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Talk about Micron-aggression: US charges Chinese biz, staff over DRAM chip secrets theft


Re: Price Fixing

Ending price fixing by stealing other people's intellectual properties, I cannot agree to that by any count.

Europe's scheme to build exascale capability on homegrown hardware is ludicrous fantasy


Europeans are dreaming

Look at Germany's pathetic defense spending and talk of creating their 6 th generation stealth combat aircrafts. American had spent hundred of billion of $ if not thousands to create their F35 ( 5th Gen) aircraft and with their technological know how. I wonder how the Europeans find first the money and secondly technologies to build their futuristic planes. Look at the A400M joint European military transport plane how it ended up into serious cost overran and delay with technical glitches. I really think if Europeans are living in Utopia.

China looks set to pip Uncle Sam at the post in exascale computer race


Re: You need to port it first

From what I read, they are the home grown Mips chips consist of 260 cores. Compares with IBM's supercomputer, Summit is 2 to 3 (200-300 petaflops) times faster, yet consumes roughly half amount of electricity.

A380 saved as Emirates orders another 20 planes, plus 16 options


Emirate must screw the hell of pricing out of Airbus.

Airbus warns it could quit A380 production


Re: Shame

To your contrary, Boeing has much quieter engine cowlings and more energy efficient wingtips which Airbus does not have.


Re: single-engine A350 ...

It will never able to obtain an airworthy certificate to fly.

The Quantum of Firefox: Why is this one unlike any other Firefox?


Re: Speed isn't as important as Addons

Many important addons have just returned to the new Firefox in the last couple of days. It is also the trust that I believe the addon developers have in the new Firefox architecture.

Firefox 57: Good news? It's nippy. Bad news? It'll also trash your add-ons


Re: "It'll also trash your add-ons"

Why not keep 2 versions of the browser in order to retain the addon(s).

That what I do to solve the problem. I run both FF ver 56 and ver 58 Nightly built (it is really fast).

Mozilla whips out Rusty new Firefox Quantum (and that's a good thing)


I have been using Firefox Nightly built ( now ver. 58) for the last several years. It is faster than Chrome from time to time and as stable as a rock in my recent daily experience.

p.s. I also use chrome

Oracle staff report big layoffs across Solaris, SPARC teams


Solaris, is that means the end is nigh?

Firefox doesn't need to be No 1 – and that's OK, 'cos it's falling off a cliff


Re: Faster

Use Firefox Nightly, you will realize what faster means.

Your 90-second guide to new stuff Nvidia teased today: Volta V100 chips, a GPU cloud, and more


It sounds to me that the advent of exaflop supercomputer is sooner than expected.

SpaceX wows world with a ho-hum launch of a reused rocket, landing it on a tiny boring barge


Congratulations, Spacex

and cheers to the future of humanity in space

Firefox to give all extensions their own process in January


I bet you have not tried Firefox lately. I recently have been using Firefox Nightly ver.53.0a1 and to my surprises, it renders web pages faster than raw Chrome browser ( with no addons), even though my Firefox Nightly is sometimes behaving a bit unstable, only an individual tab(s) crashed. The overall browser remained stable. I believe it will improve when approaching the formal release.

Supermicro's ability to enable should worry IBM and Lenovo


If you want to be a gigantic company, then you actually need revenue

By selling a lot loss making PCs in order to become a 'BEHEMOTH', It is what HP exactly doing, The result is large scale layoff and probably corporate breakup.

IBM dispels the doubts and bags quantum computing funding deal


Re: It will never reach the market

Quantum and Big iron are two different things.

Big Irons are good at number crunching, while Quantum computers are good at decryption.

They will not cannibalize each other.


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