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VMware to stop describing hardware as ‘male’ and ‘female’ in new terminology guide


True clown world

Well come to the future, welcome to the clown world

Linus Torvalds banishes masters, slaves and blacklists from the Linux kernel, starting now


And if you Google Dan Williams you will find a black dude. Why I am not surprised? But what I did not expect, is Linus to turn woke and the rest of the guys/girls... Truly this world is getting nuts every day. BTW now that you have changed that term which was BTW used for the past 30 years, congratulations on solving a racism problem. Who would figure that changing those words would solve a thousand years old problem... Well done, simply well done.

New CentOS Linux distro sips updates from RHEL codebase like an ever-flowing Stream


OK, what's wrong with Fedora that so many people are saying "it is unstable". I have been using it for very long time now, I did not encounter any crash that would divert me from that distro, so I wonder what the hell are you doing with it, that is so "unstable"?

Second thing, the reason why I use it, is by the time I would get the hw support on RHEL or CentOS, my laptop can be literally considered an obsolete, seriously... So having as you call "bleeding edge" gives me a chance to use my laptop with "almost" full support. Again, during my usage of that distro, I did not get any issues, so I would kindly ask anyone to give me a good example, so I can replicate and test it myself to believe that it is "unstable" as you guys/girls are claiming.


Rooting and modding a Windows Phone is now child's play


No but seriously. If you buy a phone, than it is your right to do whatever you like. I have windows phone lumia 535 with win10mobile insider preview, and have pre installed several applications. Some of Microsoft applications are not used by me, and it it is a waste of precious space. They are also running in the background, so instead that my processor, network bandwidth and battery is less consumed, it is constantly running in the background for the apps that I never use. This also apply to Android, iOS and rest. People should make a pressure for a companies to start releasing phones completely unlocked and without any restrictions. Or at least make the possibility to "unlock it". If I for some reason screw the phone, I void a warranty, and phone will not be repaired. I would be forced to buy another one, so this is a win-win situation.


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