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Twitter boss ‘personally’ grateful as five Twitter execs walk


Depending on base salary and years employed, U.S. 'C' level executives will conservatively get $.5-1.2m severance, plus most will have $300k+ in gifted stock. Their options are likely worthless. They will have a $3-4m corporate subsidized home on the S.F. peninsula, which will be sold if they move. Half of them will semi-retire after being spit out by the machine, half will have a sociopathic tendency that will compel them to work because they were born to lead or god had greater things intended for them.

Why does herbal cough syrup work so well? It may be full of morphine


Sorry to see a good product pulled

I've used this cough syrup and it does work. If there is an opioid in it, it must be a trace amount from one of the ingredients. "Full of morphine" in the title, does grab attention but is likely an overstatement. Shame the product is being withdrawn. As implied in the article, it doesn't get you high. Works better than the chemical soups sold OTC, that often don't work, or are determined to cause medical problems a few years down the road. Sorry to see it pulled.

Brace yourselves. Huawei’s launching an HCIA product


Huawei Nuwa -- query server in pipeline

An interesting product in development. A Spark-based, software-optimized, disaggregated micro-server. www.nuwabox.com.