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BBC's Today Programme shutters message board


dear, dear.

The rot has been there for awhile.

@ John Richards: The old Science&Nature community moved to Science File (www.sciencefile.org) back in 2005 when they did changed the format and messed up the moderation of the S&N boards. And the new format is horrendous.

IM represents 'new linguistic renaissance'


How about pwnd?

Vocal use of 'owned' in the gaming context in regular conversation is punishable by three options:

1. A Counterstrike match with the Queens English enforced over mic.

2. 100 lines of "Victory and the past possession of an object are not the same thing"

3. Death

Sun stock goes degenerate dwarf



And there I was hoping for a science article....

DARPA wants microscopic atom clocks on chips


Stern Gerlach

You've made one physicist laugh today :) miniaturised Stern-Gerlach apparatus indeed!

Mines the one with the Z-pinch in the pocket

Colliding galaxies mark Hubble anniversary



Good stuff. Lets just hope more space-based telescopes make it worthwhile.

Alcohol where the sun doesn't shine, and nanotubes darker than that


Oh my dear god

@Luther Blissett.

STFU and do a physics degree.

UK driver details lost somewhere in America

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Oh my dear god

You are F**KING joking me! This is farce, and although I'd vote labour over tory any day, more than one head should roll for a whole load a systematic failures. ]

And if I wasn't finished a physics degree and to committed to care about having no more research future in the UK due to another effing gov balls-up, then i'd be tempted to sign up, and try and install a culture of common sense.

Mobiles can upset hospital equipment, after all


Re: John

We know that anyway. - try driving while chatting.

Dino-killing asteroid traced back 160m years



How can you people be so blindingly stupid?

Approximations and such are used in these models, which is why it says 160+/- 20 million years. That's a very large error (12.5%) but it's good nevertheless.

Luke Wells: try studying a bit of classical mechanics. You mgiht be surprised what can be predicted / traced back through planetary motion.

Chris Morrison: Before you disbelieve, try doing it yourself / looking at the paper and also realise that there is a reason for the error stated.

Whether science actually takes anything for fact or whether all we know is a succession of better and better approximations is a bunch of philosophy i'm not going to go into.

Brian May going for astronomy PhD


Still relevant....

He did a three year undergrad physics at Imperial (BSc), and started his PhD before running away to play music.

His topic is still relevant, and I believe no one has done any new work in his specific area of zoadical dust clouds since he quit. I expect the theories he is working on have been refined, but since he can continue his PhD, they have not undergone any radical shift. I wouldn't know about wordprocessor disks, but I'm sure something could be found.

(Imperial undergrad physicist)