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Facebook hammers another nail into Flash's coffin


I have no knowledge about Adobe or HTML 5 and so cannot comment in this regard,but being a member of Facebook, I have repeatedly represented that soon on uploading any video, a member is barred from further uploading for the reason that the video contained some material relating to third party i.e. violating copy right norms.It can well be understood that a member might not be knowing that the video, being uploaded, would violate the copy right norms.

You Tube, under such circumstances, do not allow a member to have right for monetization but do not remove video uploaded by the member.It will be in the interest of Facebook, if same principles are followed as You Tube in regard to the norms of copy right.Many members have the same complaint that they are barred frequently from uploading video/audio songs.Of course, all those who are facing this problem may not be representing, but it is true.So it is my fervent appeal for revising policy relating to copy right.