a bit low for deliberately infecting someone!

Google penetrates fake sex world with Lively

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Second Life?...

... get a first life!

VMware vuln exposes the perils of virtualization

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No security expert worth their salt

Would share files from a sandbox to their host PC. Sad to see that VMware has this vulnerability though - hope to see it patched soon!

Blue-laser alternative to Blu-ray, HD DVD launched

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Thats it

Forget blu-ray, HD-dvd, SD cards, MicroSD, and the like... this is the future.... not.

[throws his single umd film in the bin]

Netflix falls in behind Blu-ray

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And now follows...

Lots of HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray banter, eventually leading into fanboys of the PS3 and XBOX-360.

ps - go blu-ray

Amazon buys into Lovefilm

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I for one love lovefilm

They keep sending me 3 month free trial vouchers, about once a year. So I go onto the 3disk at a time deal, eat as much as I can then quit, and wait for the next voucher.

Cant grumble at free..

Microsoft! bids! $44.6bn! for! Yahoo!

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Will! Never! Happen!

Nuff said

Is this the world's most expensive desktop PC?

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Anyone this vain

... would expect it to be a mac under the hood, and have more ram than my work laptop. Steve, as he charges extra for fancy cases.

Sparks fly over electric shock dealing Dell laptop

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I'd like to know where the black multimeter probe is connected....... without that information, that reading does not mean anything!

Man uses networked 'crazy' toaster to hack PC

Kris Chaplin

networked toaster

Perhaps I'm missing the point, but what possible benifit is a network attachment to a toaster?

Lost CD may put pension holders in peril

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A CD... by post??

A CD? ~700 Meg?

Why not just securely deliver it online? <sigh>

BT battens down Home Hub backdoor

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When will they learn...

It has long been known that the way to stop security holes is to not have any services running unless they are absolutely necessary, and then really be on the ball.

Look at Win XP - the number of critical services hacks has been reduced substantially by the default enabling of the firewall in recent times, effectively preventing the services being visible from the net.

Services that are enabled by default are bad news. A router should look stealth on all ports by default, anything else is just begging for someone to start digging.

Eircom wireless security flaw revealed

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Wep is an industry standard...

Then again so is an open access point. Wep is broken, and Eircom should know better.

Sun crams four sockets worth of Xeons into 2U box

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Yes... but...

How hot will it run?

OLPC to offer consumers $400 two-laptop bundle

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Would love to buy two...

But I'm sure I read somewhere that only residents of the US and Canada will be able to get them.

I guess they could always follow Apple and Microsofts strategy, and offer it here in Blighty for £400 ... <sigh>

Apple restricts ringtone rights

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Ring tones are the most annoying thing on this planet. I mean, come on... whats wrong with "ring ring?". Anyone attempting to turn any kind of music into a ringtone should be charged...

Nissan rolls out drink-proof cars

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Nice idea but....

What about if the car is full of drunk people, but the driver is not.... would the sensors really be able to differentiate between a drunk passenger and a drunk driver?

Also if someone has just had a drink, would they already be perspiring alcohol?

Sounds like a nice idea, but I dont see it hitting the streets any time soon. And if so, the price of it will probably make it an optional extra.

Free Software Foundation plans protests at 'corrupt' BBC

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Why iPlayer is deemed to fail

It has an "i" at the front - which means Apple will most likely sue... don't they have rights on anything that starts with an i ?? :-)