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Cooksie is *bam-bam* iGlad all over: Folk are actually buying Apple's fondleslabs again

Paul Kunert

Re: So...

You are right in your summary. Shipping tends to mean they are being shipped into the warehouses of distributors and retailers. But these companies wouldn't accept the stock if they were not seeing the demand. All analysts, except Context, refer to sales-in.

Butcher by name, Butcher by nature? Capita finds new CFO

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Re: Govia != Network Rail

Hi Peter,

Capita said today: "Patrick has 19 years of experience as a finance director, including six years as Group Finance Director at Network Rail from 2009. His early career was spent at Deloitte & Touche, where he trained as a Chartered Accountant, and worked across its audit and management consultancy practices."


Paul @ The Reg

DXC Technology asks field-based techies if they'd like to leave

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Re: Someone needs to better optimize and align their keyboard

My bad, apologies. Paul @ The Reg

Open justice FTW! El Reg fought the law – and El Reg won

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Re: Wonderful

Well said that man! If I had any blinkin Reg merchandise left I’d fling it your way! Paul K @ The Reg

Donald Trump whines and dines Oracle co-CEO Catz – reports

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Re: Don't know they're bourne

Watch it, watch it! Continue with this sort of crap and you'll be out of the comments section for good. Yellow card to you sir! And for the absence of doubt, whine was deliberate. Paul at The Reg.

'There was no monetary incentive for this' = not what you want to hear about your tattoo

Paul Kunert

Mea culpa. You'd have thought a man from Croydon would know this... but it seems your correspodant needs to brush up on this particular sub-culture. Best, Paul @ The Reg

O Christmas wreath, O Christmas wreath, thy potent skunk's in bunches

Paul Kunert

Re: Well versed

A little thing called research. It's not an alien concept to us at The Reg, irrespective of how things may appear on the surface. Best, Paul @ The Reg

Paul Kunert

How dare you sir? I'd only drunk a couple of cartons of cheap wine by lunch. This is only Wednesday! Regs, Paul @ The Reg

Today is your last chance to pick up a piece of channel history

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Re: "Misco is synonymous with glamour."

Do pick up on the sarcasm Frank, you aren't new here. Honestly, to goodness. Paul @ The Reg.

Shiver me timbers! 67cm Playmobil pirate ship sets sail for Caribbean

Paul Kunert

Damn. Ok, will dust off my Captain Pugwash outfit. We're talking a pirate nativity scene? Cheers, Paul @ El Reg.

DXC: Hands up in customer support – who wants redundo?

Paul Kunert


Get your point but IMHO it remains news because the UK government and private sector still have contracts running with DXC and they need to understand what is happening at the company. And more importantly still, it is worth reporting because the hard pressed workforce at DXC should be given a voice as management don't seem to listen.


Paul @ El Reg

'Coke dealer' called us after his stash was stolen – cops

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Re: Florida Man

Come on Pen-y-gors.... lets keep things clean. The Sun?


Swedish school pumps up volume to ease toilet trauma

Paul Kunert

Good curry was it?

Paul Kunert

Dump Truck by Blind Melon

Paul Kunert

Butthole Surfers?

Microsoft Azure capacity woes hit UK customers. Yes, you read that right

Paul Kunert

Re: data sovereignty is a PR issue?

UKCloud is not suggesting these things are mere PR issues, more that US firms inc Microsoft and AWS aren't actually building new DCs here, they are renting space from local providers, not being transparent about it, and then suggesting they have invested in the UK and so customers should not be concerned about data location. Paul @ The Reg

Brit firm lands £58m EU spy drone 'copter contract

Paul Kunert

Re: Despite what?

We are a broad church but no one single journo should get to push their own agenda. Please consider this a St Patrick's Day wobble as senior ed staff headed to the pub early. Normal service resumed. Paul @ The Reg.

Apple sings another iTune following Brexit as prices rise by up to a third

Paul Kunert

I am Apple's dirty little secret

I am Apple's dirty little secret! ABD indeed sir, next stop a one-to-one briefing with Tim Cook. Maybe, maybe not. Paul @ El Reg

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Marc Andreessen has a pretty creepy relationship with Zuck

Paul Kunert

Re: Nothing for the Weekend, Sir?

You want Dabbsy? You want Dabbsy? You'll have to wait for your Dabbsy. Next!

Kindest regards,

Paul @ The Reg

Men! If you want to win at board games this Christmas, turn off the rock music – scientists

Paul Kunert

Does Slade count as Rock music?

Elon Musk wants to launch 4,000 satellites and smother globe with net connectivity

Paul Kunert

Re: Musk tried to suggest that someone had fired a shot at the rocket to sabotage it

You are correct @ Known Hero, the article has been amended.


Paul Kunert, editor at The Reg

Hull's City of Culture firework freebie flares up

Paul Kunert

Re: "Northwest enclave"???

Quite right sir, I've corrected it. Not sure what happened there... I was in that part of the world not long ago. Best, Paul K at The Reg

Sterling's post-Brexit dollar woes are forcing up tech kit prices

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Re: Burying the news

Hello Doc, I sent you an email about this supposed 20% hike from SAP and didn't hear from you. I've also contacted SAP and a bunch of SAP suppliers in the UK and nobody seems to know anything about it. Do you work for Oracle by any chance? Best, Paul @ The Reg

Germany: If Brits vote to Remain, we'll admit Hurst's 1966 goal was a goal

Paul Kunert

Re: Paul Kunert

Scheisse. Thanks. Paul @ El Reg

Paul Kunert

Re: Filling shoes

Lester had Lester sized boots... don't think anyone would be able to fill them. The man pefected his art by writing 7,300 funnies, give me a chance. Regards, Paul 'po-faced' Kunert

Lester Haines: RIP

Paul Kunert

Re: Can we do something about the sponsored thing at the bottom of the article, please?

This was updated as soon as we realised, it was certainly not deliberate. Paul at The Reg

Paul Kunert

We are discussing lots of ideas in the office. Will keep you all posted, thanks, Paul at The Reg

Dyfed-Powys Police fined for publicising pervs' particulars

Paul Kunert

Re: For some reason

Hi people, point taken, we were certainly not condoning vigilantism and the paragraph could have been worded more carefully. Names do not appear for a reason. Updated the piece. Thanks, Paul K at El Reg

Chilling evidence emerges of Kilocat weapon

Paul Kunert

Re: Bah!

In a word, no. On second thoughts, still no. But if you'd like to donate said items to Lester then we might be able to name one after you? Deal?

Fujitsu CTO: Analysts might think we're 'crazy', but OpenStack here we come

Paul Kunert

No, no, no sir

Almost... HPE is actually about to close Helion Public Cloud. Come on, keep up


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