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How does a business make decisions? How should a business make decisions?


I agree we need to get to a point where we are more apt to include data insights in our decision making process. This is especially true as an increasingly large portion of companies are pushing towards finding a competitive edge in today's sharing/digital economy, Part of the answer? Enabling more self-service opportunities for business users to have stronger, more consistent access to data tools. Peter Fretty, IDG blogger for SAS Big Data Forum

Go ahead, build better security: it just makes crims try harder


Yes, it's a vicious cycle. However, if organizations fail to embrace big data as part of their security routine, they could find the business in quite a mess. We are really just on the cusp of truly understanding the potential within. There are a few good posts on this subject over at the Big Data Forum. Peter Fretty, IDG blogger for SAS

Puppet CEO: No hype in DevOps... except for the overhyped bits


When DevOps thrives is when business units are working as one rather than siloed. The same is true as we head towards the digital economy. Technology needs to be seamless and this isn't just going to happen -- vendor unity will surface as the key to success. Peter Fretty for VMware

Here at last: That big data benchmark from TPC


step in the right direction

As big data continues to mature, its standards and benchmarks that will help set the stage for the next level of growth and evolution. Undoubtedly, we need to get to the point where big data is readily available for self access so that those who are tasked with applying the insights have a hand in selecting and have an understanding/appreciation. Peter Fretty, idg blogger for SAS