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UK Defence Committee chair muses treating TikTok like Huawei: So eyeball its code then ban it from the country?


Even amateurs are finding hard coded credentials...I mean the more plausible deniability version of debug keys that engineers forgot to remove....in Cisco kit.

No need for the experts to look when theres on average 5 backdoors/pre-uth exec/RCE found every month anyway :P

Remember kids, its ok for google software to send everything to the mothership about you for Uncle Sam and the NSA but China is bad mmkay, their software might do something....

Raytheon techie who took home radar secrets gets 18 months in the clink in surprise time fraud probe twist


Secrets elsewhere

Some places have so much security to protect their information and products but that often goes out the window when they pass that information to another company to work with.

Having worked for a translation company that for example translated Tank manuals for users and mechanics, printouts would be left all over the place including left in the printer trays for hours.

Even applying standards and being promised certain procedures, you dont know whats happening behind closed doors of outsourced work in other companies.

FYI: Someone's scanning gateways, looking for those security holes Citrix told you not to worry too much about


Scout Motto - Be Prepared

Even if there is no current exploit for a new vulnerability just published, pre-scanning the net with Masscan for possible targets gives you a fresh clean list to run an exploit against if one appears shortly after. Allowing to you mass pwn much faster when then time arises using your lean list of pre-fingerprinted targets and a potentially more complete list than Shodan.

US govt: Julian Assange tried to recruit hacker to steal hush-hush dirt and we should know – the hacker was an informant


Re: I keep seeing this word "hacker" ...

While some of Lulzsec may have been immature and not more than skids, there was some real talent there too.

Even a skid needs to work out the best workflow and exfiltration methods when dealing with intelligence organisations.

Apple-Google COVID-19 virus contact-tracing API to bar location-tracking access


Re: one app per country?

It makes more sense to throw the tracking app idea out the window altogether.

Judging distances via bluetooth is a shambles to begin with due to how all different phones with different chipsets output the BT signal and how they receive it. Working on that flawed data and advising people (advising them what exactly?) based on that is pointless,

Even if you accept someone will change their behaviour based on the app, we have to assume everyone has a mobile phone and installs the app. There would be so many holes and missing information in the big picture, I just dont see it being useful in any way at all. Except for goverments to have one database to easily track who interacts with who, without waiting for the NSA and GHCQ's to do the search through their collated phone mast info instead. /Cynic


Re: Makes a change

One assumes Google will still slurp and keep the location data for themselves. Just not sharing it with others....except the obligatory NSA, FBI, CIA etc.

It has always bugged me how Google has got away with bundling Bluetooth permissions with location so they can get location on apps that don't need it. There is no need for the app for bluetooth scales to need the location permission but impossible to use it if you deny,

Of course, having bluetooth in hair brushes, toothbrushes, toasters etc is another debate on its own...

Hey, China. Maybe you should have held your hackers off for a bit while COVID-19 ravaged the planet. Just a suggestion


Re: Cisco Kit

The software than runs on top where all the exploits have been found have been coded by Cisco themselves, I assume in their American HQ.


We know that outsourced Russian hackers are not allowed to use any Russian words or fonts in their code, so have to be careful to scrub usual fingerprints like home directories with Russian names that compilers like to stick in and such like.

We also know that the CIA have used Russian companies certificates in their malware and plant foreign language fingerprints like the above compiler home directories.

Not to mention all the stolen and re-used code from other countries cyber-offence teams. So yeah attribution is hard, so we have to go with best guess. It should be sold as definitive unless we are 100% and thats hard, even if we go by previous knowledge as again, that could be wrong for the same reason as above.


Cisco Kit

Given how many remote exploits there were for Cisco Kit in the last 30 days and how widely deployed they were, I would expect every country with sophisticated cyber capabilities to be making the most of the vulnerabilities before they got patched.

The US gov were so noisy about Chinese Huawei kit being vulnerable yet here we are with US Cisco kit having vulnerability after vulnerability and with proof they are being exploited.

Hacking is one of those jobs that can be done at home during isolation lockdown

Yeah, that Zoom app you're trusting with work chatter? It lives with 'vampires feeding on the blood of human data'


Prime minister and cabinet

Noticed on the news that Boris is using Zoom to talk with other cabinet members.

Does the UK government have anyone who advises on software and security matters? I mean they were all using whatsapp well after it was known that backups were sent to the cloud without encryption so...im guessing not.

Its not as if its a government who could be discussing sensitive info...oh wait, I'll get my coat.

Hey, friends. We know it's a crazy time for the economy, but don't forget to enable 2FA for payments by Saturday


Saturday b0rk3d

Tried to purchase something online today and got a message on my phone telling to verify the transaction in my banking app.

Tried opening the banking app and for the first time ever got an error about not being able to connect to my banks servers. Tried on cell data and home wifi but no use and the banks helpdesk was useless.

Ended up buying the item from ebay instead where it just worked without any extra prompts, phone messages or actions needed after pressing the checkout button.

I have a feeling some businesses are going to lose sales if this has been implemented badly.

Google: You know we said that Chrome tracker contained no personally identifiable info? Yeah, about that...


Re: ????

I think the point was some used Chrome only because Google promised not to track them with browser code and the lie was believed.

People generally trust companies not to lie straight to their face, even in this case.


Re: Survey answers

That pretty much guarantees you a spot on most BBC shows these days, even if you are utterly useless for the role!

Those that like Chrome as a browser should can to one of the alternatives using the same base code without the tracking stuff. Chromium, Brave, maybe Pale Moon or something similar.

'Unfixable' boot ROM security flaw in millions of Intel chips could spell 'utter chaos' for DRM, file encryption, etc



Another example of what I assume is a government organisation gifted backdoor which shows that backdoors cannot be kept secret forever and once exposed, everyone can be screwed by every Tom,Dick and Harry.

All the US has to do now is to make a noise about foreign hardware having backdoors so everyone scrambles to buy US backdoored kit. oh wait...i'll get my coat.

Wi-Fi of more than a billion PCs, phones, gadgets can be snooped on. But you're using HTTPS, SSH, VPNs... right?


Yet another backdoor in Chinese products to snoop on traffic..oh wait, Broadcom & Cisco are American, must be a bug! /Sarcasm

How useful this could be depends on how well the client OS/software reconnects and re-transmits and how many errors get shown on the desktop I would guess. Repeated warnings vs silent recovery would make a huge difference in whether someone investigates the reconnects or not.

You can make a wifi de-auther using a ESP8266 board which is about the size of a flat finger but i'm not sure if it possible to modify that project to read the known encryption key traffic after. Something to look in to!

Departing MI5 chief: Break chat app crypto for us, kthxbai


How does he keep a straight face

That 'lawful intercept' backdoor that hardware manufacturers have to put in as part of the 5G standard which is causing the current noise about a certain Chinese company should tell them all they need to know about forcing weaknesses and backdoors in systems.

Total bollocks that its not about mass surveillance and data mining for juicy shit. Real criminals they can and do get warrants and such to investigate properly. This is just for mass surveillance and everyone knows it.

Assange lawyer: Trump offered WikiLeaker a pardon in exchange for denying Russia hacked Democrats' email


Amazingly he wasn't the Belmarsh prisoner beaten to death by two other prisoners today, which surprised even me when I first heard about it!


Extradition treaty

No one should even have an extradition case, let alone be extradited to the US until Anne Sacoolas is extradited from the US for Harry Dunns death.

Plenty of reasons not send Assange to the barbaric third world like american jail system anyway.

Time to undo Blairs extradition gift to America too as it was not in the interest of the UK, much like his illegal war.

Oi, Cisco! Who left the 'high privilege' login for Smart Software Manager just sitting out in the open?


Backdoor! Oh wait, its not Huawei kit

"a bug caused by the presence of a high-privilege account with a static password present in the Cisco Smart Software Manager tool."

If this was a San Fran'cisco' author reporting on Huawei there would be shouts of Backdoor and evil Chinese company but it's American Cisco so it's a bug.

#JustSayin (and will keep saying until the stupidness stops but alas that might take as long as el-reg switching to secure https login pages about 3 years after my handle here started prodding)

GRU won't believe it: UK and US call out Russia for cyber-attacks on Georgia last year


Attribution can be hard but...

...common sense told the world that the Russians were behind those attacks at those times for obvious reasons.

Just another day in the political hypocritical propaganda sphere of spies vs spies

Tutanota cries 'censorship!' after secure email biz blocked – for real this time – in Russia


Censoring a service so that users have to use a different service which can be spied on is often the goal.

It can be done in your face where everyone can see it or quietly under another guise. DDosing certain VPN nodes so VPN services software thinks Server X under gov control is the fastest node so their targets connect to it for example. not much different from this email provider block.

Western countries shout about the control other regimes are inflicting while hypocritically doing the same via more discreet methods.

Google Chrome to block file downloads – from .exe to .txt – over HTTP by default this year. And we're OK with this


Part of this is to stop MITM attacks.

It's easy (using available frameworks) to MITM someone on a network and modify their HTTP downloads on the fly. So as they download an EXE, your MITM machine adds malware to the file and the unsuspecting user gets the modified version

Same can be done with archives and ISO downloads.

This makes it harder for someone on your network, ISP, NSA types (or criminals who have gained access somewhere/redirected traffic via BGP attacks) to intercept along the route and add their own code.

Trivial backdoor found in firmware for Chinese-built net-connected video recorders



When various 'debugging backdoors' have been found in Cisco equipment the el reg articles say it was a probably a genuine dev mistake and no mention of a backdoor.

When a company connected to Huawei have something similar, even if it's not internet connectable like Cisco's built in keys and backdoors, its suddenly the end of the world and Huawei are evil and it was likely intentional.

I love el reg but slowly losing my respect for their articles with this bullshit. There needs to be a way for us to be able to disable American based propaganda authors articles showing on the page....

Hospital hacker spared prison after plod find almost 9,000 cardiac images at his home


Re: Hacker?

He was using credentials issued to him while he was a member of staff but the main point is that he didn't hack anything. He used credentials issued to him. Nothing was hacked.



At what point does a member of staff with valid network credentials become known as a hacker?

Somewhere between the facts and writing the story obviously....

ICANN finally reveals who’s behind purchase of .org: It’s ███████ and ██████ – you don't need to know any more


Re: names redacted...

With the Donuts registry being involved in the buying....they were the first (and I think only) registry that decided to throw law out the window and suspend domains based on the MPAA's say so.


With that tight media cartel connection I wouldn't trust anything this company does. like trying to buy rights to .org

This whole deal needs a full independent audit and public report before the sale on important internet infrastructure goes through as a bare minimum.

Unlocking news: We decrypt those cryptic headlines about Scottish cops bypassing smartphone encryption


Re: What if..

Had a problem like that using Multiboot to have multiple roms on a phone and when one got a kernel update, caused problems galore with booting the others.

If I understand what they are doing here, they are not changing the deleting or replacing the bootloader but putting it in memory and patching the phone to boot from that bit of memory instead of the current bootloader. If this is the case then it should have no effect on the phone after a reboot.

Otherwise like you say, may things that can go wrong!

What's that? Encryption's OK now? UK politicos Brexit from Whatsapp to Signal

Thumb Down

Re: Snowden endorsement

Despite the fact we know he worked with the NSA's hacking department, TAO, and various contractors in a technical and engineer roll so obviously knows his stuff....his endorsement is probably not related to his skills/lack of skills on cryptography.

What he brings to the table is knowledge of the x-keyscore database and data retrieval system. Knowing what data they can and cannot slurp up as well as knowing what protocols/algorithms/encryptions cause the NSA problems (at least up until the end of his time there) so can make informed recommendations based on that alone.

Hate can blind you to the obvious.

Big Brother

Not encrypted whatsapp backups

How has the IT security guy allowed them to continue to use whatsapp all this time knowing that while it has E2E encryption, it makes backups of your chats unencrypted on google servers?

It only needs one person in a group to enable backups form the constant nags and E2E encryption doesnt matter as its sitting on googles servers for various alphabet agencies to access, even those not supposed to access it.

Consider nothing said on whatsapp as safe since they added this front door in to your messages. I only wonder what politicians could have said that other countries could have used as intelligence to their advantage.

UK's Virgin Media celebrates the end of 2019 with a good, old fashioned TITSUP*


Re: Not in South London.. further north

Since Friday 27th March 2009 to be more precise.

Want to live long and prosper? Avoid pirated, malware-laden Star Wars free vid streams – and pay to watch instead


Re: Here's a safe Starwars download

No encryption on Telnet so the packets can be easily MITM'ed. At least HTTPS is TLS and can be secure from that so theoretically cleaner and safer /Pedantic


Re: Another Option

You mean the fake 4k because it is upscaled from 2k or something similar?

Or the fact they put it in a HDR container to get your TV in HDR mode but none of the Star Wars movies seem to have authored for HDR properly and the nit difference between stuff is not much different from SDR?

Star wars movies thrown on Disney+ as 4K HDR and it's anything but. Same as their TV series The Mandalorian.


Tell me something new...

Seems every so often around the launch of a new movie or tv series, an AV company or publication runs a story about how Kodi boxs catch fire (real story is some some Chinese box's dont have a CE certified power adapter) or trying to watch x, y or z on a pirate site will lead to your bank account being emptied.

Almost as if the MPA (piss artists formally known as MPAA) chucked them a loads of money to come up with some anti-piracy words. Carnegie Melon seems to enjoy the yearly grants from them and continue to have weirdly biased reports for an 'independent' report.

No real story from Kasperky who I usually respect for their malware breakdowns and general work, except the usual <something popular> gets more attention from malware authors or controllers. Whatever is popular gets more attention and has always been the case.

Emirati 'surveillance app' ToTok promoted by Huawei as Apple punts it from store


Trying to be like the Daily mail?

So much mention of Huawei in this negative article and even the story URL when Huawei is not the bad guy here. Seriously makes me want to start blocking stupid story authors.

UAE trying it on like other countries. Don't see any articles besmirching Apple or Google for recommending Whatsapp when they introduced the unencrypted backup on Google servers front/backdoor which I have no doubt was done to give NSA access to those messages.

I'm surprised there wasnt a dig at kersperkys AV for not picking it up as malicious or something too.

Pathetc. /Rant

FYI: FBI raiding NSA's global wiretap database to probe US peeps is probably illegal, unconstitutional, court says

Big Brother

Parallel construction

Parallel construction will ensure that not much will change in reality.


As usual, no protection for non-US citizens from mass surveillance.

Five years in the clink for super-crook who scammed Google, Facebook out of $120m with fake tech invoices


Re: Good accounting

Often greed that gets people. If he had stopped at + 60 million after a year and run away into the night, he would have come out smelling of roses.

But 5 years for whatever he still has squirrelled away is probably well worth it.

British bloke accused of extorting victims for 'Dark Overlord' hacker crew finally gets his free trip* to America


Re: Where is Anne Sacoolas?

There goes that bargaining ticket...

Business as usual on the one way extradition street from UK to US. Bout time someone had the balls to resolve that.

London's Met Police splash the cash on e-learning 'cyber' training for 4k staffers


Cyber means on the interwebz

Police already spend way too much time dealing with people offended by comments made on social media, be it twitter or facebook.

I assume this cyber training is how to do deal with these easy cleanup rate + good for stats 'hate crimes' a bit faster as cyber does just mean something on the internet to them. They will be taught how to make requests to service providers and how to be a voyeur over your ICR (Internet connection records) but I doubt there will be any actual real cyber crime training.

The police need to stop spending limited resources attending obvious joke twitter comments or the 5th time a persistent caller calls about a comment they take offence too, even when its not directed at them, and that old age saying 'catch real criminals'.

Google Chrome will check for leaked credentials every time you sign in anywhere

Big Brother


I would rather not be logged in to google, ever, than gain the benefits of their password breach notifications.

Good feature for those that are happy for Google to hoover up all their personal data though!

Hashing and only sending part of the hash is probably the best way they could have done it for speed and security reasons. Saying that, those pesky 3 letter agencies probably have some way to abuse the limited data sent anyway.

Judge to interview Assange over claims Spanish security firm snooped on him during Ecuador embassy stint


Employing the fox the guard the hens

A security company that offers security but uses that access to break your security probably won't get many people wanting to use them now that cat is out of the bag.

CIA and US security services don't care if they fuck up a companies reputation or destroys it from them using and abusing it. Yet all these companies keep doing their dirty work.

He cannot get a fair extradition trail when the other party has access to his confidential conversations with his own lawyers over the subject.

Mozilla locks nosy Avast, AVG extensions out of Firefox store amid row over web privacy


Every company slurps as much data as they can get away with as new-age marketing types have told them its all about monetizing data now.

Lets add bluetooth and an app to <device>, say a toothbrush, and then we can track how, when and where they use the device and sell the data is another new trick.

Lets sell you an expensive tv but then pipe our own adverts straight to it while also sending back to the mothership what programmes they watch, when and for how long!

Its happening everywhere and laws and regulations dont seem to stop them taking the piss every chance possible. We need more to protect us from data slurping companies.

UK parcel firm Yodel plugs tracking app's random yaps about where on map to snap up strangers' tat


Despite so many deliveries a day, they manage to screw mine up every time.

Used to get told they tried to deliver but I was out so many times when no one had even approached my door but heard that in the last year they introduced something where drivers have to take a photo to prove they were at the property as so many were apparently lying about deliveries.

Instant dread when I see Yodel as the delivery type after paying. I tend to ask up front that Yodel isn't used when I remember.

Second time lucky: Sweden drops Julian Assange rape investigation


Re: Sex by Surprise

Wake-up sex with a consensual sex partner is enjoyed by many around the world.

'Literally a paperweight': Bose users fume at firmware update that 'doesn't fix issues'


Blame Microsoft

I blame Bill Gates and Microsoft.

Microsoft started the pattern of releasing stuff with the thought of allowing customers to find the bugs which they will then fix with a patch at a later date.

Then software companies and game companies started doing the same. Release bugged to hell software with promises of a software fix or two further down the line.

Now its hardware with firmware updates being pushed out the door without proper testing and it's 50/50 if it gets a firmware update to fix the fault and if so how many patches they will get to fix the various issues that should have been fixed before the product was released.

As much as im all for patching quickly for best security practises, there is no way I would update firmware on my TV or other electronic equipment without reading reviews of others using it first to see what new problems have been introduced. It can be weeks to a month later I update now, if at all.

Denial of service kingpin hit with 13 months denial of freedom and a massive bill to pay


Re: Protest via DDoS ?

In general you may be right but it's not that black and white.

When Paypal, VISA and other similar companies stops allowing their services to be used by a company or organisation for political reasons, it can end a company or organisation as it struggles to find other ways of payment. This has happened with some VPN companies, Wikileaks and even some hosting companies because of political pressure.

The little guy has no way to really voice their opinion on that with it being noticed or heard but taking VISA and Paypal offline via DDoS made enough attention to get that fact on the main news channels. Operation Payback got coverage like those gluing themselves to floors in London recently. Both inconvenienced people but the London protests were legal to organise and participate in, if you kept to the law. DDoS'ing a site is not.

That did not stop media companies hiring Aieplex to DDoS torrent sites though which is well documented. Pretty sure no one in Bollywood or Aieplex went to jail though. The same with the anti-piracy companies that cause denial of service on perfectly legal trackers by faking clients that don't exist and other tricks to cause issues. Which goes back to my original point of it seems to be ok for governments, companies and the rich to do all these things which anyone else would go to jail for.


Double standards

" Anyone who weaponizes web traffic in this manner will be vigorously pursued and prosecuted by my office"

Except when government departments do it, along with creating and distributing malware and hacking people. Just not the little people!

DDoS is annoying but akin to sit-in at a shop, which would deny it business sales while it occurred. To that extent I think people should be able to protest via DDoS but start using it for blackmail and crime you get arrested like you would if a sit-in got violent or other crimes got committed.

It's a very fine line though


Re: Good

As well as those kind of amplified reflective attacks, they can also just send packets straight at the target spoofing the source IP. Be it sheer volume of packets, syn or whatever.

That gives them 1 or 10gbit of shared bandwidth on each paid server hosted in each data centre that doesnt block spoofed packets. These servers shouldn't be underestimated despite what we hear about the size of DNS/NTP/etc reflective attacks as they alone can be damaging enough if incoming from a few different peering links.

Hate hub hacked, Cisco bugs squished, Bluekeep attacks begin, and much, much more


Re: Hate hub hacked

That always depends what side of an argument you are on. A terrorist to one is freedom fighter to another.

It can be better to gain root, keep quiet and observe in case some of the fanatics on these sites decide to plan something. Showing your cards and going public with the hack just makes them more secure and your intel on them goes dark.

What do you get when you allegedly mix Wireshark, a gumshoe child molester, and a court PC? A judge facing hacking charges


I would like to know..

..which medical conditions meant you are not fit for jail but are fit enough to do IT work like laptop forensic analysis?

Sounds like a magic get out of jail card condition he has.

WhatsApp slaps app hacker chaps on the rack for booby-trapped chat: NSO Group accused of illegal hacking by Facebook


Re: "... a misuse, which is contractually prohibited."

It's more a front door than backdoor.

Maybe that is how the WhatsApp CEO can keep a straight face while saying they don't want backdoors.

It's ok you choosing to disable backups but has the other end of your conversations? If not, un-encrypted backups on googles/NSA's servers.



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