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Never mind Samsung, GOOGLE will EAVESDROP as you browse on Chrome

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The "Okay Google" phrase only works with the browser plug in while you are on a "New Tab" page. Otherwise, voice recognition is turned off during your normal activities.

Here's the $4.99 utility that might just have saved Windows 8

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Here's the free tool

If you want a tool that works even better, and costs absolutely nothing, head over to SourceForge and check out the offering from ibeltchev


The program is called Classic Shell, and you can choose between 3 different types of Start Menu depending on what your favorite past time menu was to use.

'Amazon plans iPhone-killing Android mobe' – report

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Foxconn... there goes any hope that it would be a decent piece of hardware.

Foxconn hit by worker protests

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I don't know about other people, but foxconn has become one of my least favorite due to there unbelievable fail rate.

RIM BlackBerry Torch 9800

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Would be great

But in the US, RIM screwed up any chance of making this the next popular BlackBerry when they went with AT&T as the only carrier for this next paperweight.

Philips SHQ3000 washable earphones

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Now all we need

Is a washable iPod to go with this.

Asus said to be making gadget inspired by gadget Apple is said to be making

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It's already here, just from a different company.

I hate to burst everyone's bubble that thinks this is a new innovation, but mini touch tablets are already here.


They offer it in both a 5 and 7 inch version, fully capable of connecting to your cell providers network. Available with either Win XP or Win 7 on a SSD, the later being the more touch friendly. Unlike anything apple would ever support, this even has a built in slot for an SDHC card, also a 2 way USB connection to connect to another computer to share files and whatever else directly.

If you aren't happy with just the standard windows touch system, don't worry. Viliv has built in a fully supported touch menu themselves.

Pssst... Apple tablet on way, whisper Chinese moles

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"It makes me even angrier to think they could *buy the ingredients and make the pie themselves* for much cheaper !!! :-D"

That's the thing, you can't buy the ingrediants for a Mac and make it yourself. OSX is not sold retail, and the terms of using OSX state that you can only use it on a Mac branded machine.

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It's interesting...

...that some of you people actually think Apple won't price gounge this just like they do with EVERY OTHER PRODUCT they have ever released.

Yes, I know that the $800 price mark may seem a bit high, but that's what Apple is all about, setting price marks that are severly higher than what the spec's say they should be. If this isn't just another rumor, and does prove to be true, Apple will take the chance to get every last penny out of every last person willing to buy this before dropping the price.

I try not to rant too much, but when people actually sit there thinking that Apple isn't going to price-gouge there latest product, it makes me sick...

Man creates third-gen iPhone rumours picture

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He forgot...

He completely forgot the color category of "No way in hell would they ever"

One of the ones that falls under that is the built-in FM Transmitter. I think we can all agree that apple would never build in a feature for free that would eliminate the need for you to buy an accesory.

Is that an iPhone in my pocket? Oh wait... I was scared there for a second. There's my Crackberry.

iPhone 3.0 gossip lassos MMS, tethering, cut-and-paste...

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"RIM's BlackBerry supports it in plans from MetroPCS, Sprint, and Alltel"

They also support MMS on the Verizon Network.

How Warcraft reigned supreme in 2008

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Lost in the past...

Sadly, I believe the original Star Wars Galaxies (SWG) was enough to take down WoW, or at least put a huge dent in there numbers. Then due to an "improvement" they lost over %90 of the original player base, myself included.

For quite a while I do admit to playing World of Warcraft. Yes, it has dragged me into it's world with my loss of SWG. I played it for the longest time, I even had two accounts, max levels on both accounts on each side of the fence. But then, sence returned to my head. I quit the game, and I await the next WoW-Killer to surface. A MMO of KOTR would probably just do it...

Yahoo! opens search to all

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I figured this company signed there death notice when they refused the Buyout from M$

Duff UK nukes risk 'popcorn' multi-blast accident apocalypse

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From experience...

From my experience, it is always the thing that seems least likely, and the most remote of possibilities, that always happens.

Amazon sues New York over Amazon Tax

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No way...

I live in New York, My salary is paid by New York State tax dollars, I pay tax ontop of all that. So as it is I am already paying part of my sallary. I do a good portion, if not most of my shopping on Amazon.com. I figure I can make up a little where I get charged out the arse every other way in this. I don't think New York should get a penny from Amazon.

X-48B mini flying-wing drone prototype resumes testing

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Standard Union Workers

You can just tell... They're a union... One person working, two people watching, one more person on a beer run.

Budget HD DVD player to include even more free discs

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Sure... QVC Shopping channel. It will come cheap, but you'll have to buy 5 of them.

Retailers: Xbox 360 to win next-gen console war

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Pushing factors

While I would personally agree and hope for the Xbox 360 to win the console wars, I don't think that games alone will decide there fate. Microsoft while making the Xbox 360 went with a backwards compatabile strategy and HD availability. Sony on the otherhand went for a bold move that has been tried before.. Blue Ray. For some reason, every time I think of Blue Ray, BetaMax enters my mind. IF the Blue Ray tech manages to suprise everyone and beat out HD DVD, Sony will have a good shot at staying in the game. But if it doesn't... can we hope that sonys reign of terror is at an end?

I know comparing Sony and Microsoft is like comparing satan and the devil, but atleast MS went with full backwards compatability. Can we say the same for sony? Especially when looking at there most recent budget version of the PS3....

Opera hits Microsoft with EC complaint

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The only MS OS you'll see not bundled with IE is Server 2008 Core Edition. Otherwise the base for IE is the base for the entire browser itself in MS. Open up my computer? Well you've just opened up a slightly stripped down version of IE.

Having a migraine? Blame your brain

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Re: Causes and pain

When it comes to pain, such as headaches, I am very used to this as I from day to day constantly suffer. I don't however show signs of it either to most people. This has tended to numb me to alot of pain, not that I don't feel it, but I don't react to it. I've always been very sensitive to stimuli, both pain and pleasure. But you can't judge how sensitive I am by the reaction I show...

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When talking about the likely cause of migranes, keep in mind that they can be triggered by a multitude of things.

I, for example, suffer from Stress, sensory, and dietary migranes. Some people are lucky enough to only have one of those as triggers, and some people are unlucky enough to have all of them. In the case of stress, and stress alone, which is probably the most frequent cause of migranes. Removing a primary factor of stress can completely relieve the symptoms for quite some time, or even for good.

While I wish it was that easy for me, I have found my migranes are triggered from stress, eating habbits or changes in eating, and sensory (i.e. natural light). So the only way for me to be migrane free, would be to live a completely peaceful life, eating a very bland diet, and never ever step foot outside during daytime.... And now back to my job in the army instead of posting comments....

Sony posts PS3 update - two weeks after the last one

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Lets just be honest

Come on Sony... get it over with, scrap your gaming system and admit you screwed the pooch on this one....

Xbox Live gamers to get game, gratis

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Pizza and Mountain Dew

Ahh... the only thing left to truly veg us. The Pizza and Mountain Dew delivey button... One click and life is simple...

Seagate to start shifting SSDs

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Great... but...

While it's great they're going to start mass production... why are they starting it on a technology already faulted with having an extrememly short lifetime. SSD drives while bright and promising, have the fault that they only allow so many writes before they go down the crapper. Using this as a primary and only drive for the computer is just dooming you to a quick demise.

Wanna stick USB 2.0 to your network?

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Nice.. but not nice enough

While this hub has some really nice features, it is very dissapointing to see something that is to be used with storage and connectivity devices only have a built in 10/100 card with no support for a 10/100/1000.