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Slimline Xbox 360 to be named the Pure?



"Actually you have to thank Sony for starting that with the PS1, MS just see that the supposed biggest and best get away with it"

Actually, you have to thank SEGA for starting that with the Master System and the Megadrive... Both systems were later re-released after being shrunk down and the newer, smaller Master System even had Alex Kidd included on the main board...

Government kids database under fire, again

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Just another excuse...

...to get everyone onto a national ID database before they even realise it.

Just what is the point of this? How does a database like this stop paedophiles? If they just put a stop to all of the PC nonsense and allowed people that worked with children to get on with their jobs, this wouldn't be an issue! We need LESS bureaucracy and fewer busybodies. The government has proven over and over again that they and their 'servants' cannot be trusted with our data and are far too incompetent to even run large projects like this.

Use the taxpayers money to get better support for children and build more basic(!) prisons for criminals that commit crime. Stop wasting it on pointless research and schemes for pushing other hidden agenda!

eBay slams UK.gov touting ban


@Mister Cheese

Totally agree with the above!

Instead of introducing more stupid legislation - provide the option to either upload a photo or give the names of the people who the tickets are for, that way people have the option to bring photographic ID to the venue if they don't have a photo to upload!

If the ticket sellers were smart, they could operate a change/cancellation policy and charge punters a small fee to change any details or to cancel their booking, just like airlines, such as easyJet, have done for years! At least this way, the touts are taken out of the equation, the sellers get more revenue and even the taxman is happy!

The government need to focus on the wider issues of the country and not be wasting OUR money with such stupid nonsense!!!

World+Dog tosses orb in public on Byron Review

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Read it first...!

To all those rubbishing the report, saying violent games create violent children, try actually reading the report first!

This happens to be very well-thought-out, mature, open-minded and considerate to the gaming industry. At no point does she blame games or scream the usual "blame this sick filth...", it simply reinforces that certificates are there for a reason and should be followed by retailers and PARENTS! She even makes a point of saying there is NO EVIDENCE that violent media creates violent people, but violence and adult-themed material should simply be kept away from kids... A lot of the comments made in newspapers this weekend took the report completely out of context and did their best to further sensationalise the story (no surprises there Daily Mail, ahem...)

This is now a prime opportunity for the gaming industry to scream back to the general public, "Yes we are a mainstream form of entertainment, yes we have adult-themed games, yes they are rated as such and no, we are not responsible when a parent knowingly buys their kids adult rated products..."

MS axes Xbox 360 HD DVD drive


Xbox 360 Noise Levels

For all the peeps moaning about the noise of the fans of their 360's, go troll some other 'game related' website about how much better RFOM2 is going to be than Gears2 FFS...

How a story on MS axing HD-DVD turns into a mass my-console-is-better-than-yours flame-war escapes me... Grow up, get a life, a job, a girlfriend and get laid already. Then you might not be so uptight about something so pathetic!

Beeb iPlayer gets Firefox-friendly


What's all the fuss over DRM anyway?

The DRM on the files downloaded by iPlayer is broken anyway... One quick search on the Web will throw up a number of applications that can remove the locks from any WMV file...

That aside, I've found iPlayer very simple to use and VERY fast. It's nice to see the BBC have done something good for a change, even if they haven't really finished the job properly.

(It's also a shame that Little Miss Jocelyn is the only thing on there I actually watch...)

Pirate Bay slapped with copyright charges


Can of worms

How can they (the prosecutor) possibly get away with this?

All TPB do is provide links to the files, even Google does this, so if TPB lose does this mean Google will get slapped for billions in accessories to commit piracy and infringe copyright???

FDA approves cloned animal products

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I'm disgusted

Why do we sit back and take this kind of nonsense and needless meddling with the world around us? Selective breeding has already had an effect on many animals we use and consume today. Cloning is wrong, it's bad enough that some of these animals have such a low quality of life as it is, being cramped and force fed just so they can be slaughtered. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a vegetarian, but I believe that all animals, whether bred for meat or other needs should have some dignity and not suffer. Just watch some of the stuff here on UK telly about battery chickens and you'll never look at those cheap chicken breasts in the same light again..!

Cloned animals may be genetically identical but they do not have the same lifespan or resilience of the 'original'... We don't know anything about the long-term negative effects of cloning on the genome and it's irresponsible and reckless to assume otherwise!

It's bad enough when genetic abnormalities appear in the offspring of siblings, how much worse will these become if cloned animals should mate by accident years down the line?

This is all going to be about money in the end - farmers and supermarkets will want better bred livestock that will be more profitable for them in the end and to hell with the animals involved, the environment and the consumer!


Sony talks up PS3 TV tuner


Watch while you play...

Lovely video demonstrating how the Cell can be used in a non-gaming environment (just in case the PS3 flops)...

Did you happen to see the scale of the hardware being used to analyse that data and produce those models? They also fail to mention just how many Cell processors they have in one of those systems...

Hardly a fair (or even relevant) comparison that shows the PS3 has the ability to stream video onto disk while playing a game at the same time...

"Oooooo the bottlenecks...!"

Teachers vote to ban internet


Re: "not to mention teachers get paid more then most of us as well."


I work in IT, my other half is a teacher (...and is the ICT Co-Ordinator), does not get paid more than me, works longer hours, has never heard of PAT and doesn't believe any of that WiFi or whiteboard scaremongering nonsense either...

Most teachers these days are anything but lazy, with increasing class sizes, problem children, a growing range of subjects to cover, little or no support from their superiors (and parents) and dwindling budgets sucked up by needless bureaucracy... All this after several years in training, a few thousand pounds of debt in student loans for fees and living expenses and a generous salary of 21,000...

I never realised teachers had it so easy these days...</sarcasm>


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