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AI is going to eat itself: Experiment shows people training bots are using bots



First rule of database quality.


Taiwan asks US if it could chill out on the anti-China rhetoric


China and US need each other.

I fail to see the need for aggressive rhetoric aimed at each other except for selfish political purposes. China and US economies are interlocked in a death grip. US economy needs the consumer goods and loans. China needs the factory orders and investments in US Treasury bonds. Taiwan is in the middle and thriving since the 1950s. A shooting war will upset a lot of applecarts with no good prospects for an outcome. China really has nothing to gain except ego points. A destroyed Taiwan is useless to everyone. Perhaps with time Taiwan will become the Switzerland of the East. with chip foundries instead of banks.

Microsoft begs you not to ditch Edge on Google's own Chrome download page


MS EDGE aggression

I ran into a disturbing MS activiy between EDGE and CHROME recently running with Windows 11. I was using my backup LOCAL user. I had made some shortcuts from the Chrome browser on the desktop. When I opened one of the shortcuts I got a dialog to choose a browser FROM THE MS STORE. The only browsers available are Edge and Firefox. I had an interesting conversation with a MS Help chat. To say the agent was evasive is an understatement. He explained some technical jargon why Chrome was not secure enough for the MS Store. Chrome is the default browser for that user. I investigated the default settings by protocol. Chrome was default for HTM and HTML but could not be set for HTTP or HTTPS. My shortcuts are HTTPS. This seemed to have happenedd after the last update. It appears MS is up too something with browser defaults.

Who needs sailors? US Navy's latest robo-ship can run itself for 30 days



Think of TESLA. I can see it now, $100 Million autonomous ship disappears.


Re: Never mind, the original Mayflower landed in the wrong country

The USA is "invaded" almost daily from islands all over the Caribbean.

Equinix to cut costs by cranking up the heat in its datacenters


What about the humidity?

I have seen attempts to use ambient atmospheric air (outside air) in data centers. My experience is in Minnesota. One would guess below zero F air would make for great cooling. The problem with such cold air is that it tends to be very dry. The unmentioned part of data center environment control is maintaining stable humidity. Low humidity causes static problems and other issues.

Windows 10 update breaks audio for some systems


Windos 11 Update related Audio issues.

Windows 11. The audio in my Gigabyte MB desktop developed a problem where headphone audio worked but main speaker did not. I was convinced it was a hardware problem to no avail. After the latest update all is back to normal.

BOFH: You'll have to really trust me on this team-building exercise


I have always considered a good exercise for team building is have 5 people select one 3 ingrediant pizza.

'Boombox' function sparks Tesla recall


Tesla may eventually become a useful transportation device.

Tesla may be forced to engineer their vehicles into something more than a large expensive toy.

A very popular aftermaket option for Teslas is a kit bolted under the rear bumper that simulates conventional ICE dual exhaust. It is actually a set of loudspeakers. Another add-on is a set of simulated analog dash instruments, MPH, TACH, etc.

£42k for a top-class software engineer? It's no wonder uni research teams can't recruit



Well, everyone has DECIMATE figured out? To me the modern usage of DECIMATE would apply to a work unit that experiences a reduction in force due to poor performance. Unlike the Roman legions the decimated can look for other work.

Real world not giving you enough anxiety? Try being hunted down by the perfect organism in Alien: Isolation


The ALIEN xenomorph is real.

The ALIEN xenomorph is a fictionalized version of the real thing. A species of black wasp found in Australia that injects eggs into caterpillars where the larvae eat there way through the host. The parasite can actually brainwash the host to defend the nest. A species of the wasp played a major role in the Norwegian horror series FORTITUDE.


Good news: Jeff Bezos went to space. Bad news: He's back


You've come a long way baby!

Bezos has gone a long way since selling books out of his garage. I bought one of his college textbooks with my first Amazon purchase in 1997.

The server is down, money is not being made, and you want me to fix what?


Re: Tea

Now you've done it, switched the whole conversation to tales of tea.

Wife and I in the USA watch many British police dramas (best in the English speaking world). When the cops show up at some citizen's door the first item of discussion is always TEA. Is that reality?

Yep, you're totally unique: That one very special user and their very special problem


Universal Ergonomics

The operator panels of audio visual equipment, PCs, Remote controls, home appliances, automobiles and possibly aircraft all use those little iconic symbols that translate to PLAY, STOP, FAST FORWARD, REWIND, OPEN/CLOSE, ETC. I have seen a few people of a certain age (mine) become confused as to the functions. When I have to help someone I like to tell them it's OK, the symbols are in Klingon.

BOFH: Bullying? Not on my watch! (It's a Rolex)


Re: Hummmm sounds familiar...

1680 hours a year. My last 20 years at the Big U IT Company I was entitled to 6 weeks of paid Vacation, 10 paid Holidays and "unlimited" sick leave. At just over 38 hours a week not counting sick leave it is no wonder I did not feel particularly stressed other than the occasional 60 hour week of madness.

What could possibly go wrong? Sublet your home broadband to strangers who totally won't commit crimes


Wait a minute.

How does this sharing take place? If some other users are tacking on to your Internet service are they not getting there through some other ISP? Or is this about folks in your apartment building leaching off your WiFi?

Forget about an AI stealing your job, even pigs can be trained to use computers


Monkeys can do more than type Shakespeare

Many years ago some Univac engineers trained a chimp to operate a Univac 1004. The operation consisted of pressing four buttons in the correct sequence.

Samsung seeks to have almost $1bn shaved off property taxes for planned Texas semiconductor fab


Playing the professional sports stadium card.

The ability for professional sports teams to extort $Biliion stadiums from State and Municipal taxpayers is not lost on corporations pedaling factories and development centers.

United States Congress stormed by violent followers of defeated president, Biden win confirmation halted



This was a planned coup and insurrection. Capitol security was inexplicably weak and ineffective. US military refused to release the National Guard until so ordered by the President Donald Trump after the damage was done. From reports by officials inside the Capitol terrorists were searching for the Electoral College State vote certificates. As could be expected President Trump convinced radical followers to do his dirty work for him.

New t-shirt slogan: 'My job was outsourced to an Indian company that moved it to Vietnam'


Re: Ipsos custodes custodiat, or something

Quality probably improved.

Software billionaire accused of hiding $2bn in income from IRS – potentially the largest tax scam in US history


Hoping for Trumps 2nd term

Brockman may be pouring funds into POTUS campaign. Donald Trump hates to see his billionaire club friends put away, at least not for long.

UK's National Audit Office warns full-fibre rollout strategy is leaving rural Britain behind. Again


Meanwhile in India

The Indian government is set to shell out some Billions to connect 46,000 rural communities to the Internet by fiber.


USA knows that story.

Highspeed Internet or any Internet at all has been promised to rural communities in the USA for decades but Big Media ignores those clients even more than the urban ones. It's not bad enough being ignored but if a community in the hinterlands attempts to connect itself to the Internet they get smacked in the chops by big media calling out State regulators, burying the town under anti-tax propaganda and lawyers. Good Luck.

IBM manager had to make one person redundant from choice of two, still bungled it and got firm done for unfair dismissal


Employee Rating System

I am 13 years retired but Performance Reviews and rating systems don't ever really change that much. Back then HR was enamored of the BELL CURVE. That is fine but they took it to mean that all the employees must make the curve an actual bell. No matter what, certain proportions of employees had to be rated below average, average or above average regardless of actual performance. When redundancy time rolled around they went after the below average people regardless of what was actually happening in the organization. When I retired veteran people could not be harassed into leaving due to previous legal sanctions. What they did was place a hard limit on retirement benefits based on years of service. That did it for me. I took my 39 years instead of the new limit of 25. That was OK with me as I was well into Social Security age. I took a voluntary layoff with a defined retirement benefit, 39 weeks pay to do nothing, State unemployment and a session with a job hunter service. I made it out alive.

Who cares what Apple's about to announce? It owes us a macOS x86 virtual appliance for non-Mac computers


Apple Vaporware

Apple vaporware prior to rollouts and the Pavlovian reaction of tech blog writers and fanbois has become something between a social phenomenon and a bad joke.

Amazon spies on staff, fires them by text for not hitting secretive targets, workers 'feel forced to work through pain, injuries' – report


Taught to hate unions

Conservative propaganda has taught most Americans to hate the idea of labor unions. Right to work laws and outright illegal intimidation of union movements have mostly destroyed such activity except where long entrenched for many decades. Without a union in workplaces such as Amazon the result of suppression is obvious in a return to labor conditions right out of Charles Dickens. Interestingly, the strongest unions are law enforcement who support conservative politicians, judges and prosecutors. Wisconsin Governor Walker suppressed all the State public unions except the State Police, among his strong supporters.

Start Me Up: 25 years ago this week, Windows 95 launched and, for a brief moment, Microsoft was almost cool


Microsoft's Big Show

Back in those days Microsoft had flashy roll-out presentations for us geeks in movie theaters in certain large cities complete with free popcorn, software handouts, t-shirts and caps.

US Air Force shows off latest all-electric flying car, says it 'might seem straight out of a Hollywood movie'


Call it what it is

It is just a helicopter.

What legacy is IBM really shooting for? Cheating its own salespeople out of millions? Here we go again, allegedly


Corporate Arrogance

This is exactly the sort of corporate arrogance that is epidemic in the USA and I believe to be encouraged by the Trump administration if not by policy then by example.

'5G for Five Eyes!' US senator tells Parliamentarians the world would be better without Huawei


UK has options

OK, canceel those F-35s. Order up some Shenyang FC-31s.

Star's rosette orbit around our supermassive black hole proves Einstein's Theory of General Relativity correct


Re: Theory?

If you want to get really freaked out take a look at the theories that grow out of the math of a KERR OBJECT.

Why is ransomware still a thing? One-in-three polled netizens say they would cave to extortion demands


Ransomware Aftermath

People don't understand if they pay up and MAYBE get their data back their computer system is not theirs anymore. Unless the complete system storage is sanitized and OS clean reinstalled the criminals still own the system.

Microsoft nukes 9 million-strong Necurs botnet after unpicking domain name-generating algorithm


Re: MS at least try to be the good guys every now and then

Windows is not necessarily "weaker" but it is more numerous, providing a bigger bang for the buck.

Xerox hopes wining and dining HP shareholders will convince them of takeover


Desperation move

The question is, who will buy up the remains of Xerox when the buyout fails.

Dual screens, fast updates, no registry cruft and security in mind: Microsoft gives devs the lowdown on Windows 10X


Here we go again.

Everytime a new Windows is fed to the users it is like a Kabuki Play. Early Adopters jump right in and enjoy battling with teething problems. Mouldy Figs swear they will die before their current version is ripped from their grasp. Linux Evangelists have a field day with righteous conversion speeches. Business and Corporate users get caught between legacy applications and approaching support deadlines.

I can hardly wait to watch the fun.

So you locked your backups away for years, huh? Allow me to introduce my colleagues, Brute, Force and Ignorance


Just BOOT it up

Back in the late 1970s I serviced an aging mainframe system at a large metro newspaper. The combination device for reading and punching cards as well as printing was an even older device. The technology of the "printer" was based on numerous relays. The printer was having startup problems. I pulled out the box that controlled power, it was completely filled with relays. After cleaning the relay contacts it came back to life. I noticed the box had a large black mark on the outside. While I was attempting to clean the black mark the computer operator remarked to not bother, that was where they would give it a swift kick when it got cranky.

What are those Windows 10 PCs running? Several flavours from 2019, by the looks of things


GO, GO Surface GO

I have been using a Surface GO for almost a year. I had to replace my worn out 6 year old ASUS T100T with a similar configuration. The T100T came with WIndows 8 and Office. It was my entry into WIndows 10. I used to do a lot of mobile computing, not so much now. I like the Go with its backlit keyboard, 12 hour battery and 400 USD price point. Along with the GO I am running 2 self-built gaming desktops and 2 laptops, all more or less on the latest Windows 10 updates. Just for fun I keep trying to find a system where Windows 10 will not run. I got it to run more or less smoothly, all things considered, on pretty much everything, 2009 Gateway laptop, 2011 HP laptop, 2008 Dell 1.6 Ghz Atom netbook (upgraded all the way to 2GB RAM and 32 GB SSD).

Canadian insurer paid for ransomware decryptor. Now it's hunting the scum down


So you think you got back your files

Criminals have been rooting around in your system locking down your files. You had great archives and recovery is looking pretty good. You think you are out of the woods? They could also have been hiding back doors all over and now your system actually belongs to crooks and you may not know it. Pretty soon the other shoe will drop.

Microsoft engineer caught up in sudden spate of entirely coincidental grilling of Iranian-Americans at US borders


How convenient

Trump needed a distraction and some "strongman" action to unite his "base".

Iran needed a symbol to unite citizens and a distraction from all the public unrest in large cities.

Good coordination. Iran has lots more creepy generals.

And then there were two: HMS Prince of Wales joins Royal Navy


RN was particularly ham-handed with Carrier operation. Primary was leadership. RN was ruled by Big Gun admirals who believed enough guns would always clear the air for their ships. Over and over they had to find otherwise. Carrier groups were commanded by non-flying Admirals with no sensitivity to the complications of air ops such as sailing into the wind and sufficient CAP. During the 1920s the USN was ordered to organize carrier operations with only commanders that were trained Naval Aviators. RN AIr Arm had this weird condition where flight operations leaders were often "observers" with little feeling for actual naval aviation. The Seafire was a poor carrier fighter with weak landing gear and short range that required they spend much of their CAP re-fueling. The RN Far East Fleet that operated with the USN was mostly populated with Lend-Lease US Hellcats, Corsairs and Avengers for more effective operations and RNFAA pilots trained in the USA. With the known state of RNFAA operation and available aircraft any RN carrier would have been meat on he table to the superior IJN aircraft, naval aviators, tactics and large modern carriers.

Remember the big IBM 360 mainframe rescue job? For now, Brexit has ballsed it up – big iron restorers


As 1980s mainframes go those are pretty small entry level systems for medium size businesses.

Gasp! Google Chrome kills uBlock, Adblock ad filters – grab the pitchfo- no wait, it's OK: They were evil fraud clones


ADs blocking vs. avoidance

I don't use dedicated AD Blockers but I do use facilities built into browsers. Most have some settings to help. I also like DUCK DUCK GO that suppresses tracking. Beyond that I avoid certain sites. One example is COMPUTERWORLD, mainly just a mass of sidebars stuffed with Ads. Also avoid the Lists of X this and that, nothing more than Click-Bait.

AMD agrees to cough up $35-a-chip payout over eight-core Bulldozer advertising fiasco


It was a crappy CPU anyway.

Bulldozer was a failure and was instrumental in 1000's of laid off workers.

I am running it's more successful follow-on the Piledriver 8350.

Still sniggering at that $999 monitor stand? Apple just got serious about the enterprise


Re: Shiny, shiny

The philosophy of product development profiting from earlier works of others is covered by two mottos:



HP boss: Intel shortages are steering our suited customers to buy AMD


Some hilarious comments. This article concerns the ability to fill corporate supply chains with a viable alternative to good old Intel. It has nothing to do with CPU fanbois. The Strawberry Pi suggestion really got me.

Last year, we joked that Amazon was a cloud giant with a gift shop. Looking at these AWS figures, we were right



From the tone of comments AMAZON's rep is suffering from a case of "what have you done for me lately".

Brit Parliament online orifice overwhelmed by Brexit bashers


Too Late.

As with the USA 2016 election day, Where were you all when it counted?

Burn an offering and backup your system cuz Windows 10 19H1 might actually arrive for spring


And here it is.

I am on 18353 right now, still checking out new stuff, but working OK.

SpaceX Crew Dragon: Launched and docked. Now, about that splashdown...


Hope for the best, plan for the worst.

To quote Adam Savage of MythBusters, "Failure is always an option."

50 years ago: NASA blasts off the first humans to experience a lunar close encounter


The reason for The Moon

Let's face it. The Human Race has to get off this planet before we are extinct.