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NASA boffins on Pluto: We see skies of BLUE and... RED water ice


So Now Pluto's A Planet Again?

The Planet Deniers won out and the school science book folks made a fortune redoing the books to force the little kids to think Pluto was just a stupid ball of ice.

And now this. Blue skys and red oceans.

It's just so confusing.

Europe launches search for Einstein's space-time ripples


Mommy, Can We Play With It?

At some moment in the Space Time Continuum they will come across this speck of ESA taxpayer paid for dust and wonder what it was all about.


Make Work Project For ESA

Good Golly - And here we thought NASA's financial windfall to start training Mars astronauts was the ultimate taxpayer scam.

VPN users menaced by port forwarding blunder


Start Your Own VPN Business Today!

While VPN may appear mysterious and cloak and dagger in design - it is very easy to setup a dedicated VPN server with easy to source software.


Keeping Out The Creeps

Witopia is excellent with small price. They have global coverage, live support. Take a look at Tunnel Bear - it is very user friendly - has a free level.

VPN is essential to mask your data when in public wifi areas and hotel rooms.


Surprise - Surprise

The mechanics of the Security Agencys back door into VPN revealed. So easy.