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Fanbois shun 'crappy plastic' iPhone 5C

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Re: David

Damnit, you beat me to it !!!

Rick Eastwood

Re: David

I'm David and so's my wife

Amazon shops for content to fuel international Kindle Fire

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I was wondering what my go-go gadget wallet was going to open next for. I think we have an answer :-)

Google gives £550k to Bletchley Park

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It's important history guys !!!!

I think it's a national tragedy that Bletchley has been allowed to fall into such disrepair.

I suppose it came about because of the obsessive nature of the secrecy there that noone knew about the historical significance of the place.

Come on country, this should be saved for future generations. It will be classed as one of the most important historical places for years to come, not just because it shortened the war by conservatively two years probably more, but also created computing.

Samsung, Google whip out Android 4.0 Nexus

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Ooooft !!!

is all I need to say

Samsung shifts 10 millionth Galaxy SII

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Got mine too. Easily the best phone I've ever had.

I know others do the same but the fact it's an all-in-one does everything in one handset device makes it a no brainer.

It has that "Oh, what's that ?" appeal that very few other phones have.

Yes the battery life is pants but they all are aren't they ?

Defo won't be giving this little (not so) beauty up any time soon !!!

BBC explains hour-long website outage

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I never thought I'd be putting BBC into Downformeoreveryone.com but I did last night. Once that told me it was everyone I smiled a little smile and went to bed.

iPad to lose weight, gain eye

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Will people stop calling me f%%%%ing stupid for having bought an ipad ?

I bought it knowing exactly what it didnt do and it's FOR ME an awesome piece of kit. it does pretty much what I want ALL THE TIME FOR ME !!!

I dont give a toss if you dont want one, thats fine. I wanted one, I got one and FOR ME its really really good.

I wont be getting an ipad 2 as from what Ive read about its spec cos there's no deal breaker there for me to "upgrade". Ill stay happy with my ipad until it doesnt do what I want. Until then keep your pointless random and ignorant abuse to yourself.

iPad queues worldwide

Rick Eastwood

Why queue ?

Why did these people queue ? I walked into the Apple store in the Trafford Centre, Manchester at 12 O clock and just bought it there and then. They had loads still available. No pre-order, no nothing, just a simple transaction. Yes it's expensive but I know what Ive bought and precisely why Ive bought it so Im very happy with it.

Seagate preloads FreeAgent Go with 20 Paramount movies

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Media Companies in Thinking Sensibly Shocker !!!

Surely this wont last ? It's actually a sensible idea that goes against everything the idiots in the MPAA etc have been trying !!!!!

I've only shagged two blokes, insists Paris Hilton

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Move along nothing to see.................

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Mankind to detect alien life 'by 2025'

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I cant wait until we meet intelligent life

because Eccentrica Gallumbits, The Triple-Breasted Whore of Eroticon Six is going to be ace !!!!!

BitTorrent crackdown cops fail to pay music copyright fees

Rick Eastwood

Dont know if its true but.......

I once was talking to someone or i heard it somewhere of a pub that was playing a cd or radio or whatever and was pounced upon by the PRS. He was told to pay the fine (sorry licence) because he playing music in a public area.

So he opened the door to his private home area, put the radio on the other side of the door and turned it up. Because the music was being played in a private home and it was purely incidental that it could be heard in the pub, there was nothing the PRS idiot could do about and went away grumbling.

God i hope its true.

Secret Windows 7 screens leaked?

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Forget all the Windows is great / Windows is shit crap. Ive just loved this good old fashioned flame war between random strangers. Just like the good old days !!!!

Now come on Solomon Grundy, say something else ridiculous/offensive/childish/Banal (delete as appropriate) just to start everyone off again

David Blaine does a Benito Mussolini

Rick Eastwood


Am i the only person here who never ceases to be amazed by the ever more impressive stunts this incredible man can do ?

He sat down for several days .........in..............ice...............

Then he sat down for even more days..................in....................a......................box.................

Then he even lay down in..............a......................different....................box.

Now hes inverse....................standing.................up.................... WITHOUT A BOX.

Has this man no fear ??????????

Now come on thats just genius.

Sky drops download limit and tops satisfaction poll

Rick Eastwood

Limit ?

I didnt even know they had a limit on their Max package. Ive downloaded hundreds of gigabytes of stuff and theyve never bothered me.

Librarian of child abuse networking site jailed indefinitely

Rick Eastwood


Thats one of THE MOST UNFUNNY things ive ever seen.

Its not that was sick or anything its was just shite !!!!

Jeremy Clarkson tilts at windmills

Rick Eastwood

You get what you deserve

I love Top Gear but If you follow the advice of Clarkson then frankly you need to be taken off the road. He's there to sell the papers, tv programme, dvd, books etc etc hes currently trying to flog.

Im no anti speed nazi but come on clarkson isnt the paragon of all virtue when it comes to advice on speeding.

British drivers face jail for causing death by dangerous driving

Rick Eastwood

That Drugged up driver

Its that kind of attitude that people used to have for drink drivers.

"Ive only had three pints. It makes me play pool better so I can drive" etc etc and other such bullshit.

You've had too much to drink (pretty much any), you smoked too much pot (no matter how much), the same to me. Youre both arseholes who should not be driving while in that state.

To claim that just cos your mrs drives slower and thats OK is just frankly mental. If she got caught Id hope the book got thrown at her. It doesnt matter if shes had an "accident" cos shes an accident waiting to happen if shes driving while stoned.

No excuses.

New York pressures more ISPs into child pornography crackdown

Rick Eastwood

@ Doug Wilson

WTF ?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?

IBM 'advises' staff to opt for a Microsoft Office-free world

Rick Eastwood

Why use Office in most circumstances

I just can't see any reason for the full Office suite any more in most circumstances. How many people actually get full benefit of the several hundred pound price tag ?

Google docs is free, Symphony is free, Open Office is free. The later two also give you full control of the data whereas who knows what's happening within the google farm ?

Yes I know about high end VBA scripting and I dont know how much of this you can do with Symphony or Open Office but how many people actually use these day to day other than for critical apps ?

I just think MS must be getting very very nervous that their glorious cash cow's udders might be starting to leak just a little bit.

Heathrow T5 security tackles Transformers t-shirt threat

Rick Eastwood

Reminds me of my T Shirt when I was a Teenager in the 80s

Now that was offensive. It was the Adolf Hitler European tour T Shirt.

With details such as


England - cancelled

Russia - Cancelled


I took it as a badge of honour when i was refused to be served or kicked out of shops. That was the point of me wearing the T shirt at that time. Id not consider wearing it now cos Ive grown up (A little)

But this guy wasnt trying to upset anyone, the T shirt was not remotely offensive.

All I can say is Madness !!!!!!!

Legal attack dogs chase software pirates from eBay

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This, I dont mind

Now this is OK in my eyes. These tools flogging this ripped off are making money off Adobe etc and deserve the full weight of the law. So thatll be at worst a slap on the wrist and dont do it again.

They're not some kid in his bedroom downloading the latest Britney album who will only ever stick it on his ipod. But hes the one that Brown and his fellow nazis are going after and want to do god knows what to.

There's a massive difference so get em off eBay.

Showdown over encryption password in child porn case

Rick Eastwood

What the F%%^ is A J Stiles on ?

How can that guy in all seriousness suggest that looking at child porn shouldnt be illegal? It should be totally illegal and rightly these people are dealt with by the law. Im not getting into the rights and wrongs of the encryption debate or whether looking at images makes you want to commit the act itself but come on. Thats just mental to suggest that anyone should be allowed to look at CP images. The kids are being abused and put onto the internet for gods sake. A J Stiles, how would you feel if your kid was one of those unfortunate kids ?

Get real cos if you think it shouldnt be illegal to look at CP images you're seriously warped.


Can i go back to thinking of happy things now please ?

YouTube biker clocked at 189mph

Rick Eastwood


He drives at a ridiculous speed yes but apart from the speed he does ride well.

He even signals correctly when he turns round. Most of the other throbbers you see going roundabouts dont signal or are even aware that anyone else might be on the road.

I'm just jealous of Robert Neville. Now he could really stick his foot down safely :-)

Mars rovers roving again, for now

Rick Eastwood

Guys, guys

- look at us. Squabbling, bickering, like children. What's happening to us? We never used to be like this.

Peterborough bloke warned over 'offensive' t-shirt

Rick Eastwood

Hitler T Shirt

Would I have bee asked to take my old T shirt off when I was a kid in the 80s ?

It had Adolf Hitler European tour 1939 - 1945 with details such as

September 1939 Poland

September 1940 England Cancelled

May 1940 Belgium

August 1942 Russia Cancelled

etc etc

Massively offensive but bloody funny for a fourteen year old kid.

Someone once refused to serve me in a shop and he demanded I leave his shop. It made my week !!!!

Pipex invites customer to get 'c**ted'

Rick Eastwood

At least....

you wouldnt forget it in a hurry :-)

What is sexsomnia?

Rick Eastwood

I even make sandwiches while Im asleep

This is honestly serious and does happen to me.

I regularly have conversations with my wife and Ive been knows to make her food in the middle of the night and have no recollection of it the following morning. And Ive woken up dozens of times "on the job"

My wife just laughs rather than getting the hump.