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Memo to Microsoft: Windows 10 is broken, and the fixes can't wait


Yeah - just did a new i5-7500 build. For the first time in 32 years, my PC has no MS product installed. What should I do with all the extra time I used to spend cleaning up MS screw ups?

As an aside, the most functional, reliable MS product I ever used was Commodore Basic. Who would have guessed...

Zip it! 3 more reasons to be glad you didn't jump on Windows 10 1809


Re: another coat of Lip Stick

M$ says it's their most secure pig ever!

Security procedures are good – follow them and you get to keep your job


Think of it as...

... evolution in action, cleaning the digital gene pool.

Like the old meme says, just because you can doesn't mean you should.

AI biz borks US election spending data by using underpaid Amazon Mechanical Turks


Re: Mechanical Turk workers

My dog said he'd turk for $2.30 an hour. It's not like Amazon cares...

Official: Google Chrome 69 kills off the World Wide Web (in URLs)


This is a great feature for...

...my arthritic 80 year old mother.

Maybe that's their target market.

Google cracks down on dodgy tech support ads


Like the tax normal people have paid for 'private copying levies', maybe google should get a levy to pay for an independent body to vet their ads.

How's that encryption coming, buddy? DNS requests routinely spied on, boffins claim


Re: whatismydnsresolver.com

No, we use local DNS cache programs to query from root servers on down. These can still be intercepted by a MitM; but, it does do some bypassing of the worst offenders - local ISP's & google.

Brit tech forges alliance to improve cyber security as MPs moan over 'acute scarcity' of experts


Re: Qualifications

What? Not use code monkeys to do experienced IT professionals' jobs?

That's crazy talk.

Firefox hooks up with HaveIBeenPwned for account pwnage probe


Oh Goodie

More bloat and other junk in Firefox. Someone was just saying the other day "Oh look, FF isn't running slow enough. Why can't someone fix that."

In non-startling news, EFF says STARTTLS email crypto is mostly done wrong


Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft can read the mail...

...and that's probably a bigger worry. Not to mention, the TLA's. And, who cares that travel or penis spam is securely sent?

If it's that big a deal, there's always user level encryption. Sorry, EFF, I'm not with you on this one.

IBM loses mainframe docs down the back of the web, customers cry 'sabotage'


Re: What exactly is IBM useful for these days?

Stock price. It's their flagship product.

SAP hopes to blow the doors off Salesforce with a block of C/4HANA


Would both of the end users who enjoy SAP, please raise their hands?

Visa Europe fscks up Friday night with other GDPR: 'God Dammit, Payment Refused'


Do you believe...

... that they are honest enough to have admitted to a hack? For another unpatched vulnerability? That was their fault?

Is Microsoft about to git-merge with GitHub? Rumors suggest: Yes


Clippy says

It looks like you're writing some source code. Would you like some help with that?

Your software hates you and your devices think you're stupid


Re: "Stick to the OS GUI's way of doing things."

Yeah, things were better before the UX designers started thinking that clicking was part of the entertainment. They even made a name for it: "user experience." Which is a polite way of saying "UX circle jerk".

User experience test tools: A privacy accident waiting to happen


Never hard to find an idiot when you need one

Just look for someone with javascript always toggled on - or the owners of web sites which require it.

You, Google. Get in here and explain all this personal data slurping – Missouri AG subpoena


On the other hand...

... he's done doodley squat to protect his constituents from Equifax damage. Telling us what we already heard from the FTC wasn't particularly helpful.

IBM's Phase Change Memory computer can tell you if it's raining


Must be...

...options vesting time at IBM. Or, perhaps they want to sell off Zurich so Ginni can ride another helicopter.

Car trouble: Keyless and lockless is no match for brainless


The old joke about 'if Microsoft made cars'

Wow... it's really happened. In the 90's it was funny. Now, it's just sad.

Let's make the coppers wear cameras! That'll make the ba... Oh. No sodding difference


Nothing new here...

Our town's police (pronounced "poh-leece") have been (conveniently) losing VHS dashcam tapes for years.

This is no yolk. Newegg scrambles against rotten shell company claims


Re: NewEgg has gone downhill

Not to mention the 3rd parties who mark up items 200x. It's become such a junky mess, that Best Buy frequently costs less... after factoring in the time it takes to muck around NewEgg's site.

Survey: Tech workers are terrified they will be sacked for being too old


It continues to amaze me...

... that all these kids continue with crap IT implementations. I just had someone proudly show me a latest-and-uptodatest web based data acquisition program which was almost as good as what HP-Inform did - in 1988. 30 years later and all they could do was set filters on a web page.

No wonder older IT staff are not in demand. They're not afraid to call out the stupid in middle IT management.

uBlock Origin ad-blocker knocked for blocking hack attack squawking


Just another telemetry wheeze

Helme's probably just fine with Win10 telemetry and mandated patching. Big brother always knows what's best for you.

FCC Commissioner blasts new TV standard as a 'household tax'


Re: 3D

It's just a subsidy for the electronics industry. It rewards South Korea for letting us further militarize the area. As you point out, it's not like any large number of people care about 3D. While 4K isn't quite DOA, there's not a lot of interest, either.

They got a bump eliminating analog TV. Guess they're looking for another.

Microsoft silently fixes security holes in Windows 10 – dumps Win 7, 8 out in the cold


Re: Perhaps money will talk louder:

This is nothing compared to what will happen when MS writes software for self driving cars. If you think they've hosed safety and security on the internet, wait 'til you see what they do for your daily commute.

Let's go live now to Magic Leap and... Ah, still making millions from made-up tech


Very Useful

What a great article! The elements in the 'pattern' section do well at pointing out bogus tech.

We need you to find similar patterns in real, overhyped, underperforming technologies so we can recognize them in advance: Segway, juicero, WinRT, wearables, and so forth.

BYOD might be a hipster honeypot but it's rarely worth the extra hassle


Re: Just a stupid idea.

In 1994, Pointy Hair Boss said "Once you got used to working in cubicles, like gerbils, we knew anything was possible."



Re: Why stop there?

They called it 'telecommuting'. Looks like it's busting, too.

'Dear diversity hire...' Amazon's weapons-grade fail in recruitment email to woman techie


Sorry, "Diversity" was always a politically correct way of saying reverse discrimination. It never had a positive meaning in business environments. It just meant filling quotas.


Equal Opportunity - they're doing it right. Hooray for government programs which promote gender and race based discrimination.

Black screen of death after Win10 update? Microsoft blames HP


Re: The 'Registry'

Replacing it with an /etc directory seems to work well.

Cybersecurity world faces 'chronic shortage' of qualified staff


Re: So what is the solution?

If the pay is right, we'll have more people going into IT instead of law and finance. More IT security and fewer lawyers and hedge fund managers sounds like a good idea at this point.

Actually, there doesn't seem to be an IT shortage - just a shortage of IT staff who will work long hours for abusive managers and at substandard wages out of fear that their H1B sponsorship will be pulled.

Seriously, friends. You suck at driving. Get a computer behind the wheel to save your life


Re: This does throw up some questions that need answering

There's also questions about spending money wisely. If we can get 80% of the autonomous benefits at 20% of the cost, that leaves a lot of money for trolley, train, sidewalks, and public transport. Not to mention the reduction in health care from people doing more walking and biking.

This whole thing is smelling more and more like the kind of 1950's sharketing which killed off so much public transport in the US.

FYI: Web ad fraud looks really bad. Like, really, really bad. Bigly bad


Re: Advertising is often overhyped...

So much wasted energy, effort, and resources go into advertising. There's little value addition, and less social good. We are all glad El Reg can get a cut of this. But, it seems like such sad loss. Sorry. Adverts are the crack pipes of internet economics.

Virtual assistant backlash imminent so buy them anyway


Re: Hmmm

On most systems, responding with "I'd like to blimpfizz an ugglephumps" has usually been the quickest way to a human.

Surfacegate: Microsoft execs 'misled Nadella', claims report


Re: Microsoft FAIL

Another thing to bear in mind is that a lot of this is done to snow the investment community and diddle the stock price. MS-phone and Vista are great examples of something which sucked from the starting blocks but was hyped big time to Wall Street. Charlie Demerjian used to talk about MS turd polishing; not much has changed in Redmond.

Firmware update blunder bricks hundreds of home 'smart' locks


Can hardly wait for internet enabled insulin dispensers

Revealed: The naughty tricks used by web ads to bypass blockers


Re: It never used to be about money

So, you're saying there's a downside to pimping out the internet? Wonder which is better: the current shittification of informative web pages or the older case where www was mostly amateurs having fun.

Tough call.

Britons ambivalent about driverless car tech, survey finds


If people were really interested in this technology, it would have been implemented to a lesser extent. For example, smart speed and brake controls would be common. How long has cruise control been out there? How little does it get used?

Self driving cars look like the next 3D TV.

Tech giants warp eco standards to greenwash electronics, rake in cash


Software is as bad

Yes it's bad that hardware manufacturers don't honor green commitments. Shame on them. However, let's not forget software houses who increasingly bloat code, craptify operating environments, and abandon hardware support. Without them, old hardware wouldn't need disposal as often.

And shame on consumers who aggravate the problems by dumping perfectly good hardware so they can have the next trendy thing. Looking at you, smart phone dumpers.

Grab a fork! Unravelling the Internet of Things' standards spaghetti


Down the road, people are going to want to sell their houses which they've riddled with all this dysfunctional (and from a standards standpoint, obsolete) IoT junk. Wonder how that's going to work out...

Azure security boss tells sysadmins to harden up and properly harden Windows Server


Tough Balance

Windows is using the AOL business model of dumbing down its product to get wider appeal, at least for the home user product base. (Fortunately, they aren't carpet bombing us with CD's)

Is this carrying over to the commercial product side? Or, do they undumb server and other non-residential products?

systemd'oh! DNS lib underscore bug bites everyone's favorite init tool, blanks Netflix


I haven't seen this much emotion since the last Commodore vs Apple BBS flame wars.

Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook blow massive amounts lobbying Trump administration


Chump change...

... for those companies. They probably get to write it off.

Why you'll never make really big money as an AI dev


Not always...

Look at all the SAP consultants who make piles of money selling a "Knowledge Management" system which ends up being little more than a large shoebox full of electronic index cards.

Perhaps a better term would be "AI Shaman"?

Burglary, robbery, kidnapping and a shoot-out over… a domain name?!


Re: Uh huh

Or maybe it was a cornfield related domain. That would be popular in CR.

Presto crypto: IBM releases gruntier, faster Z14 mainframe


Oh goody, another press release from IBM. Someone important must have options getting ready to vest.

AI vans are real – but they'll make us suck at driving, warn boffins


Re: Complete or not at all...

Ford can't even make an acceptable computerized transmission (the dreaded PowerShift). Who in their right mind thinks they could computerize a whole car?

Zero accidents, all of your data – what The Reg learnt at Bosch's autonomous car bash



It's 1am and you're ready to come back from a night on the town. As you get the car ready to go, the display says you've been hacked and must send bitcoin to make the car functional. Hooray data sucking.