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Little boxes made of ticky-tacky: What Dell's record-busting $67bn EMC deal means

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The Walking Dead

These old big infrastructure companies are the walking dead. All the old hardware manufacturers with crappy glued together "integrated systems" and appliances and "private clouds". They will die. What will happen is that Amazon or Googlephebet will get their SW and whatever cheapo ultraminimal commodity HW they're using this week into the datacenter. These massively scalable systems will have the same tech that these real cloud/internet companies use in house and will totally annihilate the shoddy super stale ways of EMC, Dell, Oracle, HP. Also, they will actually transparently scale to the cloud without filthy janky interconnects and piles of licensing and infrastructure middleware.The tech of the internet companies is totally superior to that of the infrastructure companies and the brainmine is ridiculously deeper. This comes from someone who has worked in and sold infrastructure for 20 years..

SPC says up yours to DataCore

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Re: Why use and array of any type anyway?

Cheesy you are so so smart! I am looking forward to your game changing storage startup.

EMC’s DSSD all-flash array hits the streets, boasting 10m IOPS

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Re: Not ready yet: EMC to replace old tech in existing storage with DSSD

No V9000 will not easily outperform Pure or Xtremio. Depends on the workload. FS900 does not compete with the D5. The two should not be compared unless you have what EMC is pitching this thing for--- large active datasets that are always hammered. This thing was made for applications like the shit in the snowden leak. You know, "capture everything and analyze everything in near real time" applications. This is also extremely useful in the financial world and also AI. This type of tech will change the datacenter as much as Flash on SANs has. On the high end. And use of high end applications will grow. Eliminating the network does present some issues but they can be worked around. There's probably long going to be a market for SAN storage for stupid things like monolithic websites and sharepoint and photos and docs and payroll databases and crap but the world is moving to automation and AI and instant analytics. It may take a little while but it's already happening.

The way this will be sold is strategically. As I've already said and others have said, it will require specific architecture to take advantage of the tech. These large programs and $500B companies are ready. Trust me, when your organization is large or powerful enough, like a mountain generates its own weather, it generates its own economy and technological ecosystem.

A tiny Violin plays as EMC tops all-flash array revenue chart

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Yah and these commenters are mostly storage salespeople so making a buck is pretty important to them.

Btw xtremio does indeed suck. 3par all flash and flashsytem are much better than emc or pure.

But anyways yes if this is what your life is about then you need some a frikken hobby.

Pure uncloaks rack-scale FlashBlade object filer for unstructured data crowd

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They'll have quite a challenge competing with DDN. I doubt their salesforce knows how to sell into scale out compute environments. I like the concept, and I think it is the future, but I don't think Pure will have a solid hit with this at all. These types of scale out deals take a long time to get off the ground.

This is however, a great validation of the statement "SSD is dead".

Four crucial deals to pluck Violin Memory away from the trash can

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Unfortunately vmem does not have a differentiated edge. Once, they did, being the fastest fully fault tolerant storage array on the market. Now, IBM and Fusion/sandisk and HDS have them beat. As a customer I can not think of why I would buy vmem over all of the alternatives that offer comparable latency, IOPs, and datacenter footprint. And if it is my tier 0 and 1 that I am buying for the trust me, I'd buy from a big vendor. Seriously, the Fusion ION or whatever it is called has lower latency. Lame. 3par too. If only there was a real stock play.

Only option is their IP. Perhaps they hold some key patents around asic centric flash interfacing. I do think the market will move away from SSDs cus ssds are stupid. Maybe vmem has valuable ip around that.

Samsung is now shipping a 15TB whopper of an SSD. Farewell, spinning rust

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Oh come on. Look pal I know you game real hard but you are not going to be writing 5TB a day.

Kaminario salesmen will now be told why they're earning their dosh

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Haaaaha ha ha whatever. They already lost the flash race. Unless oracle buys em. Oh wait oracle wants storage to be slow to preserve that license revenue

NetApp needs more than SolidFire: Slip Simplivity into your Xmas stocking

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Re: Forget Disk Arrays Software Defined is the Next Big Thing

Yes SANs are like, totally 2000 bro, we need to do some full on retro 1990 JBOD super sweet storage. I bet that 2016 microkernal is running Win 3.1 !!!! Still tho, EMC is best. Celerra 4ever!!

Spectra Logic's six-times-faster tape robot

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wowww yayyy Next tape innovation will be a tape flap that flips up in half the time. And a lighter plastic spool that rewinds and fast fowards 5% more quickly. Great job spectra but your company still sucks and hasn't innovated since a a a AIT.