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Shadow state? Scotland's IT independence creeps forth

Peter Dow

Scottish scientist faces Twitter trial over republican tweets!

Peter Dow is a Scottish scientist and a republican socialist whose legal human rights are cruelly violated by the police and courts in Aberdeen, where he lives.

Peter Dow's political defence blog publishes the truth about the wrongful and unjust royalist arrests, prosecutions, convictions and punishments he endures.


My scientific opinion is that it was stupidity and ignorance on the part of police detectives, prosecutors and sheriffs who read my tweets and quoted them as their poor excuse -

to seek a sheriff's warrant to incite police officers to force entry to my home, search it and take my property

to break my front door down, as the police did, on 27th July 2014

to arrest me, to charge me and to hold me in a police cell overnight,

to ransack my flat from top to bottom, damaging my property in the process,

to seize my computer and my memory devices holding my irreplaceable science research and development data

to refuse to return my property even when it is not needed as "evidence" to "prove" anything because I admit the @peterdow tweets were mine

to impose in Aberdeen Sheriff Court oppressive bail conditions requiring me not to access the website of scot.tk or social media, with the threat that bail would be withdrawn and I would be imprisoned until trial - and that's a real threat of police and prison officer violence against me

to terrorize me from posting about my political views on social media, which at that time would have been increasingly about the campaign for the Scottish independence referendum, supporting a "YES" vote

to trump up a criminal charge in respect of my social media posts

to proceed to a unfair trial in Aberdeen Sheriff Court initially due on 4th of November (now the trial date has been moved to 23rd February 2016)

I frankly and openly admit to owning the @peterdow Twitter account and I've offered to delete any of the complained-about tweets which the police or prosecutors would otherwise take action over because no tweet is worth the loss of liberty and property which the police and prosecutors have terrorized me with.


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