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Free Software Foundation suggests Microsoft 'upcycles' Windows 7... as open source


Re: Do they know an open source Windows would be the death of Linux?

>"And I understand that's the dream of Linux users, a really working GUI OS supporting all device around and all those great applications available, to replace their poor Linux desktops stuck into feature-lacking apps, still without paying a dime for it"

Ok, I probably shouldn't do this but for those here who insist "Linux can't do anything" here's my personal experience for record:

I use Linux with the KDE 'Plasma' UI which I demo to Mac and Windows 7/10 users and how it totally blows their UI's away. Many get interested - I have had converts! For a start, with KDE you can alter the UI to virtually anything you like so there is minimal retraining. "Can I..."


I use Libreoffice for handling office docs and I have to share data with a fair amount of students [I run a private tuition business] and have to read and write Office standard documents. All read and write well. I find Libreoffice 'Write' a delight to use and I use it a LOT!

Graphics editing/manipulation done by GIMP. Now I know GIMP is not Photoshop and not everyone likes it's UI but it does what I need including producing advertising material. For artists there is 'Krita.'

I do lots of video editing for work and hobby. Kdenlive is glorious! [Though I will accept the recent refactoring has introduced amass of bigs that are being ironed out. I am sticking with reliable 18.04 via appimage. Kdenlive 19.04+ is getting the bugs flattened but it's not 100% there yet.]

VLC, audacious and audacity handle my media needs nicely.

For browsing I use slimjet and Brave.

I also use Virtualbox for test stuff.

I am not really a gamer but I run up Fallout 3 on a 2011 Macbook pro I was given which is running Kubuntu. I run Fallout from Steam.

I think all the above are open source and cross platform (Kdenlive is available for Windows though marked as Beta.) So if you can use those in Windows and they do the job you no longer need Windows.

And those use cases likely cover 90% of users' needs. Furthermore, the low cost of Linux means I can spread it over masses of laptops for students and staff - who all use Linux quite happily, and because I do not need massive hardware to run Linux unlike Windows bloat, I can keep my single core atom machine as a small anime video playing machine.

And all updates free.

Works for me. Saved me a fortune.

Long-term Linux Mint: 19.3 release unchains the Gimp, adds HiDPI, is kind to your older, less-beefy kit


Re: Introduction to Linux for Windows refugees

And yet... I run Linux (KDE Neon in the main) on a mass of laptops from a single core atom to an i5 in a tuition business with the OS and apps used by me and staff and a vast number of kids of various ages with a vast range of software including, as an example of use, multi-track, effects driven video editing using Kdenlive.

And it all just works. Helped a friend junk Windows for Linux and now he runs his business on KDE.

Saved me a fortune in both money and time.

I do wish the various fanbois would engage with how Linux is now and not how it was circa 1999.


Krita or Glimpse might be the answer here

>"Can't be any more than 20 odd years that we have been hearing that same phrase !!"

Well, there is a reason, even if it is just obstiance.

I am not a graphical artist and so I am unable to professionally assess different graphics apps claims but I do know the following:

1.) Artists have been on the GIMP team's back for ages about making GIMP nicer for creators to use but they have refused every time stating that GIMP is, and only ever will be, an image MANIPULATION tool and not an image creation tool! Which is why, to date, no Photoshop like app has ever appeared for Linux. The GIMP have always insisted they will never attempt to go the Photoshop route.

2.) There is, however a new kid on the block - Krita. This is taking the exact opposite approach to GIMP and IS a graphical editing tool with input from artists and designed for the CREATION of images! Any budding Photoshop equivalent in Linux is likely to be found here rather than GIMP.

See here:


Most Linux users appear to be completely unaware of Krita but it's development has been fast! Indeed GIMP has slowed in terms of feature addition, almost to the point of stalling, Krita has a new release with new features every six months as part of the base KDE app install program!

However, Krita is a KDE/QT app which, with Mint having gone all in with the GTK route would not be suitable as an app in the default Mint install.

Personally, I find the GIMP interface easier to handle but I am not a graphical artist in any way whatsoever and so cannot really comment on the workflow or features.

3.) GIMP has now forked due to naming controversy (of all things!) and now we have 'Glimpse.' At this stage Glimpse is functionally identical to GIMP but there is now room for a new team to develop the code with more of an open ear to artists and Glimpse may yet become what a lot of users have wanted GIMP to be... forever.

Just sayin'.

LibreOffice 6.4 nearly done as open-source office software project prepares for 10th anniversary


Ah, but the next generation...

There was no way Libreoffice was going to knock over whole countries hooked on Microsoft. Once a standard is established it's pretty much established for decades if not forever - see COBOL. Just the issue of in house macros means Microsoft office 'fer eva' in any business with more than twenty staff and business older than ten years old as Office WAS the only real office suite back then.

But all big businesses were start ups once.

I set up my tuition business here in SE Asia three years ago and I using Libreoffice. Zero Microsoft here! Now, I would not describe myself as an in depth user - I am not using macros, for instance. But do I LOT!!! The range of software I have to use is quite wide actually as you are always producing materials for students in one form or another including video editing (thank you Kdenlive!)

And, I need wad loads of cheap, rather disposable laptops for students - especially during exam season rush when I can end up trying to run five classes at once with ten students!! (OK, that was a particularly bad day...) Linux, Libreoffice and open source have saved me a fortune! Now I have other people using Linux and Libreoffice in their start ups saving them a fortune and I have a student ***begging*** me to put Linux KDE on his old Apple Mac because even he knows MacOS is next to useless thans to Apples "death by a thousand cuts."

Soooo... think; "The Next Generation" in terms of business and users.

"Libre factor 5 Ensign!" [Look, I can't afford high powered hardware here!]


Re: Lost for words

Sounds like you have a busted installation.

I've been using Libreoffice for my business for three years now with not a glitch, and, personally, for must be about seven years now.

One lovely feature LO has is the 'always create a backup.' Yes, I Office has it but it saves the .bak file in with your originals. I can specify another folder and another partition for my backups. That's saved me from my and staff's stupidity a few times.

I do recall the days when Office would keel over when a file went over 32MB...


Re: Choice

Yeah, I have rescued a number of Office documents that Office would not read by using Libreoffice under Linux.

While a business that is already using Office is not going to change direction, I have nudged quite a few users and startups towards Linux and Libreoffice and received much thanks for it.

It woz The Reg wot won it! Big Blue iron relics make it back to Blighty


Re: Big Ideas!

I have a prototype Commodore PET MK II in the attic of my mothers. I checked with Jim Brain. It was not a standard model.

Torn what to do about it.

We're all doooooomed: Gloomy Brit workforce really isn't coping well with impending Brexit


Re: When to move abroad

Well, I moved out to SE Asia years ago.

I now have my own booming business now and live in a 3 bedroom house. I could not afford to rent (forget buying) anything beyond a tiny flat in the old country if only because of the ever increasing council tax! And I was a first line manager in a tech company. It was also a bit of an eye opener when I did the math and added up all the taxes I was paying and over 50% of my income was going on tax.

But I left not because of EU or Brexit, though the endless EU regulations were a factor, but because I have absolutely nothing in common with the modern British. Not religion, not social values, not entertainment tastes especially the soul destroying soaps, I hate football and I hated going to to the pub. I was just becoming increasingly alienated as the UK went culturally where I was not going.

I didn't leave the UK. It was really a divorce. The UK and I had NOTHING in common sans the sense of humour.

Now I am in a country where my anime music videos are popular and Hatsune Miku is A Thing. Oh, and my rubbish is picked up every night and I can put it out to be picked up whenever I like.

Now it's Terrance Dicks' turn to regenerate: Golden-age Doctor Who mainstay dies aged 84


Lords of Kobol, four thumbs down for a genuine offer??

I mean, people might not like anime but there's no reason to down vote something that's not to taste.

I recall why I left the old country...


Re: gold to what....

Personally, I would say it's "Boom time!"

...for anime and other alternatives.


Re: "as we prepare to welcome our 14th Doctor"

Seen it! :-)

But, I swear, Okabe is the Doctor!

"I am... mad scientist!"

Stein;s gate is more 'Doctor Who' than the BBC's "Doctor Woke!"

And I am a HUGE fan of Hatsune Miku!!!! But, the trouble with Miku being the Doctor is...

1) We have the whole problem with the Doctor being female ... again and all the 'wokeness' that is screaming for. I mean, the BBC might just have got away with the Doctor being female, possibly, but it had to go all in with PC messaging throughout... as was predicted.

2) Why Miku has no anime series? Because she is supposed to be undefined and Crypton media will not let her appear in any kind of anime for that reason. However, there is a consensus regarding Miku's personality which brings us to point 3...

3) ...Miku is just too sweet to be the Doctor. Kaito is too jack-the-lad. Gumi is closest to Whittaker, but that's not working!

Regardless, here's my video tribute to Miku!




Re: "as we prepare to welcome our 14th Doctor"

Latest I heard, in line with the 'Woke' model of the BBC of recent times, the next Doctor was set be an Asian by the name of Okabe. He (yes - HE!!!) starred in a Japanese Time Travel series based on a light novel series that got a lot of people's attention. Trailer here:



As I was growing up the 70's I developed my reading skills by devouring T. Dick's "Doctor Who" books! For that I must credit him. People complain I speak too fast... which I do... but it was because I learnt to read through the Target books 2-3 in a single sitting!

However, as "Doctor Who" moved to "Doctor Woke" I moved away. Er, kinda literally to SE Asia.

So, for those that loved the old series and want a supplement or even the alternative I created this just for you... Seriously. I never looked back.


Astroboffins have spied the largest star that has gone supernova and it's breaking all the rules


Re: Another..

You wanna watch the anime "Space Battleship Yamato 2201."

It kinda goes there.

Official: Microsoft will take an axe to Skype for Business Online. Teams is your new normal


Re: Yeah..

I agree the spooks could do it better and things could be photographed. Given the GCHQ 'KARMA POLICE' survallience system such visits are kinda redundant anyway.

So I think it's actually a form of intimidation mind to show "we're watching and we have the power." One guy who spent years in Poland ended up mentally ill obsessing about the surveillance and he WAS a crazy... but I did find out that some of his paranoia was justified when I was given warnings by lawyers and I managed to read MI5 and 6's clear policies regarding surveillance of ex-ex-pats! Among many in the profession the "6 months - 5 years - forever" policy is not unknown.

Then I had ex-ex pats, knowing I was heading out, who told me their tales. "They never stop checking up on you if you return" I was warned. I wonder if MIx just like messing with people's minds a bit, though. I mean, a 85 year old Traditional Catholic who once resided in WEST Germany in the 1970's is unlikely to be sleeper, as one example, and the documents that vanish could be photographed so why take them? Answer: best guess is quiet intimidation. I mean, those security cameras everywhere do not stop actually crime! I know, my wife was assaulted twice in the UK in 18 months where we discovered that the security cameras were no use whatsoever. "Don't have the resolution." That and the police could not be bothered.

As another semi-aside, and why paranoia is justified:

I was working for a company developing LIMS systems for the NHS when Tony Blair implemented his 'NHS spine project' that was a total 'failure.' Now, I hasten to add that we were not involved in the development of the 'Spine' at all. We were just tasked with the process of feeding the LIMS data to it. Which in itself tells a lot about the UK Govt's view on (ha ha) private data.

Anyway, we were told by those associated with the Spine that it was a cover. The money being spent was INSANE!!! We were asking each other at work whether the NHS was buying solid gold PCs. The servers being built were an order of magnitude too large for simple text/JPG store of patient data. The theory was that the Govt was prepping for the National ID card that was all the rage at the time.

Me, in my cynicism, I quietly figured the National ID card was too obvious and the Spine was a central database for the spying on the general public a la the USSR that the UK seemed hell bent on emulating.

Well, lo and behold, after the 'failure' of the NHS spine with all the 'wasted money' it turns out the real project was the GCHQ 'KARMA POLICE' private data sucking system system which is STILL in operation today despite even the EU saying it goes too far and being declared illegal. Which makes it hard not to be paranoid... Note the project was started in 1998 when we were tasked with feeding the monster.

I now live in a land in which such surveillance is impossible, if only because the infrastructure and skills are not in place. The anti-terrorism unit here is really good, mind. Far better the UK despite the total storage of everything. How strange. I am sure that MI6 do an occasional automated scan of my laptop and comms from time to time, mind.


Re: Yeah..

>"They got rid of p2p so any government can get any info they want."

One of the reasons Microsoft got so rich and is currently making more money now than it ever has... is due to it's eager snuggling up to just about every Govt in the world that, as Governments an intelligence agencies always want, to have total access to user data.

Wikileaks gave details on the arrangements the NSA made with Microsoft whereby they would INTRODUCE security holes and pass the details on how to exploit to the NSA. When the hole was found and reported by a user Microsoft woud release the update which fixed that hole AND CREATED ANOTHER after the means to exploit were passe onto the NSA. CIA et al!

So every app under Microsoft's control will have data access built in eventually. It's now a requirement of their operation and pat of the business model that is not talked about.

Linux is better for obvious but the same agencies doing deals with Microsoft have also got the chip manufacturers building in intelligence hacking exploits into the HARDWARE BEFORE BOOT! Impossible to work around.

So you cannot stop the spying now. Personal security is dead. I am waiting for the day proper, affordable, ARM laptops with real hard drives become available that I can put Linux on. The first expensive renderings have appeared but the day I want to come still looks far off. For now, you cannot escape the spying - not from the intelligence agencies. All of Big Tech has been bought out.

[Aside: Now I have been out of the UK for more than 5 years MI6 have probably ceased tracking me specially but they do hunt down everyone how is out of the country for more than six months. If they stay away for than 5 years they are deemed no longer of interest as it is assumed they are not coming back. If such do end up returning they are spied on until the day they die. I know several ex-pats who had spooks on their case until the day they died. One harmless old lady picked up the phone to hear her last telephone conversation played back to her! MI5 had the tape machine playing for some reason. Back in the 80's that was. Documents still disappear from her house and things get moved around. She's totally sane and solid as a rock and I know others who returned to find strange things kept happening.

So, I repeat for MI6 - it's OK, I am NOT coming back!!!

The spooks spy more than people dream off.]


Re: In all fairness

>"My employer has forced us all into the O365 dystopia,..."

I appreciate the pain. I never got over being moved to Vista and the ribbon in my previous employment. :-)

I managed to resolve this kind of problem by:

1) Moving out to SE Asia.

2) Changing my career

3) Eventually setting up my own business

4) Going all in with Linux (KDE)

Best career decisions ever. Though I grant they are not for everyone. :-D

Oh... and..

4a) Going all in with anime as well.

[Yes, teasing...]

LibreOffice 6.2 is here: Running up a Tab at the NotebookBar? You can turn it all off if you want


Re: the UI still feels a little last-decade

Why do I love KDE Plasma so much?

Well, many reasons but one of the biggees is that I make the layout and even the workflow suit me rather than vice versa. Toolbars configurable, apps configurable, kickstart menu - comes in up to five different forms - configurable, etc, etc.

Add in unbeatable custom keyboard shortcut and... wow!


Comic sans = AMVs.

Actually, no. Comic sans is useful for flash cards for language learning and, depending on the material, subtitles for, er, anime music videos.

I have used comic sans on both quite a bit...

...I'll get my coat.

Only plebs use Office 2019 over Office 365, says Microsoft's weird new ad campaign


Alas, while I do appreciate your sentiments (I was around when Microsoft were ruthlessly crushing anyone and everyone who dared to even attempt to compete) Microsoft are not dying out making record amounts of money via the cloud.

However, they are losing traction on the desktop and Office at long last and their monopoly cracking. Open source was the only way to escape Microsoft's clutches and break the monopoly. And it is. Sure, lots of Microsoft loyalists and ignorant - in the literal sense as in just do not know - Windows users but now there are alternatives to Windows and Office that Microsoft cannot crush.

And I'm running them! Yay.


Re: Torn to Ribbons...

And the other thing about the Ribbon, as I pointed out to work colleagues when this 'wonderful innovaton' arrived on our desks, is that it's basically the original CP/M Wordstar menu system.


Because I realised Microsoft were going to go all in with subscription only software... my small business - with five operational laptops and two seeking repair when funds allow - is running Linux (KDE) and Libreoffice.

Single supplier lock in is not normally business savvy but, back in the day, Microsoft were really, really good at ensuring there was no other option.


Re: Price?????

>"But Office365 is 200x more ribbony than Office 97."

And the point where I really, really started to hate Office.


Re: Re Nothing like having your work day extended a few more hours

Agree but.. Open Office is dead in all but name.

Libreoffice is the replacement and works a treat. You couldn't pay me to go back to Office... and I used to love it!



All true but... buy anti-shock HDD's only.

I speak from painful experience... twice.

Apple: Trust us, we've patented parts of Swift, and thus chunks of other programming languages, for your own good


Re: Hatsune Miku

'Hate' to say this but Miku is over ten years strong and still going.

Personally I prefer her to the mass of under dressed clones of Madonna who only sing about sex, sex, drugs, see, you kids wanna get into sex, more sex, did I mention sex, drugs, try drugs, sex and more sex.

Tedious, predictable and corrupt record company controlled. So predictable, in fact, that I told my wife that the minute Miley Cyrus came of age she would drop 'Hanna Montana,' and become a lewd pop Idol trying to outdo Madonna. I knew it was coming.

I was right on the money. The record industry has something of an agenda these days. Has for a long time.

Miku is the fan drive pop idol who is generally isolated from the 'dark stuff' making her child friendly (there is an 'evil twin' called Zatsune Miku but she gets little attention) and the output of music is VAST and the range enormous... including Jazz which Western clones cannot compete with.

I'm with Miku at least until the Western music industry reforms morally - at multiple levels - which I see no signs of happening. I will also accept that I like 'cute' but, having worked in tech, I know most techies do not so Miku is not going to be popular here and certainly not, generally speaking, among the British. But I now like in SE Asia where cute is valued and Miku counts!


Re: Just use Python. You need nothing else.

I was going to give a witty reply but I have just gone blank.


48 hours. I am too tired...

Going for massage next.


Re: Daniel Belin is right

>"Apple may have a good record and good intentions."

They don't. Apple have a loooonnnnnggg history of suing everyone in sight.

I was there when Apple were trying to patent the CONCEPT of a GUI!


Re: probably a misguided move against GCC and GPL

Yes, Apple have serious form for suing everyone and everything over everything.

And lately they have the subject of various lawsuits due to their criminal manufacturing processes with deliberately sabotaged laptops. From which they cannot see the irony.


Can't comment on the programming language but re: T. Swift... I prefer Hatsune Miku.

Here she is live in concert with the song 'Ghost rule.'


Her concerts sell out in 38 hours flat, BTW.

Alas, I do not know by what programming language she was brought to life. For all I know it was Swift.

Open sourcerers drop sick Fedora Remix to get Windows Subsystem for Linux pumping


Re: Seriously ...

>"Latest stats say over 90% of PCs and laptops still run Windows. So nope."

I provided the latest stats and they return 83% which is a massive DROP.

And, as has been noted, that ignores mobile devices like smartphones which, I accept, are today's personal computers and used in preference to laptops, particularly in places like Indonesia where I now live.

However, if the Windows fanboys want to believe Windows is still the present and the future then fine with me. The more Microsoft stays in x86 and desktop Windows the more Arm and Linux/BSD can take over quietly. As it stands, however, Microsoft are smarter than the fanboys and making their money more and more form the cloud using... Linux. Windows 10S is probably going to be, will, around but not very popular.


Re: Seriously ...

Hmmmm... Indonesia is not poor.

It's certainly NOT a third world country. It is ranked a 2nd world country but it is also leaping up the GDP stakes. Wages are low but increasing and the middle class expanding like crazy. Indonesia is also a huge user of social media - the 3rd or 5th int he world depending on which study you believe.

I am actually happy to being a developing country that is, in fact, developing.


Re: Linux is moving on the desktop.

I'll grant that a new CE might, once day, change track but to date Adobe have had a real downer on not just Linux but the whole open source concept. I have the read the on your link and it's interesting comment but given Adobe's history I'm putting this under "Sooooo likely!" :-)

I won't say never but I will add, "Better to see Krita develop instead regardless!"


Re: "drop sick Fedora Remix"




Re: Seriously ...

>"Windows runs >90% of desktops and >75% of on premises servers, so nope."

Hmmm... not quite.

Stats on desktop usage are notoriously hard to get especially worldwide but it is now acknowledged that Windows on the Desktop has slipped back dramatically, now below 90%. Last exact figure I could find was 82%.


"In July 2018, the market share of the Windows operating system range stood at 82.88 percent."

If, by, premises servers you meant on site, local servers, you could well be correct. It is true that CEOs that grew up with Windows think OS=Windows and anything else is suspect. But in terms of shared servers and 'big iron' including supercomputers, Linux (and BSD) dominate!

As I point out to students considering going into coding.... "IoT pretty much equals Linux. Android pretty much equals Linux. Servers and, by extension, webapps equals Linux, Arm equals Linux and contributing to open source Linux equals valuable experience before graduating... you really want to take a look at Linux!"

Windows will be with us for a very long time as COBOL remains with us. Legacy hangs around for a very, very long time and why stores till use DOS POS systems. But the future apps are likely to be much more Arm/Linux.


Re: Linux is moving on the desktop.

>"The problem isn't whether [a subset of] Windows runs on ARM, the problem is that people don't buy computers to run an operating system, they buy it to run applications. With Linux on ARM they get the full stack because applications were developed to be platform independent. With Windows almost all software is x86 (and most x86-64) and where there are ARM ports these lack features."

Exactly. And what I was saying/

As it stands, Windows 10S will run the critical legacy apps but only be emulation and I read that those apps run BETTER in WINE under Linux! (Dunno about WINE under Linux on Arm mind, but that's because the full Arm laptop with proper HDD is not really with us... not at an affordable price anyway.)

Just a correction/query. tho. My understanding with Linux apps is NOT that they were designed as platform independent - if that were the case Kdenlive would be running under Windows already and it isn't - but that the open source nature of Linux apps made porting and optimising for Arm much less grief and why the Big names like Adobe just do not want to do it and expect x86... and I suspect always will do... given Adobe have pretty much said they hate Linux and will NEVER port Photoshop to the OS, ever! But at least Krita has arrived; be it early days!


Re: Linux is moving on the desktop.

>"Definitely! And M$ will struggle as a consequence."

You noticed. :-)


Re: Linux is moving on the desktop.

>"I work in education in the UK."

You poor fellow. My deepest condolences to you and your family.


>"I was wondering about how students in Indonesia keep track of their 'stuff' as they move through the educational system."

OK, let me clarify... while Indonesia is quietly rising (and it is and I am glad to be here) it is starting from a VERY low position. The education system was a deliberatly dumbed down rote learning system that focused on blind, mechanical obedience under the dictator Surharto who wanted generations of military men who would obey without question and NOT have any upsetting thoughts about democracy or free speech. Students would even be taught marching on the National program and put on military style parades. The question "Why?" was literally forbidden and would result in disiplinary action.

As such the National education prgram is still mired not so much in the old military thinking but the old rote learning, and even though the current Government recognises critical reasoning and skills learning is required for Indonesia's development, nobody really knows how to implement it across the National program plus the TEACHERS here are all old school and have thrown the idea out!

"Rote learning was good enough for me and so it' good enough for them" is a feature here! The department of education here has tried to bring in numerous reforms and the teachers have just ignored them and carried on as before.

As such, there is very little in terms real IT skills taught on the National program. [School leavers here often have to go through further voctional training outside of classes to be employable and with unemployment stil high here a master degree is required to get any half decent work... Result of which is over 50% of emplloyment here is people setting up microbusinesses to employ themselves which... actually has some advantages as it means the GOvernment has t go 'softly, softly' when it comes to regulations for small businesses or they wipe out the single biggest 'employer' of all. That works in my favour, in fact!

As it is, I was only talking of the big, hideously expensive International schools that only the ethnic Chinese go to. Some of those schools have standardised on Chromebooks. The National schools are all still running pirate Windows 7 on Pentium 4's!

Indonesia is growing and devloping but the historical drag on education here is going to make critical reasoning and skills based learning a looooonnnnng time in coming. [And why I can rn my own private tuition business here and suffer due to the overwork!]

As such, there is no National IT program here and no IT ID system. Any centralised system would doubtless work with local National ID cards/numbers. Note that while ID cards have been controversial in the old country... I can see how they are essential here given how dishonest the locals can be when it comes to money!!! Nobody believes you unless there is some hard core ID. I have foundout the hard way why that is. Not too hard but enough to realise you have to be VERY careful here it comes to anything to do with money here. To Indonesians' credit, mind, I have found the locals actually very friendly, helpful and if you are kind, generous and CONTRIBUTE they LOVE you! The local teens are not insulting or threatening you on the streets either which is rather refreshing after experiences in the UK.... But the local village dwellers can be the sort to smile at you, appear to fawn over you and then steal your gold fillings in the night! Family is actually the worst of the lot and you are MORE likely to be cheated by your brother here than a stranger!

So, I don't want to overstate the use of Chromebooks here. Infrastructure problems as well prevent a National standarised Chromebook system anywhere. Again, in the villages, where trading in cows remains common, your house might be able ot run Air Conditioning but not a hair dryer at the same time and the only internet is 56K USB 'dial up' modem with no real wifi. The rural villages are a whole other world.

[Conversely, the current President; "Jokowi" who is a businessman has nearly completely the essential across the country roads need to turn Indonesia into the trade route it should have been decades ago. That alone, forget the rest, is going to drive the country's finances forward.]

It's just the International standard schools going that way and Raspberry Pi is literally unheard of here! My point is, therefore, not that Indonesia is going all Chromebook (it isn't and you cannot buy a Chromebook at the local 'hi-tech' mall either as no understanding and no demand) but that EVEN HERE, in the land of pirate Windows, Linux is taking off and schools that have the funds and wifi are going Chrome and cloud. And it's maddening because I then have students who think that technology is the cloud and the cloud is technology. The rest think it's all smartphone.

I hope that clarifies! I'm not trying to sell a false impression here!


Re: Seriously ...

>"is it still?"



Linux is moving on the desktop.

>"Linux desktop is not going anywhere."

I know the year of the Linux desktop has become a joke and when I suggest it's still on I have been utterly FLAMED by ***Linux users***, many of whom do not want Linux to be mainstream.

However, it hold Linux desktop IS still on for a mass of reasons:

1) I am actually seeing Linux here in ***Indonesia.***

Indonesia???!! Land of (pirate) Windows???

Because POS system are often DOS and DOS no longer runs natively on modern hardware (let's not talk FreeDOS, mind) I am seeing POS system at stores here using DOSBOX under Ubuntu! I am seeing Ubuntu everywhere here suddenly! I had to buy a new printer by credit in November. The girl arranging the loan was running Ubuntu as well as the rest of the staff even while all the laptop being sold run Windows 10.

If this is happening in Indonesia where legal software is unusual and everyone just pirates cracked Windows, something is afoot!

2) Asus is THE go-to brand here. Generally speaking, Asus works and in a land where everyone is out to get "The Money" and dishonesty is expected nobody trusts any other make here at the budget end of the market. I also had to buy a new laptop this money - yeah, my business i kinda burning through tech, aaaannnnndddd I bought Asus. Acer turned out to be garbage. I learned the hard way why the locals ONLY by Asus. Any other make is too much of a quality risk.

Asus do supply Windows 10 and if you buy at the local Hartono they will only supply Windows 10. But go to the local 'Hi tech mall' here and you can buy a 'No OS' laptop that runs EndlessOS and I have bought such laptops. Yes, plural. I get through a lot of tech! [And why I buy small, cheap, run free Linux and go with relatively 'disposable.']

3) Linux is taking off on Chromebooks. Now, I know ChromeOS is not exactly a full OS and not exactly a full on Linux distro though it uses the Linux kernel which, technically is all Linux is. But... I predicted with the rise of the "internet only" laptop the arrival of the successful Pinebook64 cheapo Arm Laptop that someone somewhere would eventually build a cheap Arm Chromebook killer that would also allow the installation and running of Linux, not just Android, apps. What I had not figured on was Google doing it. ChromeOS now allows for the installation and running of Linux apps making ChromeOS a full on Linux distro and Chromebooks are the world's number 1 selling laptop! In many different forms, mind, but still number 1 seller and has been for many years! The appliance laptop is where "it's at!" So Linux is already taking over via Chromebooks. Indonesia does not do Chromebooks much (though the International standard schools do!) bu they do buy cheap laptops just for Facebook and watching online movies. Not even email now as everything has gone whatsapp. I am sure I could see Pinebooks here as cheap internet laptops! [But import tariffs would make such impractical, alas. Indonesia is going all-in Nationalist again.]

4) Frankly all Mac and Windows have are legacy Industry standard apps. They will dominate for a long time as standards are hard to shift. Adobe will be king of graphics for decades, ditto AutoCAD for CAD. VB macros mean Office will hang on for decades (as has COBOL) in blue chip businesses. BUT... that's a tiny segment of the market. Joe Public needs far less. What Joe public now wants is the internet and long battery life. People do buy power machines but it's gamers, developers and graphical artists that do such. Most people are fine with a dual core celeron and why the low end of the market remains pretty static in terms of spec. As long as Youtube videos play the locals are happy enough.

Since it is now battery life that counts over apps Arm is where it is at because x86 cannot by it's legacy deliver the same battery life as Arm. That's where Windows 10S comes in, meant to run on Arm. Except Windows 10S is kinda broken and will not run the essential legacy apps except via emulation which makes it the same running Office under WINE in Linux! But the real problem for Windows 10S is that the x86 code cannot be ported over to Arm easily. But the Linux apps... the MAJORITY have already been ported.. You only have one browser for Windows 10S. Just.. one - Edge. So, you want to run an Arm laptop and have fast, usable apps? You kinda need to go Linux. Windows 10S the OS is native Arm but the apps are not and let's not mention the "You can only install from the app store" element of the cut back OS. This is all kinda broken.

Soooo... In order to adapt to Arm Microsoft have gone Windows 10S but it is very late to the party and the big names do not want to port to Arm! The likes of Adobe take the view that to run their apps you are going to run with X86 - period. Which is fine for business but Joe Public is moving on.

5) Almost an extension of 4... the other desktop player outside of Chromebooks is the Raspberry Pi which has become a massive hit and one of the world's best selling computers ever!

So Windows for Arm was offered FREE to Pi's and clones.

Everyone ignored it.

The Pi is Linux. Arm is Linux and Linux is Arm and the world is pivoting towards Arm. Even Intel can see that and are now fabricating Arm chips.

Kids are growing up in school with Chromebooks and Pi's. I know. I work in education now and I get...

"So it's like Google Docs then?"

"Yes, let me introduce you to offline apps."

"What are those?"

Trying to introduce the concept of storing data on a hard disk and not the cloud has been painful of late.

While in the past kids were taught Office and Photoshop they are now running Libreoffice, GIMP and Raspian and not recognising their 'need' to run Photoshop. Schools have JUNKED expensive Mac (not helped by very dodgy hardware manufacturing methods that border on the criminal as well) and Microsoft and, instead, embraced, cheap, disposable, easy to maintain Chrome and Pi.

Which only leaves the 'Blue chip' legacy apps for Mac and Windows. The desktop is moving on to Arm and Linux just be default. I am not saying people are rushing to buy Linux laptops - they aren't, kinda because there aren't any. Dell have released ONE very exesnive Arm laptop as proof of concept, mind. Joe Public still believes that Linux is really hard to use, you have to type in lots of CLU stuff, it's really hard to install software in Linux, etc, etc - none of which is true now - BUT... at the same time lots of kids are growing up with ChromeOS and Raspian and it's the parents who are running Windows. We have a generation difference now.

Oh, also note that because both Mac and Windows are now so tied to the hardware and require activation and various hoops to be jumped through to install, that it is now ipso facto impossible to teach a student how to install an operating system and configure it without using Linux! So, if you want to learn technology you now have to go Linux. I speak from experience.

It's a slow shift and it's kind of invisible as people are shifting to Linux without knowing it is Linux! But the move is there and the rise of Arm virtually requires Linux means Linux IS moving on the desktop. For various reasons Windows 10S will get some traction (Microsoft pay sellers to push Windows) and you will not see Linux Arm laptops in stores.. perhaps ever. But online, at the hi-tech mall, you will. And the next generation are going to be looking for Raspian laptops.

Core blimey... When is an AMD CPU core not a CPU core? It's now up to a jury of 12 to decide


Re: what kind of apps were impacted?

On the one hand I can see your point and it does seem a bit suspiscious.

But, at the same time Intel have been far WORSE in their claims in th epast. If the courts finds against AMD then Intel can be sued for 16 bit chips that weren't true 16 nbit (8086) duel core chips that 'weren't dual core' - Pentium-D, FPU's that were not FPU's - the i486, the bottle necked atom chips, I could even sue for my atom/celeron not having hyperthreading by the 'logic' in this case.

This is a crazy suit in which, in essence, anyone can sue for what they expect from a chip and not what has been supplied and reviewed. "I expected hyperthreading and hardware video encoding - you didn't give it to me so it's not a real CPU - pay up!"


If you can see eight cores on the die it's 8 cores. Sharing resources is allowed. Research before you buy.

So I don't get this lawsuit as Intel would be next. Unless the courts have been paid off already...?


Re: Buyer wake up


By this logic I could sue Intel for not giving me hyperthreading on this n3350.

The words "Bad precedent" do not even begin the describe the fall out if this goes against AMD and Intel could be sued for all manner of 'false claims' going right back to the 8086 being a 16 bit chip. [It was actually an 8 bit 8085 with bits soldered on in essence!]


Re: From what I hear, a "core" is...

They WERE the days because back then you were in control of your CPU and your computer!

Then the dark days came and everything went Windows and even Apple only survived because a conscious decision was made by Microsoft NOT to exterminate Apple just so Microsoft could claim they were not a monopoly even while knowing Apple were a hardware manufacturer and not software.

Worked too.

For years it was expensive Mac or Microsoft.

Then Linux came usable and got decent software while laptops became affordable and reliable (unlike the kit from the mid to late 90's that was guaranteed to be dead in 18 months!) and computing became fun again!

Although smartphones also came along roughly the same time which turned Google into another monopoly and people into glass screen zombies...


Re: American Legality

The key word here is "California."


Re: From what I hear, a "core" is...

Hmmm... Load/Store applied to the 6800 and 6502 but even Chuck Peddle who put the 6502 together denied the 6502 was RISC.

Load/store is not held to be RISC. My understanding of actual RISC is zero microcode. Now, I do will not pretend to know whether the likes of the 6800 or 6502 used microcode at all or not but neither Motorola or MOS/Rockwell described their processors as RISC.

The design of the ARM does seem to have been genuinely innovative such that Intel RUSHED to claim the 486 was (somehow!) RISC at the time! That also explains, in part, the low power consumption of ARM compared to X86 who have to translated X86 into RISC type instructions.

Load/store is RISC like in terms of instruction set but, as I understand it and I have to bow to the engineers on this one, but not in terms of actual physical implementation on the die. And that's what Chuck Peddle said back in the day!

And I was a 6502 man!!!

Ok, I gotta sleep. It's 00:15AM where I am!


Re: Ahhhh the famous intel 8087

>"Now AMD uses the term Core, however their cores are different in design and the way they are described, they aren't exactly the same as how Intel marketed its core."

And yet the Intel Pentium-D had two physical cores but shared memory access bottlenecking the CPU handling something awful!

Originally Intel DID market 'Core' the AMD way.

Marketing is marketing. Read the reviews and not the advertising. Same for everything.


>"The original 486 had an integrated FPU. "

Correct! And the FPU was near utterly useless! Really just a marketing gimmick which brings us right back to where we started!!


Re: It's the performance, stupid

As I understand it the 486 'FPU' was so useless as to be effectively broken.

So Intel should be sued now for marketing a chip with a non-FPU?

That was a far worse instance of dodgy marketing!

Court orders moribund ZX Spectrum reboot firm's directors to stump up £38k legal costs bill


Re: Two words for you ...

Wow! Nice to see both and kewl!

Alas... my real use cases are:

Real work with a full KDE Linux distro with lotsa keyboard shortcuts and... video editing.

No real ZX Spectrum system works for that! That's why I cry! :-)

Now if someone could create an ARM laptop with a proper HDD in a Spectrum inspired casing... we'd be talking!



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