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Lettuce-nibbling veggies menace Mother Earth


Re: Some Vegetables are more equal than others...

This is the most ridiculous research I have ever heard of. In the third world, poor people can't afford meat. They eat grains. For protein, beans. 4 kg per capita of meat in Congo, against 130 kg of USA a year. Oh and this research include cheese and fish. Doesn't sound vegan to me.



Oh, so you assume if you eat only fish, cheese, nuts, and low caloric vegetables, you harm the environment more than eating bacon. Really? oh but a vegan diet would be rice, beans, or some high caloric low impact foods, with some vegetables, of course. Oh vegans don't eat fish or cheese did you know? nice research, really, makes a point, how you can manipulate data and make morons believe it


Re: Strawy man, strawy man, does whatever a straw, er, can...

The research include nuts, fish and cheese. These doesn't sound vegan to me.