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Get rekt: Two years in clink for game-busting DDoS brat DerpTrolling


Re: Hackers v crackers v DDoSers

A cracker was the white guy cracking the whip to 'motivate' the slaves. You rightly dislike the plantation slave owner, but the guy cracking the whip and enjoying it was truly hated.

Me thinks the cracker existed long before any code crackers existed.

Only racists bring up race? Not an unpopular opinion, merely a flawed one.

Bloke whose drone was blasted out of sky by angry dad loses another court battle for compo


Re: What a colostomy bag...

It didn't mention the girl was 16 in this article. But for less time to ask the Reg readers about the age you could google the incident and find out for yourself she was 16 and thus was under age.


"VanMeter has a 16-year-old daughter who lays out at their pool. She says a drone hovering with a camera is creepy and weird."

Pharma hate figure Martin Shkreli suspended from Twitter


Re: Sure, the world keeps turning...

Twitter rightly took the side of somebody (a female) being bullied and harassed (by a so called man). The private interests are the investors who don't want their customers running because of unacceptable behaviour of other members.

ROBO-PLOD! 'Droid snatches scumbag's shotgun in standoff


Re: Well I never...

Perhaps it's a north american term, but the word berm is not really that uncommon. Of course I don't live in a big city and you won't find as many berms in a concrete jungle thats for sure!

Radar missile decoys will draw enemy missiles away from RAF jets


Re: Security by melting?

I would image a radar emitting decoy would be easy to identify as NOT an airplane if its velocity matched that of an object descending at parachute speed. An airplane that isn't moving but rather slowly descending probably isn't much of a threat and the missiles onboard computers will probably be quickly patched to not home in on parachutes. Which makes me wonder why flares and foil chaff are still being used as decoys. Perhaps "used successfully" is the better phrase.

Israel's security minister suckers Zucker for Facebook'ed killings


The fallacy of logic....or at least of flawed logic

I think it's the fault of phone companies, the post office and my teachers for teaching me to read and write!

Blame all the phone companies! After all, it makes it easier for bad guys who can call each other up!

Historically lots of bad stuff has been facilitated by mail, we ought to ban it!

In fact, by teaching people to read and write we give the tools the bad people need to do bad things to us.

In fact the only solution is for the world to commit suicide soas no bad people are left to do bad things.

Mr Rimmer....Sir... I'm not saying you ARE a troll...but I hear many many people saying you are. I had to google your name or at least one who performs Rimming. I can see why you are so full of it, say...are your eyes brown?

Inside Electric Mountain: Britain's biggest rechargeable battery


It's not just Yanks, Canadians have very similar standards and the same power grid system. 20 amp circuits are a new standard and only for kitchens, Most legacy houses have 15 amp breakers in the kitchen and will for some time. It seems catering to the lowest common denominator means there will be few or no kettles that draw more than 13-15 amps at 110 volts. Pity.

Lie back and think of cybersecurity: IBM lets students loose on Watson


Perhaps the article has been edited since you made this post. Waterloo, Ottawa and New Brunswick are part of North America as the article stated....as is the United States and Canada and Mexico for that matter. I didn't see where the author claimed those 3 Canadian cities for the US. Cheers for the thoughts though!

Japan's Hitomi space 'scope bricked, declared lost after software bug


Re: Japanese programming culture

Testing your code never PROVES it is correct,, only that the tests didn't find the bug. Years ago I worked at a small software shop and asked the owner how many lines of code he would use for a CalculateArea formula. He replied 1 line of code. "Return (Length*Width). I replied that my typical routine would be at least 20 linens of code that required 100s of additional lines of code to create the UI to input required operating parameters and the database schema to save the values and the code to implement the values. You need to know at what granularity to log passed-in parameters. Depending the granularity of file logging for debugging I'm writing out the length and width values, the calculated return value and the fact I entered and existed the routine "CalculateArea ". I'm checking for negative and extreme values and emailing out alerts depending on settings.

That is the problem with working for somebody who writes a few lines of code in MS access and thinks they are a software engineer. No sir, just because you can write a few sentences does not a Hemingway make!

Let's shut down the internet: Republicans vacate their mind bowels


Re: Why the obsession with trashing the other team's candidates?

"Really? You don't think President Trump, or someone like him could deny internet access to some undesirable country?"

No, I don't think the Donald as president could prevent a country from using the internet. TCP/IP was designed to survive a nuclear attack the destroys most of the world and still be able to get packets from point 'A; to 'B; assuming both A and B are not radioactive craters.

You would have to cut every single wire and jam every frequency along the border. All it would take is one ham operator on either side of the Trump digital wall. They can't stop all the oil tankers crossing the border in Syria to Iraq and Turkey. If you can't stop a transport truck you can't stop packets.

Canadian live route map highlights vulnerabilities to NSA spying efforts


While I was doing my Bsc in Comp Sci at Brock University (a small Uni in southern Ontario) I had an account with a local ISP which was owned by a professor. While doing a traceroute between the unix boxes at the ISP and University which were located about 15 KM apart we noticed it would route to Toronto frst about 75 KM away then return. That made sense, the two computers used different providers both of which had their hubs in Toronto. What didn't make sense is that it would route from Toronto to Chicago (800KM away) then back to Toronto before coming back to our area. Not only did that not make sense but it violated Canadian law at the time which prescribed that Canadian data originating and destined for Canada had to be routed entirely within Canada. So on the 4th year network exams we answered the question about data routing within Canada...oh yes illegal to do it outside Canada, although we knew the truth that it did. The professor had no interest in going down the lab and watching a traceroute in progress.


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