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UK.gov to roll out voter ID trials in 2019 local elections


I have a perfectly valid paper driving license

that is currently valid for at least another 10 years

and there is no photograph on it.

And I (claim to) have no passport.

So what "ID" am I supposed to show?

Huawei guns for Apple with Mac-alike Matebook X


Re: It'snot a good idea.

How about a USB type-C port center top, just above screen.

And then separate a camera mounted on the (lower) end of a short arm with a right-angle USB-type plug on the end such that the camera could be plugged in only as needed (thus implementing privacy most of the time) and when needed it is located the "eye level" of the other person's eyes.

The arm could probably be mostly clear plastic with very fine embedded wires

and the entire arm+camera could be sold in a variety of lengths such that it matched

the desired screen size and prefered video-calling app displayed the other person('s eye height).

Is Oomi the all-in-one smart home system we've been waiting for?


Re: All voice control systems...

"Seem to have some trigger phrase.

Hey, Siri!, OK Google etc

Is this one "So, Oomi."?"

Yes, but it only works in Finland.

Home Sec Amber Rudd: Yeah, I don't understand encryption. So what?


Re: Rudd

No, it's ok. Hydroxic acid is usually instantly neutralized when exposed to an equal molar amount of hydrogen hydroxide.

But I do wonder what pH range will be allowed to be sold to under-18's

pH 7 only?

pH 4 to pH 10?

Or will only pH 1 and pH 14 be proscribed from sale to minors?

Outlook outage outrage


Technically the "I am getting the same problem which, for me, was due to the "<username>@hotmail.com"" was not strictly correct, because it was actually my spouse's @hotmail.com address that was no-longer able to collect emails via IMAP. (Not sure whether SMTP was similarly failing, as no emails sent). I was already using @outlook.com credentials but in an otherwise identical configuration. So it was an educated guess as to what was probably going wrong, and the educated guess at a fix did indeed solve spouse's email collection probem.

Obama calls out encryption in terror strategy speech


Re: Given that

And now that same government wants to remove the people's access to [strong] encryption (which is far less lethal than a gun) also to have a greater capability than the general population (i.e. privacy)


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