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Utes gotta be kidding me... University of Utah handed $457K to ransomware creeps

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"The American school that gave the world science fiction author Orson Scott Card, ballistic missile designer Simon Ramo, and NBA player Keith Van Horn"

Also the employer of Elliott Organick. How are the mighty fallen...

Flying taxis? That'll be AFTER you've launched light sabres and anti-gravity skateboards

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Uber Uber, Uber Alles

Finally living up to their name.

Facebook tackles race hate problem head on with programming tool

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Re: Out of Date

"Thats all very nice, but what do you think these languages runtimes do under the hood when running on a standard OS? Yes, thats right, they use threading and multi process with shared memory. Reality is what matters, not trendy names and buzzwords."

Structured control constructs like if-then-else statements and while loops are usually implemented under the hood using labels and goto statements, but I would not argue that they are not useful on that account. Restricting the use of dangerous features to a few well-understood idioms makes it easier to reason about the resulting code. Sure, in the end it all compiles down to machine code: that's not the point.

Unplug the Bitcoin miner and do us all a favour: Antminer has remote shutdown flaw

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assuming this is the standard C function

That test would pass "false" or "he screamed in a high falsetto", or anything else with false imbedded in it somewhere. Not the kind of coding that inspires confidence.

Anyone up for a buffer overrun?

Alaska dentist 'pulled out patient's tooth while riding a hoverboard'

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You'll be a dentist

The guy sure looks like plant food to me.

Sound-mufflers chuck acoustic sleep blanket at the noise-plagued

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Silence Please

Time to go read Tales from the White Hart again.

Disney rollercoaster helps pop out kidney stones

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Re: Horrible fascination

The only reliable way to find out is to experience it yourself. Here are some tips:

Don't drink a lot, especially not water. You want your pee always to be bright yellow. This lets the stones get nice and big before they begin their journey down to the bladder.

Make sure you get lots of calcium, more than your body really needs. And since calcium oxalate is the most common type of stone, go for that and eat lots of foods that are rich in oxalates: tea, chocolate, nuts, etc.

Keep your magnesium intake down, since it tends to lower calcium levels in the body. As a bonus you can enjoy worse sleep and possibly muscle cramps.

And needless to say, avoid roller coasters or even gentler things like running or walking.

Or if you decide that kidney stones are not for you after all, just reverse all the previous advice.

VW Dieselgate engineer sings like a canary: Entire design team was in on it – not just a few bad apples, allegedly

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Everything has a wire somewhere

So everything is wire fraud.

Farewell, Fadell: Nest CEO Tony quits IoT biz

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move fast and break things

Time to find something new to disrupt.

Pointless features add to browser bloat and insecurity

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no password needed

This comment exists, and I posted it using w3m.

Elon Musk takes wraps off planet-saving Model 3 vapourmobile

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Launched before a live audience of adoring fans, Musk said...

Now there's an image I'd like to see. Elon Musk flying through the air, perhaps trailing a little cloud of dangling modifiers...

How one developer just broke Node, Babel and thousands of projects in 11 lines of JavaScript

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Kik is deeply sorry that "our lawyers gonna be banging on your door" was interpreted as anything but a polite request.

India's ‘Facebook ruling’ is another nail in the coffin of the MNO model

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Re: MNO is Mobile Network Operator

I was wondering what that meant, thank you.

ASCII @dventure game NetHack gets first upgrade in ten years

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The source code is full of workarounds for problems with ancient versions of Unix. A lot of that could probably be removed now.

"You are in a maze of twisty little #ifdefs, all alike"